90s cast

Let’s get this straight for all the people spouting inaccuracies. I wanted to just celebrate Jodie, but I can’t stomach the misinformation.

1. Steven Moffat was not fired from Doctor Who. He is stepping down from the show if his own volition.
2. Steven Moffat has been paving the way for a woman Doctor for ages, writing passages in support of it in official Who content as early as the 90s. He has since cast the first woman Master and shown a white man regenerate into a black woman, as well as has written Doctor-like women leads like River Song and Clara Oswald, the latter of whom even got her own TARDIS.
3. His writing of this has had a tangible impact on increasing support for a woman Doctor. In the aftermath of the reveal if Michelle Gomez as the Master in 2014, for example, fan site DoctorWhoTV found support for a woman as the Doctor increase from 13% to 46.47%. Subsequent use of Missy and other characters fitting that subtext has further increased support over the past few years.

Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor is an absolute triumph. Seriously, huge kudos to Chris Chibnall for that. But don’t act like Moffat has been getting in the way of this. No matter how you feel about him as a writer, he played an important role in getting us to this point.

Hey, remember all those 90s sitcoms where the leading actor is basically just playing a wacky, cartoonishly exaggerated version of themselves, to the point that they don’t even bother to give the character a different name?

What would yours be about?