“Immagina un barcone
900 corpi, 900 morti.
Io non ho parole.
Libertà è una cosa grande,
è un mare che ti inghiotte
con le sue profonde acque macabre, corrotte.
E tutti quei ragazzi non hanno neanche un nome,
sono solo una notizia sul telegiornale
e il seme dell’indifferenza che viene normale,
che fa da padrone e resta il peggior male.
Ma sopra quel barcone di sogni distrutti
noi c’eravamo tutti, e abbiamo perso tutti.
Ed ogni volta che mi tuffo e torno a galleggiare
mi troverò a pensare com’è profondo il mare.”

- Briga, Imagine

saying “hanzo shimada did nothing wrong” is inaccurate and discrediting… hanzo did a lot of things wrong and has been struggling to atone for them… he continues to push genji away bc his last 10 yrs have been built around genji being dead… like hanzo’s backstory is literally “hanzo did so much wrong, something horribly wrong and it is gonna mess with him mentally and emotionally for the rest of his life” and that’s important to recognize

You know what I’m tired of seeing? People treating Phil like he’s a precious, innocent child that no one can hurt, and then treating Dan like people can say what ever the fuck they want to say to him and it’s ok. Why do people treat them so differently? If someone like Phil but not Dan, no one gives a shit. Everyone is like “oh, that’s fine, you don’t have to like Dan.” But do you know how many posts I’ve seen complaining about people liking Dan and not Phil? Just because Dan has more subscribers, people who only like him are seen as “dangirls” who hate Phil because they don’t appreciate him. But when people are only subscribed to Phil, it’s all “it’s okay you don’t find his videos entertaining, you don’t have to like them both!” Or when the whole situation with Glozell and the twerking happened? No one blinked an eye until Dan had to say it made him uncomfortable - but what if it had been Phil? Would people have waited for Phil to say something, or as soon as it happened would people say “oh, look at how uncomfortable he looked, i feel so bad for him, etc.”? One time, I saw a blogger make a post that said “reblog if you think phil needs to take a break and take care of himself!” and they made an identical one except for it said “dan” instead of “phil.” (these posts are v cringe btw (they can take care of themselves their grown men) but that’s another conversation). The post that said “Phil” had almost twice as many reblogs as the post that said “Dan,” despite them being made at the same time. And while people constantly call Dan a rat as a “joke,” if someone did the same to Phil, everybody would get pissed. Because Phil is a precious angel that no one can possible hurt because everything would hurt his feelings. I’ve seen countless posts about Dan not uploading often; do you know how many posts of the same nature but about Phil I’ve seen? None. We need to stop treating Dan (and people who like only Dan) like a piece of shit and we need to stop holding Phil (and people who only like Phil) up on a pedestal. They’re equals.