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Donald Malarkey and Warren “Skip” Muck

Backstreet Boys And 'N Sync Are Making A Zombie Movie Together And Yes This Is Real Life
Backstreet's back and fighting zombies!

If you are a Nineties kid with a tender spot in your heart for the good old days when boy bands would wear matching clothes and have a dance routine, this is the one for you.  Backstreet’s BACK with a zombie movie called Dead 7, written, directed and starring Nick Carter (because LOL why not).  Doesn’t sound fun enough?  N’ SYNC WILL BE IN IT AS WELL.  This is like the American, zombie version of McBusted.  Our bodies are ready.

They are original.  They are the only ones.  They are sexual (yeeeeeah), so it stands to reason that the Backstreet Boys and N’ Sync boy band zombie extravaganza Dead 7 is going to be the greatest movie of modern times. It is foolproof.

“90′s Boy Bands Make Zombie Western”