90s sass


This first attempt at a comic is dedicated to everyone who voted for their choice of a CO fairytale short comic. Thanks cuties for showing an interest. Special thanks to @thelobstermobster for being the tie breaking vote between Knights in Love and The Pirate and the Merman, as well as being a lovely sounding board for my storyline ideas.

Also, I chose an overhead narration because if I did not it would be 90% Baz sass and no storyline, tbh.

that-wandering-belle  asked:

LOL! Your last reblog about KC! So it went from "however long it takes" being irrelevant and a thing of the past, to now being nothing more than a friendly gesture? "I intend to be your last [love], however long it takes" but in a totally friendly and platonic way. Got it ;)

Listen, I totally get where the antis are coming from. I mean, if you eliminate:
1. Alaric’s narration before the letter
2. Klaus reaffirming his intention to wait for Caroline
3. Klaus casually mentioning that he often thinks about Caroline
4. And the fact that Klaroline have never been just friends 

You’re left with something platonic. So I totally get it. 


Scene from @leupagusto the sky without wings, chapter 1.

Fact One: even at the age of 11-practically-12, Poe Dameron is composed of approximately 90% sass and no amount of being rescued from possibly-axe-murderers in strange alleys is gonna change that.

Fact Two: under that hood, Luke’s hair will still be Absolutely Terrible.

the signs and how much SASS they will give their teachers

aries: 80% sass (unintentional)

taurus: 0% sass

gemini: 69% sass

cancer: 20% sass

leo: 40% sass

virgo: 60% sass

libra: 1000000% sass (EXTREME SASS)

scorpio: -10% sass

sagittarius: 85% sass

capricorn: 2% sass

aquarius: 0% sass OR 100% sass (depends on the day)

pisces: 90% sass