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Mysterious Ways | JC Chasez ft. Mylin Brooks

i feel like Mcgonagall got her reputation for being impossible to pull one over on by bribing student’s cats into snitching like “oh yeah my human wasn’t sick she was just skipping class thanks for the sardines” for the first few years. later on she got skilled at it but at first it was 10 percent guess work and 90 percent Fluffy will sell you out for a corn chip and some tuna fish

Those Good Mercymaker Headcanons/Drabble Ideas

*Note: These are all just my own personal headcanons, some are real angsty and others are real cute, many of them are also just ideas for drabbles I’ve had for these two dorks. They are all so good (to me anyways) and I love them so much* 

Sooo many headcanons beneath, please enjoy!

Also feel free to steal some for a drabble idea if you’re inspired, my only request is that you share that good good drabble with me :DDDD

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