90s screen shot

Just a reminder

Hi just wanted to pop by real quick to address something, by far my most popular posts are my 90s and 80s inspired screen shot redraws, and I’ve received a lot of love and praise for them and I am so grateful for it but with the many people who saw it a lot of people pointed out the technical errors and flaws in my drawings. which I don’t mind at all, I love feed back and it’s really nice to know what aspects of my art to improve on. although those posts are about three months old already and I’m still getting people telling me how horrible I drew them, again I don’t mind criticism but the messages and comments have become more mean-spirited and destructive if anything. trust me I have seen all the complaints and taken them to account, and no I did not make those posts for the sake of gaining popularity (something many people complain to me about) all in all I made those posts for mindless fun, please don’t take them too seriously, trust me I’m trying to improve