Apologize (J-Hope)

Type: Scenario (Fluff Fluff / Angst)

Words: 906

Summary: Hoseok is in a rare mood and you happen to burst his bubble. 

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I jump on top of Hobi’s shoulders, resulting in him screaming.

“Ya! Y/N, you scared me!” He chuckles as he tries to calm his heavy breathing down. I got him again! Second time today.

“I’m sorry, you are so easy to scare!” I tease him and he sticks out his tongue in response. I instantly grab onto it and he yelps.

“You are a pain in my butt, you know that Y/N.” He comments as I continue to mess with him. I poke his cheek and lightly pinch him. He shoots me a glare and I give him a creepy smile.

“You are a creep.” he scoffs, going back to whatever he was doing before I started messing with him. I do this to him all the time. What’s wrong with it now?

I watch him for a moment is surprise. What happened to him to get him so moody in the booty? I walk behind him and I touch his shoulder. Maybe I went too far without realizing it. I should say sorry. I don’t like seeing him upset.

“Babe, I’m sorry.” I apologize, but all I got was him shrugging off my hand. I let out a scoff and he glances at me out of the corner of his eye. I said sorry and that is what I get? Okay, fine.

“What, I am busy.” He mumbles, not accepting the apology I actually meant. Oh no, this is not going to end like this. Why is he treating me this way?

“What is your problem? I said sorry. You are barely acting like I exist now.” My hurt heart expresses, but all I received was silence. Are you kidding me? What did I do to deserve that?!

I walk away, done with the argument finally. It wasn’t even an argument. It was him acting like a child. I shouldn’t just be ignored like that by him for something stupid.

“You need to talk to him Y/N.” Yoongi pushes once again.

I know I need to talk to him, but he hurt my feelings more than I hurt his. Getting mad about a little teasing is okay, but treating me like that is another. He has never done that to me before.

“No, he has to apologize to me. I don’t care if it takes weeks.” I huff crossing my arms as I sat next to him on the couch.

Yoongi looks at me with a raised eyebrow and a smirk. “You can barely live without him for a day. How do you expect to live without him for weeks on end?” He explains with a winning point. I am acting like a child now.

I let out an aggravated sigh and rub my temples. He is right. I guess I have to be the grown up and do something. J-Hope is in a rare mood, so I might as well say I was in the wrong. Even though I was not.

I stand up and ignore the growing smile on Yoongi’s lips. I hate it when he is right. I need to stop hanging out with him when stuff like this happens. “Shut up…” I grumply spit at him, which made him start laughing at me.

I stomp my way out of the room, leaving Yoongi’s hysterical laughter behind. Little buttface. He is always picking on me…like how I pick on Hoseok.

I shouldn’t have done that to him. Wow, I really am the child in this situation. Paying more attention to his mood before started to tease him is something I need to start doing.  

I rush into the other room where I last saw my sweet Hobie at. When I get into the room I saw his figure in the corner of the room in a ball. Is he crying? Little sobs escape from the curled body and I felt guilt take over me.

“Baby, please don’t cry.” I croak out, finding myself even more hurt from hurting him. Hoseok looks up at me with tear stained eyes. He instantly stands up and we run to each other, hugging when we finally reached one another.

“I am so sorry!” Both of us say in unison. I look up to him with my eyes full of water and kiss his cheek. I shouldn’t of had gone to far on him. He was cranky this morning, I should have known to lay off a bit.

“I can’t believe I was so rude to you Y/N! I was just having a bad day and I just let your common teasing get to me. I had no right to do that. I tease you all the time when you are upset and you don’t do anything that mean.” He jumbles and I cover his mouth with my hand letting out a little laugh. This boy will always take the blame, even on his worst days. It was my foolishness that started it.

“No, I am sorry for pushing you too hard when I knew that you were in a little mood. Don’t feel bad, we all have our days.” I explain, understanding the reason for his actions. I squeeze him tightly before letting go and a huge smile takes over his lips.

“Awe! I have the best girlfriend ever! We are so cute. Look at us! We are the IT couple Y/N!” He fanboys over us, causing me to giggle. There is my happy Hoseok.

a/n: I can only see Hobi getting that mad over something like this in one of his rare unhappy moods. Anyways thank you for reading!

~Jeanne Xx. 

Castiel X Reader: Say Something

Summary: Cas ignores the reader constantly, and she goes to her brother, Dean, and asks him why. Dean calls for Cas, and Cas comes and breaks up with the reader. The next time the reader sees Cas, she won’t speak with him, and he tries to explain.

Warnings: Depression, Cas being an asshole

Word Count: 906

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Requested by: Me! I had inspiration when I listened to “Say Something” by A Great Big World

A.N.-(f/d) means favorite drink

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It had been months since (Y/n) had last seen Cas. At first, it was fine, but then days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. Two months had passed when (Y/n) first prayed to the angel. When he didn’t respond, she prayed to him everyday for a week. After hearing no reply, she began to fear the worst. With the Civil War raging on in heaven, had Cas been killed? Her heart broke at the thought.


Seconds later, her oldest brother, burst into the room, gun out and ready to fire on anyone or anything. Sam entered the room a few seconds later with the same reaction. The brothers looked at (Y/n) in confusion, while putting their guns away.

“What’s wrong lil’ sis?”

“Have you guys heard anything from Cas? I haven’t heard or seen him in over two months”

“Cas get your feathery ass down here!”

A few seconds later, the angel himself appeared.

“Why have you called me?”


“What is wrong with (Y/n)?”

“Nothing is wrong with me Castiel, what’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t believe there is anything wrong with me”

“Two months, two months I waited to hear from you, I didn’t hear from you in two months. I started to get scared, but I knew that you could handle yourself. But then I called for you, everyday, for a week. Do you know what I heard back from you? Nothing. Not a damn thing. And my brother calls you, and you don’t even hesitate to come down? I thought you were dead!”

Sam and Dean stood awkwardly by the door, they anxiously waited to see what would happen next.

“Don’t you understand that it hurt me to think you were dead? I cried night after I prayed to you and got no reply. Just say something! Anything!”

“As you can see, I am alive, so your worrying was for nothing”

“I’m your girlfriend, I’m worried about you when you aren’t here”

“Well you shouldn’t worry! I’m an angel, and I don’t need to be worried about by some human! You are so small, and stupid to think that someone like me could stoop low enough to love someone as pathetic as you”

Sam and Dean stepped in front of (Y/n), they glared at Cas, as he stared blankly back at them.

“Cas, I think you should leave”

As soon as the words left Dean’s mouth, Cas was gone. (Y/n)’s knees buckled, and she collapsed. Sam was quick to help his sister, while Dean stood, staring at the place Cas once stood. He couldn’t believe Cas would do something like that. Sam picked up (Y/n), and was about to leave the room, when he saw Dean.



“Come on, she needs us”

“Yeah… I’ll be right out”

Sam set (Y/n) down on the couch. He told Dean to sit with her, before making his way to the kitchen. A few moments later, he walked out with (f/d). He tried to offer it to (Y/n), but she denied. Sam and Dean knew it was bad, (Y/n) would never refuse (f/d). Cas had been (Y/n)’s first boyfriend, her first everything really. The boys were furious with Cas, but they were also curious. Cas had always treated (Y/n) with respect, and he never did anything that (Y/n) wasn’t comfortable with. They were reluctant to even let Cas and (Y/n) date, but they thought that Cas could be trusted with their little sister. The two decided that their time would be best spent on helping their sister.

A few weeks had passed, and everything had calmed down, Cas hadn’t been around, and (Y/n) had just began getting over the break up. It was the early morning, and (Y/n) was in the kitchen, making breakfast, and getting herself some (f/d). She heard her brothers make their way into the kitchen, and sit down at the table. She took them both a plate of food, they both said their thanks, and began to eat. Soon, the bunker was filled with the sound of wings. (Y/n) almost dropped her glass, when she saw Cas standing in the middle of the kitchen. Sam and Dean were instantly on their feet, they made their way over to (Y/n) and stood in front of her protectively. Cas looked at (Y/n) with sad eyes before speaking,

“It has come to my attention, that I was wrong to say what I did, and I apologize, (Y/n)-”

“Cas just stop, can’t you see you’ve put her through enough? She doesn’t need to hear you say some half assed, empty apology that doesn’t mean a thing. We let you date her because we thought you could be trusted with someone as special as her, but we made a mistake. So why don’t you take your lame excuse and leave, because she doesn’t need to hear it”

Cas sighed, and opened his mouth once again to speak, but after a pointed glare from Dean, he closed it, and vanished. (Y/n)’s lips quivered as she fought to hold back tears. She walked past a worried Sam and Dean, and made her way to her room. She sat on her bed, and cried, wondering what could have been, and what when wrong.

Part 2?


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by Skyzuki

hux felt sick.

in part because the sight of ren’s exposed muscle and bone wasn’t something he ever wanted to see.

but also because he didn’t want to see ren bleeding, and trembling, and waking up only to wordlessly groan in pain before rolling over and passing out again.

Words: 906, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Our New Family

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by pastawithjamsauce

Dean gets a strange call at work from his husband. What could Cas have to tell him in the middle of the day? Would it be something that could change his life forever?

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Roger Ailes has resigned from Fox News as the CEO over the recent allegations and rupert murdoch has taken over, fuelling the theory that cryogenics is a successful venture because he’s 906 years old 

The Fusion: Sterek

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by Alazan

Stiles is only half human, half Gem. Naturally he doesn’t tell anyone because all his life his father has warned him of the dangerous of being taken away if anyone found out he wasn’t human.

So when his best friend gets turned into a werewolf and things start getting weird…well, things get weirder.

When the Kanima traps Stiles and Derek in the pool, Stiles tries to reach his phone but can’t. He then goes after Derek who is at the bottom, but something happens. His Gem begins to glow and out of the water jumps out…not Stiles….not Derek…but Sterek!

(I don’t know, okay? xD)

Words: 906, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/29DWRPM
One-Shot: Deadly Dinner

An imagine after coming from a mission the Avengers and y/n go out to celebrate at a restaurant. Since y/n is the most powerful out of them, Hydra wants to eliminate her so Brock Rumlow goes undercover as a waiter and poisons her drink, etc. -Requested by anon
This ended up being too long so it’s a one-shot now! I hope you don’t mind 

Characters: The original Avengers- Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, Thor, Clint Barton
Word Count: 906

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