90s pc game

Working on a new game in RPG maker. The goal is a simple RPG with visual novel elements and a great story to drive it foreword. The story will revolve around violent high school gangs(clockwork orange/the warriors) in a 90′s aesthetic vaporwave cityscape and nes era inspired graphics.

I’m hoping to include secret characters, which will add new chapters to the story, and multiple endings based on choices made throughout the story.

Here’s some simple graphic tests I’ve been messing with. I’ve still got a lot of work to do, but I’m hoping to at least get a demo out for this project in a reasonable amount of time.

This is all still a huge work in progress.

IDFK why the dumpster is on the roof.


I hit 5k very quickly because the staff decided to reblog one of my more bizarre posts lol. Anyway here are some old Barbie PC game screenshots because why not? 

1. Barbie and her Magical House 

2. Barbie Fashion Designer 

3. Barbie Detective

4. Barbie Magic Hair Styler 

I have pretty fond memories of playing these games growing up. Maybe some of you remember them too. Thank you all for following!


added some variety to the walls, fixed the auto tiles, toying with some colors on the sidewalks and street tiles, trees are still a placeholder, background is just a rip from T&C surf and turf for testing purposes, tho the end result will look similar.

Added some gang rival outfits. My hair sprites could use some work.

I may have to rework the sprites to be slightly larger, but I’m hoping to have full walk cycles this weekended. fingers crossed I have the time.