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Nut stream

There are two parts of my consciousness when I get this type of ask, the type that says “what the fuck part II: the fuckening” and doesn’t want to believe. The other part is wearing a neon pink 90s gymnastics jacket and yelling “YEAH BOY YEAH”.

I bring these portions of myself to counsel and state that, logically, it is valid. It is real and tangible and works as a name, regardless of my moral standing. 

You are real, Nutstream. You are powerful. You are valid.

Captain America: Civil War

Yes, I saw it last night. It’s so good. And I went in with high expectations.

A lot of people were worried that the plot would be bloated and unevenly paced and there would be too many characters and it just wouldn’t achieve the elegance of TWS… and of course they were right. Like, come on, that’s a given. But it’s good, man. It has the emotional sincerity and commitment to character conflict and political consequences we loved from TWS.

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June 19:

Happy 39th birthday, Oksana Chusovitina!


Six-time Olympian with a gold and silver medal; World three-time gold, four-time silver and four-time bronze medalist; European gold, two-time silver and bronze medalist; Goodwill Games two-time gold and silver medalist; Asian Games two-time gold, two-time silver and two-time bronze medalist