Kurt Vile - “Girl Called Alex”

(Live on KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle, 2013)


the show doesn’t air until next week. which is good because the podcast is down right now. hopefully it’ll be fixed by then and you guys will actually be able to hear it. we just finalized my playlist and we’re about to head over. send good vibes. :)

I'll be rockin the airwaves soon!

Just got my slot for my radio show on 90.3 The Core. Friday mornings 2-3am. Not the best but definitely not the worst and I’ll be done in time for the buses to still be running when I come home.

I’m so excited! It’ll be in the middle of the night so I figure I can do a lot of experimenting before the Winter/Spring when I get a (hopefully) better slot and I don’t have to worry about losing/offending/affecting very many listeners.

You can also occasionally hear me babble about going ons in New Brunswick/Rutgers on Mondays at 7pm on our news program, A Proper Gander on 90.3 The Core.

Listen in and leave me feedback!


Foals - Spanish Sahara [Live on KEXP]

Familia, amigos, conocidos, compañeros… Disfruten de esta primera barra programática, creada por alumnos de la FES Acatlán - UNAM esperamos sea de su agrado.
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  • Heartbeat
  • Tahiti 80

Tahiti 80- Heartbeat

On this my first monday melody i present to you Tahiti 80- Heartbeat.

Tahiti 80 are a French indie band who i recently discovered listening to the best radio station ever, 90.3 kexp seattle.

Heartbeat is a throwback from their 1999 album puzzle, and although the pronunciation of heartbeat is a little off it is still a marvelous song.

So give it a listen!!


El Ten Eleven - Every Direction is North



Cats & Dogs / Coeur D'Alene | The Head & The Heart
Everyone’s gotta love the locals! Especially KEXP. They’ve hosted a lot of good sessions. From Blue Scholars, to The Temper Trap. Come on, you have to love it all. 


This is the live version of “Runes” as performed on KEXP on Dec 6, 2014. This recording is posted with KEXP 90.3’s permission. Enjoy! 


Late Night Jam

Lumineers-“Flowers In Your Hair”

I am obsessed with The Lumineers at the moment, giving me one more thing that I’m okay with blaming Starbucks for. Despite having come out five months ago, their self-titled gem was snuggly tucked away between the new Dave Matthews and Avett Brothers in our new arrivals package this week. The raving quotes from Paste, LA Times, and npr embossed on the cover were enough to have me go home that night and immediately check them out (there’s something about “roots rock delivered with Arcade Fire-like grandeur” that I couldn’t pass up).

On their debut, The Lumineers spring for a heart-plastered-everywhere approach that is as intriguing as it is endearing. While it’s inevitable for any American folk artist to draw influence from Bob Dylan, front man Wesley Schultz does it with such remorse and spirit that he could be a direct descendent of the legend. His vocal stylings and picturesque insight accompanied by the beautifully wistful harmonies and lush instrumentations of Jeremiah Fraites and Neyla Pekarek make this album well worth checking out.

I pity the fool who has not had the pleasure of hearing The Lumineers yet. To aid in the ever persisting effort to expose great underground music, let’s get these guys crooning out of more speakers across the map. You can start by picking up their debut here. After that, it will be impossible for you to not spread the word.


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