earlier today, i went back into uni to have a talk and hand over big cheques with valefest’s charities from last year. this would be for my second year of working with valefest, so the £36,000 we raised was more than £30,000 in my first valefest year. anyways, it was a nice talk and all that, but it really hit home when i got back in.

i helped raise £18,000 to buy 9065 mosquito nets for 33 different sub-saharan villages that live below the poverty line, which means approximately 16,317 people can sleep safe from mosquitos and reduce their chances of getting malaria which half a million people die from every year. and it might be fractional in comparison, but thats half the population of gibraltar. the good thing is that i know that with against malaria foundation, 100% of it will reach where it is intended. the other £18,000 is going towards funding a new rare diseases centre for birmingham children’s hospital, which is the first children’s hospital in the country to be rated ‘outstanding’. 

i’m very proud of myself, i won’t lie. i did this while juggling my final year, a dissertation, NSR and battling in my own head. i won’t go down in history for valefest, and i won’t even go down in valefest history, but that’s enough knowing that over the three years i did valefest, i will have raised around £120-£130,000 for various charitable causes.

TLDR; you can do anything you want, if you put your mind to it and if you try hard.