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One AIDS Death Every 8 Minutes
Grand Central Station, New York City, 23 January 1991

Day of Desperation
Early morning protests took place downtown Manhattan with AIDS activists protested the Government’s involvement in the Gulf War to the exclusion of vital interests at home. That afternoon — 5:00 RUSH HOUR — Grand Central Station was filled with demonstrators protesting under the banners: “Money For AIDS, Not For War” and “One AIDS Death Every 8 Minutes.”

Magic in the modern world is damn fun world building

Tax credits for switching to mage-friendly energy sources.

Were-animals lobbying for lycanthropy to be part of ADA so they can get the days after full moons off.

NDN activists being rightfully pissed off at white green-witches for appropriating their rituals.

Immigrant magic users struggling to adapt to the way magic behaves in their new country.

Practitioners of certain types of magic being profiled as more likely to commit crime, and all the bitter in-jokes that result.

Wind-workers employed at airports to monitor take-offs and landings.

‘Baby Merlin’ videos which claim to help little children develop their magical potential.

Medical schools teach little magics like sealing cuts and dissolving clots as part of the standard curriculum.

Spiritualists who make 90% of their income acting as witness that 'yes, the coroner did get the victim’s permission before preforming an autopsy.’

Rivalry between special effects technicians who primarily use magic and those that primarily use technology.

Public service announcements about what to do if you’re approached by the fae.

Lawyers who specialize in magical contract law.

Magazines tailored towards vampires with articles like 'Keeping the spark between you and your donor,’ and 'fashionable cover-ups for day-time travel.’