So I started my ViSalus 90 day challenge yesterday expecting the worse… horrible hunger, nasty tasting shake that would leave me wishing I had just opted for liposuction.
Instead I was shocked at how tasty and filling it was. I didn’t feel like I was sacrificing really much of anything. I use two scoops of the cream flavor, a tablespoon of peanut butter, about 8 oz of almond milk, and a packet of Starbucks instant coffee. I fired up the blender and… Voila!
To be completely honest, it tasted like a (insert your favorite ice cream shop here ) delicious peanut butter milkshake.
It kept me full for hours and I wasn’t left feeling starved.

I felt really good yesterday and today’s shake was just as good!

This morning I made a shake with the 2 scoops of ViSalus,  tablespoon of peanut butter, 8 oz of almond milk, and a cup of oatmeal.
It was so filling, I only drank half and stuck the rest in the freezer while I got ready for work.

On my way to work I had the other half and it filled me up for hours.

Pretty great for a high protein morning meal with low calories.

Can I keep going for 89 more days?

I’m sure going to try. So far it blew my expectations out of the water. I was expecting my first day of it to suck, and literally almost eat my own arm off from starvation, and I didn’t.

Highly recommend trying it out.
Ask me how :)

or visit:


to sign up!

Free wellness coaching and a great support group!

First 90 day challenge done! Bring on #2!

Finish my first 90 day challenge on the 18th!! Down 35 pounds!! Wooohooo! It was hard to stay strong towards the end due to my birthday celebration but I did it!!! I am so proud of my self :) I did not think I would stick with it but I did! Granted i didn’t work out much so that is my goal for my next challenge. I know it will be a struggle and challenge but I WILL DO IT! I am taking my life back!!

My new schedule is 5days a week of 30min HIITS and 5days a week of weight training plus 7hrs of cardio a week. I want to get more cut. I have been sticking to eating every 2-3 hrs. small meals and killing a gallon of water a day. #nosalt #hardwork #flex #bicep #abs #muscle #trainer #rashidat #90daychallenge #exercise #instafitness #muscleshot

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 I finished my 90 day challenge calendar! It does say 112, but that’s okay, I’m giving myself some more days!

 So this is how it works and I’m encouraging you guys to try this with me! I’m doing my own experiment on how much one can lose in 90 days and how healthy the body can become. 
 I want to see how my performance changes in the gym, and how much more my body will crave healthier foods in just those 90 days! 

 I want to do this, not only for myself but to show people when you keep a clean diet and exercise daily, YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT and BECOME HEALTHIER! I will be taking before photos and at the end date of my challenge I will take the result photos for you guys to see first hand! 

  This is strictly being done on just clean eating and exercise, nothing extreme, just basic changes! 

 I’m taking you on this crazy Journey with me and encourage you guys to show me your calendars and we can do this together and make the count down as each day goes by!

 Wanna be fit and tone for school? This may work and lets put it to the test together! I don’t want anyone thinking when September comes “Oh shoot, I should of started that challenge" haha!

 Now there is another thing I’m doing, we all love summer and we all love summer fashion, but as I feel like this is something I’m really going to dedicate myself to, I AM NOT BUYING ANY NEW SUMMER CLOTHES… because I don’t want to waste money on something I won’t fit in a couple of months from now :P ! So I better make this worth it!

 I will be taking before photos, measurements and weight, I will also be keeping you guys updated with a mid weigh in and measurements !

 And Remember…. The next 90 days will come and go no matter what, so why not make them worth it? :) MUCH LOVE!!!! XOXO

So it’s been 90 days! Well this is my progress shot! I still got a long way to go! I’ve lost overall body weight but I need to go harder to lose even more! I’m less than 10 pounds from my goal! I’m starting my second half of my 90 days of working out! This will focus on body conditioning and less sugar intake! I want to run 5k run too! Nonetheless I’m proud of myself!

90 Day Challenge

December 1st marked day one of my teams 90 day challenge.

 In these 90 days we plan to explode our business and not only change our lives entirely but have the privilege to touch the lives of hundreds around us and effect them positively. I am more than grateful to be working with the people that I am working with.  Today is day 2 of the challenge and it has been a busy busy day.  Meetings upon meetings and phone calls galore but I am thrilled to have this opportunity.  

Day#7 of my 90-Day Challenge:

Starting off with a Reese’s flavored shake! :)
1.5-2 cups of dark chocolate almond milk (I prefer Silk brand)
2 scoops of Visalus shake mix
2 Tbsp of creamy peanut butter

Going to do my second weigh-in to see how my progress is going. I doubt any of my actual body measurements have changed, but I may have lost a pound or two.

Goals for this week:
Drink at least 8 cups of water a day (my water bottle filled up about 3 times), restart my squat challenge, and begin my 24 day ab challenge.

The water should help cleanse my body by getting rid of some toxins, and the workouts will help motivate me to do exercises every day. Have to build up my elbow strength so I can lift weights again (darn surgery), but I can’t wait for that! Also need to start running, but that will come with time :)


I have been SO busy with work and school I haven’t been able to update the blog on the 90 day program I am working on.

Well, I started on Sunday.
I did my assessment workout and felt like I was going to die.
However, I did get the best time!

I met with my trainers again on Wednesday.
I weighed in even though it had only been 3 days…
I was down 5.3 lbs! 
I must have been a bloated mess on Sunday.

I have stuck to healthy eating this week.

I have tried to stay close to their meal plan, but I disagree with a lot of stuff on it so I just make sure to not eat the things on the “not allowed” list and to stay under 100g carbs.

Today, we had a pitch in for our last day in cohort (work training), so everyone brought in cakes and cupcakes and candy and chips and dips and all of this awesome tasty junk….

I had a small plate of grapes, strawberries, and raspberries. And for lunch I had my leftovers from BDs last night.

I had a hard workout on Wednesday, but not too hard.  Actually, the trainer said it was supposed to be a 55 minute workout and I completed it in 30 minutes because I didn’t take any of the breaks.  She said she is going to have to adjust my plans because I am more advanced than the other people she is training right now, so I have to have a more personalized plan.  :D

Thursday I ran. Today I went for a walk with Bryan because we were both exhausted and bc it was cool out!

I really wanted to eat something “junky” tonight or to have some alcohol, but I’m trying really hard to make this work.


Exactly 90 days until my 30th birthday!!

I am excited/nervous/motivated/intrigued. ..this is so much more emotional than I thought it would be. What better way to celebrate than to reach my goal weight by my.birthday! That is my goal!!

Starting weight -212 lbs

Current weight-203 lbs

Goal weight-160 lbs

43 Lbs in 90 days! APRIL 9, 2014… Can it be done?? I say YES!