Dee and Dennis Headcanons
  • When he was little, Dennis couldn’t properly pronounce the name “Deandra,” so instead called her “Dee-dah.”  “Dee-dah” gradually shortened to just “Dee.”
  • Their family went through several maids and nannies because Dee and Dennis would torture them.  One of the nannies even attempted to exorcise them because she was convinced they were possessed.
  • Neither had any other close friends throughout childhood.  None of the other kids could stand them.
  • As older kids and teenagers, the two would waste their summers with all-day TV and movie marathons.  They’d watch episodes of Saved by the Bell or 90210 and make snarky comments.
  • Their bedrooms were right next to each other, and if they spoke loudly enough, they could talk through the wall.
  • When Dee had to start wearing the back brace, Dennis was secretly relieved because the brace would lower her desirability to the boys at high school, leaving him the main man in her life.
  • Dennis showed up to all of Dee’s plays in school.  After each one, he’d mercilessly ridicule her performance and complain about wasting his night.  Finally, Dee asked him why he even bothered to show up to her plays if he hated them so much, and he just got all flustered and walked away.