I’ve been listening to a lot of rap lately, and just recently I started listening to Iggy Azalea. She has a song called “Goddess” that has an kickass guitar solo in it. It’s really cool to see two completely different genres overlap like that. I really think she would not do well in a female-fronted nu metal band just because her style is very different from most nu metal rappers, but I would like to see her implement more rock elements into her music.

#9045:” Ich würde mir wünschen das irgendeiner von Trailerpark mal was zu diesen Fans auf Twitter und Facebook sagen würde, deren einziger Lebensinhalt es ist Trailerpark zu hören und die Mitglieder bis in den Tod zu fangirlen.
Ich finds halt echt nicht cool wenn ich überall dreizehnjährige Mädchen sehe, die denken es würde sie besonders oder rebellisch machen wenn sie Trailerpark hören. Denn es wäre ja so cool Basti auf Twitter abzuschreiben und zu sagen, dass er einen ja gerne ankacken kann. Das macht ja einen ja so erwachsen.
Man kann ja schon gar nicht mehr auf Alligatoahs Instagram zugreifen, ohne das überall steht wie süß er ist, dass irgendwer mit ihm schlafen will. Eben irgendwelche dumme Mädchen die sich ja total unique fühlen weil sie ja Trailerpark hören, sich dadurch definieren und gar nicht merken wie lächerlich sie sich machen. Oder auch hier zu posten, das man sich zu dem und dem fingert.
Fan sein ist eine Sache, dumme peinliche scheiße ins Internet zu posten etwas anderes.
Ich würde echt gerne mal wissen was die Jungs selbst darüber denken. “


I know it might be wrong

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by persephoneggsy

Eggsy Unwin was suffering from a rather unique dilemma. That dilemma was his attraction to a certain Harry Hart- fifty years old, utterly gorgeous, the textbook definition of sophisticated…

And, quite unfortunately, Charlie’s dad.

Words: 9045, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1IlRwwQ
9045) Growing up in a extremely religious household, homophobia was the rule.

But even the crap my parents would say about homosexuals was nothing compared to how they felt about trans. I grew up completely isolated from anything to do with the LGBTA movement and knew next to nothing about transgender people. I thought that i was just a weirdo for wanting to wear women’s clothing and be pretty, after all, old fat guys in drag were all i saw in the media. I hid and repressed and now i hate myself for it.

Looking For...

Looking For: Im trying to clean up my town and im looking for people to come and take some items! I only ask that you take one or two items at a time as i am trying to renovate my train station!

Offering: I have some food items like the afternoon tea set and buffet servers, some stuff from the sloppy and princess set, kitchen islands and a bunch of other rare items. 

URL: crybabystar

Ask Box/IM Link: IM ONLY

Friend Code: 0275-9675-9045

Note: Please do not go past the train station as ive already put all the items there ty :)

Male Rape at War

War is a tramatic event. Men and women watch their comrades die while they are fighting for their own lives. Living through that everyday can be torture. However, there is a tragedy at war that people are less likely to acknowledge, rape. In the media more recently, there has been some mention of the hard times that many women face when joining the military. However, what is hardly ever mentione is male rape at war. Many do not belief male rape exists. Even in areas where it is accepted, most doctors are only trained to notice signs of anal rape. This is an ignored and important topic that needs to be addressed.

For more information check out this article:

Carlson, E. S. (1997). Sexual assault on men in war. Lancet, 349(9045), 129.