9000 rpm


So uhhhh I didn’t post about this yet but a week or two ago I hit a deer in my little old Beetle that I loved dearly and totaled the poor thing, so ummm
Anyway I maybe had a quarter life crisis and bought a little sports car that is fast as all hell and fun as shit to drive and I love it??? It’s a rotary engine which is super cool and it’s great redlines at 9000 rpm which is nuts so yep yeah check out my new baby!!!

anonymous asked:

why do you like s2ks so much idgi

I get this question so much I s2g, but I don’t mind: 

> Cornering speed
> 50:50 weight distribution
> SUPER rigid high center backbone X Frame design. (Derived from a Colin Chapman design, Lotus) 
> Four wheel double wishbone suspension (Derived from the NSX design) 
> The F20C is pretty much at its maximum from the factory
  - 9000 RPM redline  
  - The highest specific HP per liter, naturally aspirated production piston automobile engine in the world. 120HP/liter.

Honestly.. The S2000 is an emotional roller coaster. Get behind the wheel of one and you’ll see why.. Or perhaps even the passenger seat.