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Throwback to 1992 when En Vogue released their album “Funky Divas.” The albums’ first two tracks “My Lovin (You’re Never Gonna Get It) and "Giving Him Something He Can Feel” both made top ten pop and peaked at No. 1 on the R&B charts.

Episode #39: Baby Baby Baby Hairs: A Restropsective on 90s Girl Groups
We're back a little later this week but with a great episode to get you through this Good Friday that we hope you all will enjoy. In this week's episode we talk about last week's hot topics (sorry a

We’re back a little later this week but with a great episode to get you through this Good Friday that we hope you all will enjoy.

In this week’s episode we talk about last week’s hot topics (sorry about that) but the focus is on an ask we got from one of our loyal listeners regarding the 15 year anniversary of the passing of the late great Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes as we all our memories of TLC as a group and who else we choose as our favorite 90s girl groups, so pull up an earbud and take a listen because their are a few hidden gems on our lists.

So...Just heard that June’s Diary long awaited song “Wrap Around” was taken by Epic to be given to some other artist.

Junebugs have been waiting on the studio version of Wrap Around since last year 2016 after we saw them performing it when they went on tour with R(dirty fucker) Kelly

We finally get it along with their mixtape “Male Edition” just last week. Now the audio has been removed from June’s Diary’s Youtube and Soundcloud.

June’s Diary are among the few R&B groups that are out here trying right there with Good Girl and Vanjess and Chole x Halle

June’s Diary were formed by Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson on the BET show Chasing Destiny. Like they have a fucking fanbase yeah it maybe small but it is growing and Epic is going to snatch one of the only few original songs they have been able to perform and release and give it to some bitch.

EPIC really does not want these Black girls to thrive. Who is this artist they gave the song to. I want to know who they are that they think they can match up against June’s Diary’s vocals and flawless harmonies. 

ETA: June’s Diary seem to be taking the Amerie route and are leaking original music to stop EPIC from giving their songs to others

Work Me Slow
Work Me Slow

Take your time and work me slowly

cause I’m the kind of girl

Who needs the kind of guy

that can last

Don’t need a man around 

If he’s slowin’ down too fast

You gotta work me slowly

Work Me Slow


Off The Hook



🎶 Lets all bring it in for Wally, Eazy sees uncle Charlie, Little Boo/ God’s got him/ and I’m gonna miss everybody. I only roll with Bone my gang/ look to where they lay/ when playing with destiny plays to deep for me to stay. Lil’ Layzie came to me/ saying if he were to decease well then please/ bury me by my grand-grand/ and we you can/ come follow me. 🎶

Bone Thugz-N-Harmony:
Origin: Cleveland, Ohio, Unites States
Genre: Hip Hop, R&B
Years Active: 1991-present
Members: Bizzy Bone, Wish Bone, Layzie Bone, Krayzie Bone, and Flesh-N-Bone.

(more) Ashido and Uraraka Things

-watching hours worth of vine compilations together

-sneaking embarrassing pics of their classmates and sending them to each other (blackmail)

-playing with kouda’s bunny

-trying to get sero to teach them how to take #aesthetic notes 

-attempting youtube hair tutorials on each other

-challenging each other during work outs

-attempting to harmonize their favorite songs at the top of their lungs 

-they formed their own 90s R&B group

-RIP shouji, kirishima, and bakugou. these girls sing really loud