Who people think I am: Evie Frye, an organized, responsible, attractive individual capable o’ doin’ things subtly, has their life together

Who I actually am: Jacob Frye, a walkin’ human disaster who could cause water to catch flame, but still attractive and therefore still pretty fuckin’ cool

Seamen’s Identification Card for Luis Fernando Acosta, 2/5/1926

Series: Seamen’s Identification Cards, 1917 - 1922Record Group 41: Records of the Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation, 1774 - 1982

Dated 90 years ago, this Seamen’s Identification Card is from a series held by the National Archives at Boston, consisting of retained or duplicate copies of cards issued as permits for seamen departing from or arriving at the port of Boston.  Information in each record includes certificate number, date of issuance, name of seaman, age and place of birth, parents’ birthplace, naturalization data, physical description, photograph, left thumb print, and signature. Name and nationality of vessel is also included. Some cards contain additional information on visas issued or subsequent arrivals and departures.

Palaces to host largest-ever exhibition of Queen's wardrobe

Palaces to host largest-ever exhibition of Queen’s wardrobe

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The Queen’s official residences are to host the largest-ever exhibition of The Queen’s wardrobe starting on 21 April, Her Majesty’s 90th birthday. Beginning at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, The Queen’s official Scottish residence, the exhibition will show a selection of Her Majesty’s dresses and accessories from significant occasions throughout her reign. Entitled Fashioning a Reign: 90 Years of…

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Dictionary of dead language complete after 90 years - BBC News
A full dictionary of the extinct language of ancient Mesopotamia has been completed after 90 years of work.

Assyrian and Babylonian - dialects of the language collectively known as Akkadian - have not been spoken for almost 2,000 years. The entire dictionary costs $1,995 (£1,230; 1,400 euros), but is also available for free online - a far cry from the dictionary’s low-tech beginnings.

I am fucking LIVID that they’re seriously dropping History on the same fucking day as Pillow Talk. Friday was supposed to be Zayn’s day to FINALLY shine by himself and show the world he has actual talent and isn’t just a 1D reject, but no, 1DHQ has to stick their dirty hands where they don’t belong when they haven’t done FUCKING SHIT for their clients in five goddamn years, oh but NOW, right now, is the best time to drop History? Not ANY OTHER GODDAMN TIME IN THE LAST TWO FUCKING MONTHS? I see you shady bastards trying to sabotage him again, I fucking see you, and I hope you fucking rot.


10 Vogue Covers over the past 90 Years

Vogue 1927- Artist’s sketch

Vogue 1936- Beauty Queen and Movie Star Helen Bennett

Vogue 1940- Model’s Unknown

Vogue 1950- Artist’s Rendering

Vogue 1961- Model Unknown

Vogue 1970- Charlotte Rampling

Vogue 1988- Cindy Crawford

Vogue 1992- Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere

Vogue 2002- Angelina Jolie

Vogue 2011- Charlize Theron