90s hiphop


#NasirMazhar #fall2014-15 collection in 5 hastags: #Aaliyah #TLC #90’ship-hop #90’sR&B #TommyHilfiger

Some pieces are cool, others a little too old-school for me. I like the creativity, but there’s only a few pieces I would rock. I do like Nasir’s men and women collections for the fall. I can see various YG artists (CL and GD respectively) picking up his pieces. I like his style. I am a new fan.

pics via #denimjeansobserver.com and #VogueUK

What happen Hiphop?

Remember back when hip hop and rap were about life experiences and the feelings and connections people had and made trying to navigate themselves in this world we live in? Life poetry with good music in the background? Now we have nothing but these bastards that only care about their image and talking about fucking or making money or killing or doing drugs. Hip Hop taught people good life lessons, rap today just leads people down the wrong path in life.