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I 100% share your frustration when scrolling through AO3's Percabeth tag. I really hate it when all that comes up is Solangelo and Percico. I really do.

if a side ship appears in the background once or has zero relevance to the plot, just don’t tag it

it’s not that hard, people  

Wanna save money on a clog? Try this

So for those like me who grew up with plumbers, this seems so simple everyone knows it. but I have found most people don’t and then they hire people like my dad, when they can do it themselves.

Now with a typical clogged sink, a liquid drain opener (Think Drano) will work. But, some pipes cant handle the level of acid and some people don’t want that in the pipes. Fair enough.

In my experience as a plumbers assistant, 90% of clogs are in the sink trap. That is those little white pipes under your sinks. With most clogs, it is as simple as unscrewing them and cleaning them out. For those who still will not work, simply bend a metal hanger in a hook shape and stick it down the runoff drain in the back of of where your plastic white pipes led to.

Now, the real tricky part is once you break the seal on the pipes after that kind of job, things tend to leak. This is the only part that costs money. You can get plumbers tape, costs around 4 dollar a roll and it lasts awhile, that you line around the threading. Then, you should have no leak or clog.

This won’t work every time, but in my experience it works 90% of the time and can save a few hundred dollars.


There are a lot of things to cover here.

First of all, that hat. There’s some sort of embroidered atomic compass emblem in the middle, and it may be the kind of hat that has snaps in the back (God willing). This isn’t the first time I’ve seen that hat. But it’s clearly a favourite to wear with this light blue shantung silk blouse, navy weekend blazer coat, slip-on platform peep-toe shoe clogs, and, naturally, oval tinted glassesAlso, a royal blue satin handbag. Not sure if I prefer it to the one from this look, but it’s kind of a different setting. Edit: Oh wait, no, IT’S ANOTHER HAT.

As an added bonus I would like everyone to notice that all the visually similar images to the full-length shot are RUNWAY LOOKS. 

I rest my case.