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#the show did not deserve him but /stiles/ deserved him. YES THIS! 100% YES! This sentence actually made me lose my breath it was so accurate.

<3 Stiles and Derek are honestly just so lucky that they managed to get such thoughtful, skilled, and caring actors to take them on. Sometimes I think about what Stiles could have been –– just the funny, awkward sidekick –– or Derek, since Jeff was apparently so sure he’d come off as an unlikable dick. If less invested, intuitive actors had taken on these roles, if we hadn’t been allowed to see between the lines in their expressions and subtle mannerisms, if we hadn’t been shown the way Stiles flinched at some of his dad’s thoughtless words or the pure pain in Derek’s eyes when Kate taunted him, if we hadn’t been offered the depth and complex layering that came from Dylan and Hoechlin so much more than the shallow scripts they were offered –– that depth which allowed the writers to give Dylan bigger and better material as the seasons went on and allowed fandom to see the potential for what these characters could be

I mean… can you imagine if some of the other characters were played this thoughtfully? How much more depth and how much less contradiction some of them could have had if they’d had actors who had really pushed for it?

Stiles and Derek are so lucky they got Dylan and Hoechlin, and so are we.


Floppy disks (working beautifully since 1992~1995) … Game Doctor SF III (超任博士)

Return of Double Dragon (two floppy disks (1992), and original brand new game bought in… 2005, better late than never. =))


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I'm dying over the Bill & Ted Sterek crossover. Been so long since I've seen any of those movies, but I think at one point don't they give Death an atomic wedgie or a Melvin. (?? so not sure) But imagine if Stiles attempted to pull that off only to find out that -Dun..dun...dun- Death goes commando XD <33

OMG!! They do, and that would be amazing. 

Scott would be backing up, ready to bolt, and Stiles would just be standing there, eyes wide, hands probably still on Derek’s junk, while Derek just lifts an eyebrow and sighs up to the heavens.

(How did this become his job, seriously?)