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While I’m up at 2am marathoning an iconic show from the early 90s…

I really don’t get the term “aging well” when applied to tv shows.

I get it applied to special effects. I even get it, though I strongly, venomously disagree, when applied to people.

But like…a show in and of itself? I keep seeing the term used against Northern Exposure, Twin Peaks, and early X-Files, on reddit and that ilk, and I’m just boggled by it.

The 90′s were 20+ years ago. Do you go into a Twilight Zone rewatch, or a Happy Days one, or Wonder Years, or Dick Van Dyke Show, or Dark Shadows, or Early Doctor Who, thinking that you’re going to see something thoroughly reflective of now?

No. You’re watching 50′s 60′s 70′s 80′s tv. It may have some themes (hubris, the nature of love, classic comedy tropes that work through every decade, etc) that resonate, but you’re not fucking watching The Twilight Zone for the most cutting edge new ideas in scifi. You’re watching it because it’s classic.

20-30 somethings, what was on when you were a kid is now becoming classic television. Deal with it. 

The Top 11 Shows I Watched Religiously As a Kid

…And by kid I mean before entering middle school in the fall of 1998, so sorry Spongebob.

11. Doug

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The thing I always remember about Doug is when he wanted to make a band and he had his “dream” music video. And it was like “bangin’ on a trash can, drummin’ on a street light” and Bebe bursts in “BIG! come on think big!”

10. Clarissa Explains it All

Although I watched this show a lot the only thing that sticks out to me is the one episode when Clarissa had like a bustier or something stashed in her underwear drawer.

9. Rocko’s Modern Life
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The Hopping Hessian! Haha.

7. The Wonder Years
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I watched this show quite a bit, especially when it was on Nick-at-Nite. I loved watching kids just like me going through everyday kid stuff just like me. Plus, you know, it’s one half of the Savage Power Force.

6. The Simpsons
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My dad used to have all the Treehouse of Horror episodes recorded, until I taped over them with Buffy…but that’s a different story…

5. Are You Afraid of the Dark?
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Even though I wasn’t scared by too many of these, I still loved AYAOTD. The ones that got me were the pool monster and the vampire ones, especially when Nosferatu came walking out of the movie screen. As soon as I saw those creepy fingers gripping around the door frame I jumped under a blanket. When Tucker & crew took over, it wasn’t as great, but what I did love was the movie: The Tale of the Silver Sight that had Gary and the new kids up against a real ghost.

4. Boy Meets World
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Well, duh. First, it’s the second half of the Savage Power Force (seriously, they ruled 90s adolescence.) Second, it was just funny, while still managing to have meaning. One of my favorites is, of course, the episode where they’re trapped in the school. I also like when they’re in college and Eric’s hiding in random places, like the painting in the classroom. Oh, and third thing? It’s set in the Philly suburbs, and I’m a Philly suburb kid. Me and my friends used to say we were this show. I love this show and it needs to be on more than just at seven in the morning. Damn ABC Family.

3. Sailor Moon
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This was my thing, especially in 2nd grade. I used to watch it every day before school. Me and my friends would pretend to be the sailors during recess.

2. Hey Arnold!
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Still a favorite to this day. Hey Arnold! came out when I was in 4th grade and I thought it was cool because they were 4th graders, too. I even had a secret crush, although he was definitely not as awesome as Arnold.

1. Rugrats
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It was kind of tough to choose between Rugrats & Arnold, but Rugrats ultimately won because, as cheesy as it is, it was my life. Haha. I had all these toys and Kid’s Meal things, like this awesome blue watch that if you pressed a button would say “a baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do.” In fact, I use that phrase, in some form or another every now and again. Thank you, Tommy Pickles.


when this finished used to be my bedtime :’)