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if i’m right and each ‘template’ is a gene

then undel and co. have 900 templates to account for

and 150 are done

aph-preussen asked:

can you tell me more about Prussia's speach pattern? Is there anything special?

Prussia basically sounds like a loud arrogant youngster XD He calls himself “ore-sama” which is full of self importance (often translated as “Awesome Me” in English; it’s by the way how Atobe Keigo from Prince of Tennis calls himself ^_~).

He uses “~ze” a lot to end his sentences, and the speech pattern itself is commonly used by male from Tokyo/Yokohama area in the second half of the 20th century (so yeah it’s kinda a 90s kids thing XD), but I think it’s just meant to make Prussia sound more badass. He also likes to end his sentences with “~darou?” and “~shiro!”, the former is a rhetorical question and the latter an imperative ending, so Prussia as a character is definitely designed to be quite in your face who doesn’t take no for an answer. ^^

 [[I hope you don’t mind me doing a quick b-day gift!

[Aaaah, look, everyone!  A wizard!  A wizard named Neht looking damned snuggly in his charming summer scarf.]

ok this is getting ridiculous

i just saw a post saying that people who hates on MCA worships mikagura anime and im like “???? what”

honestly just because i don’t like mca doesn’t mean i worships mikagura anime?? how can?? people?? still?? defending?? mca??? and why??????? does that mean you guys wil also talk shit on other vocaloid projects that will eventually gets anime adaptation???

i’m not saying mikagura anime is perfect too but it definitely IS better than mca, and i’m not even talking about the animation, i’m talking about how they handled the anime itself (the animation quality is pretty much the same for both anime)

and people obviously have different opinions and tastes so please don’t start this kind of thing kagepro is seriously becoming a bad fandom lately and i just can’t stand it (i’ve actually talked about this with my friend around a month ago)

Everyone is all mature on their fb. Showing their age. Kids..boyfriends.. Girlfriends..jobs..

Here I am with Kpop as my header pic and it’s 90% of the things I post.

Things 90′s kids realize:

Prom just wasn’t prom unless someone showed up in a crazy suit. 

Plaid never goes out of style. Ever. 

Long walks on the beach are romantic. Especially in a suit. 

Angelica was the original Regina George. 

Drinking from the hose was not only acceptable, but it was encouraged. 

Backpacks were and will always be the easiest way to carry stuff around.  

10 Things 90s Kids Will Have to Explain to Their Children

While most things we experienced as tots in that headiest of eras seems pretty self-explanatory (plaid was everywhere, Leonardo DiCaprio was the molten ball of light around which the solar system turned, and there was no color too bright for your sweatpants) there are some things will be a bit harder to explain. Here, a primer for when your future children want to know what the hell you were doing with your boxy, multicolored electronics.

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