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Be More Chill Sky High AU

I saw this textpost here by dear-enjolras-hansen and was inspired to make a bmc sky high au! I remember watching the movie as a kid and loving it. But, yeah, go read the DEH one cause it’s real fun and cute!


  • Telepathy/Mind control
  • His mind control powers only came to him in his junior year, and they’re not full brainwashing
  • Basically he can’t actually force people to do something, but he can place powerful feelings of wanting to do it in the person’s head
  • His telepathy is full blown though and he can’t turn it on or off
  • But when he gets flustered or goes through strong emotions other people’s thoughts get jumbled in with his own and he can’t really tell the difference
  • His telepathy only came in sophomore year so freshman year he was powerless and therefore placed as a sidekick
  • Even in sophomore year his telepathy was kind of useless in combat so it wasn’t until junior year when his mind control kicked in that he was moved up to hero
  • He’s always felt really inadequate and weak because of his powers or lack therefore of
  • The fact that he can hear people’s snide thoughts about him also put a dent in his self esteem
  • He got called creep a lot because people accused him of purposefully listening in on their thoughts
  • Once he got moved up to hero people started to like him a lot more though
  • He initially lets it go to his head and basically abandons Michael and Christine
  • Buuuut eventually he snaps out of it and realises he’s been a dick
  • (His guilty pleasure is listening in to Michael think about dorky things like video games and poptarts)
  • The only time he ever used his mind control outside of combat was to guide people to the right questions during tests
  • Eventually they fiqured him out and he has to take exams after school now
  • Realised end of sophomore year he’s in love with Michael
  • Realises that all of Michael’s thoughts are less bromantic and more romantic
  • Runs up to Michael last day before spring break and declares his love in the middle of the school hall
  • They kiss and there’s no voices in his head for a moment


  • Sooo everybody thinks it’s going to be technopathy but it’s actually sound manipulation
  • It’s pretty cool, he can make really good music with it
  • He can also kind of use it in combat like Coach Boomer
  • Basically he can use sound waves as a physical force
  • But he fails to portray that in initiation so he gets put as a sidekick
  • He isn’t too bothered about it because, hey, he’s got Jeremy
  • And that girl Christine seems nice
  • His powers came to him in middle school so he’s basically known since then he wants to go into composing
  • He spends his free time hanging out with Jeremy and Christine, making music, and researching 90s super heroes and sidekicks
  • Even though he’s doesn’t become popular until him and Jeremy make up after their fight, ever since first year he’s been hired as the DJ for every major event at school
  • He writes sappy love songs dedicated to Jeremy and only lets Christine and Chloe listen to them
  • They’re really good
  • One day Jeremy finds them and like… Michael basically dies of embarrassment
  • It’s all good though cause it ends in happy making out
  • Doesn’t actually really care all that much about superheros or superpowers
  • He’s more interested in human culture
  • He’s one of the only kids at their school that doesn’t immediately judge people by their powers


  • Shapeshifting
  • It was actually only a week before the start of her freshman year that her powers came to her
  • She can shapeshift into any animal or human
  • But she really hates using her powers for combat so she was placed as a sidekick
  • This is mostly due to the fact that during initiation she only shapeshifted into a toucan, a bunny, and Lindsey Lohan
  • She shapeshifts a lot
  • Christine aint afraid to use her powers basically every ten minutes
  • She just loves changing randomly into a gecko
  • She’ll often change herself to look like Jake to confuse people
  • Jake finds it absolutely hilarious
  • She also likes to play harmless pranks on people
  • Like everything’s normal and then BAM elephant in the canteen
  • One time she changed into a frog and snuck into Chloe’s school bag to surprise her
  • Needless to say she was almost turned into an icicle by accident
  • Even though she’s a sidekick and not really in any popular circles, everybody likes her so she’s kind of friends with everybody
  • She’s really close friends with Jeremy and Michael though so she confides mostly in them and vice versa
  • She’s super close with Jenna after junior year as well so they have kind of a queer platonic relationship going on
  • For three years she’s had to hear about Michael’s ‘unrequited’ love for Jeremy and then when they finally got together Jake tells her he’s got a massive crush on Rich
  • And she’s just like crying to Jenna “Why do people ask me for relationship advice, I’m demiromantic, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing!”


  • This boi is pyrokinetic!
  • His powers came to him during the summer holidays before sophomore year
  • When he came back he showed off like nobody’s business and they moved him up to hero
  • He’s popular but everybody is lowkey scared of him
  • Then one day at a party he has a mental break down due to stress of family life and identity crises and all this shit
  • And he accidentally burned down Jake’s house and put him and Jake in hospital
  • After that he was super afraid of using his powers at all and was at risk of being moved down to sidekick again which would absolutely crush his self esteem
  • It was actually Jeremy that came up to him and sat him down and let him talk out all his emotions
  • The next day Jeremy took Jake aside and told him how guilty Rich feels
  • Rich and Jake have a long conversation about it and Jake tells him that just because he messed up once doesn’t mean he should stop using his powers
  • Rich gets mental health support and starts building up his life again
  • And all his friends are there to support him as he does
  • He also realises he’s bi
  • Makes an appalling amount of fire puns
  • Has a tiny crush on Jake and ends up going to prom with him
  • They spend the night together and after that start dating
  • It’s pretty good
  • Rich used to bully Jeremy about his powers but now they’re an really good terms
  • Him and Brooke basically talk to eachother about everything
  • She just gets him so they have a close platonic relationship
  • One year they went as a sexy angel and sexy devil for halloween
  • (Rich was the devil)


  • Super speed/Super strength
  • Immediately put as a hero without having to do initiation because of his parents
  • Jake’s had his powers since he was like ten so he knows how to use them really well
  • In school, people with more than one super power are already admired, that’s why Jeremy suddenly became really popular when he realised he could use mind control
  • But Jake’s just naturally an awesome guy
  • He’s basically the most popular guy in sky high
  • He prefers using his super speed more than his super strength but he’s well trained in both
  • Pretty much set for life since his mums were both well known superheros
  • He’s following in their footsteps
  • Already stopped a few small bank robberies
  • Dated Chloe all throughout freshman year
  • Broke up with her when he realised he was only with her because they were both the ‘most popular girl/boy in school’
  • Dated Brooke for a bit in sophomore year and then went on a few dates with Christine in junior year
  • Drunkenly made out with Jeremy one time during Jeremy’s ‘popular’ phase
  • Basically he’s hooked up with a bunch of kids at school
  • Because he’s seen as the ‘golden boy’, he feels a lot of pressure to do well as well as keep up his image to his classmates
  • Turns to sex and alcohol for stress release
  • He had a problem and refused to get help but after he almost burned to death and was put in hospital it was kind of like a wake up call for him
  • He got his shit together and he still regularly goes to AA meetings
  • Gets an extreme puppy love crush on Rich their senior year
  • Keeps doing things like lifting up benches or running to catch footballs on the other side of the school to try and impress him
  • It works out well in the end
  • Really good friends with Brooke, Chloe and Jenna
  • They make him carry their shopping bags and sometimes them when they go shopping


  • Ice powers
  • She’s had her powers since the end of elementary school so she’s really talented with using them
  • She can kick ass in combat but also uses her powers to create ice sculptures and cool her drinks up in the summer
  • Put as hero no question
  • Best at combat in sky high behind Jake
  • On her way to becoming a great superhero
  • Is often called ‘Ice Queen’
  • She likes it and is thinking of using it for her alias
  • Has to deal with a lot of Elsa jokes
  • She just freezes people to get them to shut the fuck up about it
  • Loves to pair up with Rich during training
  • Watching them spar is spectacular
  • Her, Brooke, Rich and Jake are all training buddies
  • In her senior year she becomes basically best friends with Michael
  • They sit and bitch about people while listening to Michael’s latest composition
  • After Brooke and Jake broke up Chloe and Brooke started up a ‘friends with benefits thing’
  • Then Chloe realised she was actually in love with Brooke and wanted to cuddle and kiss her non-sexually
  • So she puts up a massive ice sculpture outside Brooke’s house one day junior year  that says ‘BE MY GIRLFRIEND
  • They become a couple
  • Has been close friends with Jenna since they were kids, and even though she acts like she’s perpetually annoyed by her, Chloe is super overprotective of Jenna
  • Like she’s overprotective of all her friends (especially Brooke), but like it’s really noticeable with Jenna
  • Once knocked a guy out for making fun of Jenna being a sidekick
  • She’s a very angry teen just cause of social and academic pressure, as well as her crippling insecurity
  • When she’s super angry she’ll storm off to be alone
  • And just sit and let the things around her slowly be overtaken by frost and ice
  • Turns lakes into ice rinks in the summer for her and her friends to skate on


  • Flight
  • Brooke’s had her powers since she was a baby
  • Her parents had to put an extra secure cage on her cot so that she would stop whizzing around her room at midnight
  • She also had to be put on a child leash for her toddler years
  • She loves flying so much
  • Hardly ever walks anywhere
  • Just floats around like 3 cm off the ground
  • Hero
  • She’s great in combat and is expected to be a superhero in the future
  • But she has her heart set on being a trainer
  • The spotlight kind of freaks her out so she’s much happier supporting people instead
  • Has been pining over Chloe since middle school and when she wakes up to see the ice sculpture in her garden she flies down from her bedroom window and scoops Chloe up superman style and kisses her
  • When she gets upset she flies up to a really high cloud and just kind of… sits there and cries
  • She like to fly around with Christine when she’s shapeshifted into a bird
  • She gets called ‘airhead’ a lot as a joke and even though she laughs along it makes her quite self conscious about her intelligence
  • She just feels like everybody always only sees her power when they look at her and not her
  • BFFs with Rich
  • Even though she’s scared to stand up for herself she’ll protect her friends against bullies
  • If anybody makes fun of any of her friends she takes their school bag or some other possession and puts it on the roof of the school
  • And then refuses to get it down for them


  • Technopath
  • Nobody expected it because everybody forgets the fact that Jenna is actually super smart
  • She’s super good with any kind of technology, but especially mobile devices
  • Constantly has her phone with her
  • Is initially placed as hero in freshman year but she mostly uses her powers to snoop on people’s group chats and the school’s secrets
  • Cause she could not give less of a shit about being a superhero
  • She gets moved down to sidekick halfway through freshman year
  • The only thing she’s worried about is that her popularity is rapidly decreasing
  • She starts getting left out of loads of shit because being a sidekick means you’re a loser, basically
  • But she manages to crawl her way back up the social ladder due to her friendships with Chloe, Brooke and Jake
  • But everybody just completely labels her as a sidekick tagging along behind a group of heroes
  • So she always just assumes that people are friends with her out of pity or to utilise her power in some way
  • It takes a lot of time and reassurance from her friends to realise that that isn’t the case
  • She actually starts to care about her future in like sophomore year and starts to work hard on training with her powers and her grades
  • End of senior year she gets an offer to work with the government which she takes
  • Really close friends with Christine
  • They move in together after high school
  • They’re quite codependent on each other but not in an unhealthy way
  • They’re just super close
  • The lines between a platonic and romantic relationship between them are blurred
  • Close friends with Chloe and texts her about every piece of gossip she hears
  • Favourite hobby is hacking into homophobes/transphobes/racists/etc blogs and changing them to look like foot fetish blogs

I may have to write a fic of this… But yeah. BMC Sky High AU

Lista de K-pop~ [Compilación]

Aqui pondré la música K-pop que tenga~ Puede estar sujeta a cambios futuros, como para agregar cosas nuevas!!! Las separare en grupos Femeninos y Masculinos, ya sea en grupo o no, también pondré grupos mixtos (Aun que solo conozco dos por ahora~) 

Le dejo este feo boceto de Ung Jae y comenzamos~ (No se dibujar chinos :cccc) 

PD: Todas las canciones van por el orden en mis lista de reproducción, no por banda, grupo o solista~ 

Canciones Femeninas. 

1- Up & Down - EXID.
3- Crazy - 4MINUTE.
4- Whatcha doin’ today - 4MINUTE.
5- Candy Man - Brown Eyed Girls.
6- Kill Bill - Brown Eyed Girls.
7- Touch - Miss A.
8- Hush - Miss A.
9- Something - Girl’s Day.
10- Expect - Girl’s Day.
11- Give it to Me - Sistar.
12- Elvis - AOA.
13- Miniskirt - AOA.
14- Heart Attack - AOA
15- My Copycat - Orange Caramel.
16- Catallena - Orange Caramel.
17- Pretty Pretty - Ladies’ Code.
18- Bad Girl - Ladies’ Code.
19- Step - KARA.
20- Vibrato - STELLAR.
21- Sugar - 15&.
22- Playing with fire - BLACKPINK
23- Ice Cream Cake - Red Velvet.
24- Madonna - SECRET.
25- Russian Roulette - Red Velvet.
26- Yasisi - NS Yoon-G.
27- A - Rainbow.
28- Very Very Very - I.O.I
29- So Crazy - T-ARA.
30- Shake It - SISTAR.
31- Ring my Bell -  Girl’s Day.
32- Ah Yeah - EXID.
33- Joker - Dal* Shabet.
34- La Boum - Song Ji Eun.
35- Short Hair - AOA.
36- Give me Love - AOA [Japanese]
37- Like a Cat - AOA.
38- MOYA - AOA.
39- Oh Boy - AOA.
40- Lipstick - Orange Caramel.
41- Dumb Dumb - Red velvet.
42- Good-bye Baby - Miss A.
43- Boombayah - BLACKPINK.
43- High Heels - Brave Girls.
44- I - Taeyeon (feat. Verbal Jint)
45- Call you bae - Jimin (feat. Xiumin)
46- I Like that - Sistar.
48- Twenty-three - IU.

Canciones Masculinas. 

1- Feel So Good - B.A.P.
2- 1004 (Angel) - B.A.P.
3- Warrior - B.A.P.
4- WAKE ME UP - B.A.P.
5- Can’t Stop - CNBlue.
6- I’m Loner - CNBlue.
7- A-Cha - Super Junior.
8- Opera - Super Junior.
9- Can you feel it? - Super Junior.
10- DADDY - PSY (feat. Cl of 2NE1)
12- I LUV IT - PSY.
13- HER - Block-b.
14- Mental Breaker - Block-b
15- Jackpot - Block-b.
16- NILLILI MAMBO - Block-b.
17- NalinA - Block-b.
18- LOL - Block-b.
19- Be Ma Girl - Teen Top.
20- Miss Right - Teen Top.
21- Roking - Teen Top.
23- Adore U - SEVENTEEN.
25- Gorilla - PENTAGON.
26- Might Just Die - HISTORY.
28- Dangerous - UP10TION.
29- Growl - EXO.
30- Call me baby - EXO.
31- Monster - EXO.
32- Dancing King - EXO (Yoo Jae Suk)
33- Devil - Super Junior.
34-Love me Right - EXO.
35- Fantasy - VIXX.
36- Rock Ur Body - VIXX.
37- Bad - INFINITIE.
38- The Closer - VIXX.
39- Figther - MONSTA X.
40- Beautiful - MONSTA X.
41- The Rise of Bangtan - BTS.
43- Fire - BTS.
44- DOPE - BTS.
45- Silver Spoon (Baepsae) - BTS.
46- Boy in Luv - BTS.
47- Danger - BTS.
48- Change - Rap Monster & Wale.
49- Tic Tic Tok - GOT7.
50- Never Ever - GOT7.
51- LOVE TRAIN - GOT7 [Japanese]
52- Bounce - JJ Project.
53- Mine - GOT7.
54- Sherlock - SHINee.
55-Excuse Me Miss - SHINee.
56- Odd Eye - SHINee.
57- Blood Sweat & Tears - BTS.
58- Begin - BTS (Jungkook)
59- Lie - BTS (Jimin)
60- Stigma - BTS (V/Taehyung)
61- MAMA - BTS (J-Hope)
62- Firts Love - BTS (SUGA)
63- Reflection - BTS (Rap Monster)
65- Sour Grapes - San E, Mad Clown.
66- Sweet Girl - B1A4.
67- Brand New - Shinhwa.
68- ADRENALINE - BEAST [Japanese]
69- Witch - Boyfriend.
70- KNOCK - KNK.
71- Lucky Guy - Kim Hyun Joong.
72- Lost - BTS.
73- Cypher Pt. 1, 2, 3 & 4 - BTS (Rap line)
74- Am I Wrong - BTS.
75- 21st Century Girls - BTS.
76-Two! Three! Still Wishing - BTS.
77- Interlude: Wings - BTS.
78- FANTASTIC BABY - Big Bang.
79- Good Boy - Bing Bang.
80- FXXK IT - Bing Bang.
81- Just Right - GOT7.
82- Spine Breaker - BTS.
83- Arirang - BTS.ver.
84- Save Me - BTS.
85- We are Bulletproof Pt. 1,2 - BTS.
86- Toy - Block-b.
87- I am you, you are me - ZICO.
88- Eureka - ZICO.
90- Super Hero - VIXX.
92- Deliah - BIGFLO.
94- Spring Day - BTS.
95- Not Today - BTS.
96- RUN - BTS.
97- Ma City - BTS.
98- War of Hormone - BTS.
99- Fun Boys - BTS.
100- Butterfly - BTS.
101- Manse - SEVENTEEN.
102- Annie - ToppDogg.
103- Queen - HISTORY.
104- Love Ya - SS501.
105- Wake Up - BTS.
106- Warning Sing - Teen Top.
107- Love is? - Teen Top.
108- House o Cards - BTS.
109- Young Forever - BTS.
110- SKYDIVE - B.A.P.
111- MOVIE - BTOB.
112- Wow - BTOB.
113- Tension Up - IMFACT.
114- Can You Feel It - PENTAGON.
115- Lollipop - IMFACT.
116- Feel So Good - IMFACT.
117- Limitless - NCT 127.
118- Take You There - B.A.P.
119- Young, Wild & Free - B.A.P.
120- Be Happy - B.A.P.
121- Blind - B.A.P.
122- Blind - MONSTA X.
123- VVIP - Seungri.
124- Paper Plane - FTISLAND.
125- Take me now - FTISLAND.
126- Sentimental - WINNER.


- Don’t Recall - KARD.
- Oh NaNa - KARD.
- Rumor - KARD.
- Bbiribbom Bbaeribom - CO-ED SCHOOL.

- Lo dije no conozco muchos- 

Toda esta lista esta sujeta a cambios~