It’s official we say goodbye to my favorite zip code #90210. I’ve been following this show since its start, way back in 2008. The only reason why I decided to tune in…was because I grew up watching the original #BeverlyHills90210 with my mom. My mom and I have so many memories because of that show, its a bittersweet day as the cast had there wrap up party last night. So begins the countdown to the #90210finale.

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Goodbye 90210 :'(

I love how I got my endgames: Liam + Annie (it’s about time) Silver + Dixon (wasn’t clear though) , Adrianna + Navid. I would have loved Max + Naomi :( I wish they had a scene where it was years into the future, where they do a get together or an alumni party in West Bev. And why wasn’t Teddy there? :’( It left us with so many questions unanswered, though it was a great finale. Long live the zip! :’(