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(1/4) Something keeps bugging me...If they round up every nightblood they can find (when they're children) and take them to Polis to be trained to enter the conclave where there is only one survivor, WHERE DO THEY KEEP FINDING NEW NIGHTBLOODS??? Titus says he's advised many commanders which means there's been MANY conclaves and a LOT of dead nightblood kids. None of them were allowed to grow up and pass on their nightblood to their kids.

(2/4) And because we know nightblood is something Becca artificially introduced to her body, and presumably those other few survivors she found initially, then we KNOW that nightblood isn’t just a random mutation that occurs in all grounders. It would have to come from those few bloodlines that she introduced it to (if we’re being generous and saying that nightblood can even be hereditary). (¾) So Becca and those few grounders would have to have HUNDREDS of kids (in only 90 years!!) for there to be this many nightbloods spread across the different clans to enter the conclaves, ESPECIALLY if the nightblood mutation wasn’t guaranteed to be passed on (i.e. I have the genetic mutation that gives me red hair and blue eyes, but my children aren’t guaranteed to have it)(4/4) So… where are they finding all these nightblood kids?? Are they growing them on trees?? Are they keeping a few adult nightbloods around to push out babies to enter the conclave when they’re old enough??? What is happening here! XD

All right. So yeah.  Here’s the problem with The 100. (one of the problems.)  It’s a science fiction tv show. TV science fiction is just not as logical, scientific, or well thought out as written science fiction. It has it’s own conventions. There are too many rules and expectation of tv shows. The cost of production and the realistic ability to create whole new worlds is nearly impossible. Also, they have to follow the rules of hollywood about things like, well, good looking stars and girls with hairless armpits and all sorts of things. At some point, I just say, yeah, well these are the conventions of tv science fiction and just shrug and let it go. Other things give me the payout I’m looking for, so I don’t fuss.

The thing about the nightbloods… yeah. Big flaw. But I tend to look for the ways in which the thing that happen COULD be logical, rather than trying to tear it apart for not fitting what I think should be the rules. So I’m looking to put their puzzle pieces together.

I once hypothesized that the nightblood was a nanite virus that kids sometimes caught which infected their blood and turned it black. I feel like that would actually work, but I think the nightblood is indeed passed down genetically. Then Iit would be a recessive trait and it does not always appear. But they can still pop up unexpectedly. I know because my kids are blonde/redheaded with green eyes, and both my ex and I are brown eyed with dark hair. Genetics are crazy.

I don’t know man. I suck at math and it’s been years since I studied genetics, but lets say one quarter of the kids are actually nightbloods, but that means that three quarters could grow up to have more possible nightbloods. Let’s say also that grounder generations are shorter, seeing as life is risky, the rules of society have collapsed, there is no to little birth control available, and they are intending to repopulate the world so they have lots of babies. Let’s say it would be more like 6 generations instead of 4? Let’s also say that Becca’s rules have also degenerated in that aging brain chip and what if the original convocations did NOT entail fighting to the death, so a lot more of them survived than you’d expect from the current brutal traditions. Let’s say that the new commanders have gotten younger and younger as this whacked out fight to the death convocation made the candidates start earlier. Let’s also say that the commander line was actually dooming itself out of existence because of their practices and sooner or later, they were actually going to not have any nightbloods left. So we would be watching a society that was actually already heading into a downfall, dependent upon a technology that was not supported by their world. 

Let’s say *hand waves* I don’t know it just kind of works until it doesn’t which seems about now.  What a dumb way to treat this vital genetic line. People are stupid. Stop killing nightbloods you idiots. Or maybe let Becca die. I think her teachings are what messed up the grounder society. 

it actually would make sense. It explains why they are anti-technology, because Becca was trying to keep tech away from ALIE. And why they were so aggressive against outsiders, especially those with tech. I hope they actually explore the effect Becca had on the grounders in the next seasons. 

Otherwise I’m just going to have to *hand wave* work on my suspension of disbelief. I would LIKE it if the science fiction worked out, and didn’t have to be *hand waved* away. If I didn’t suspend my disbelief, there wouldn’t be ANY tv science fiction I could watch. But it’s best if they respect the science fiction and the audience and do their best to have it make sense. 

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Just after her husband of 67 years died, Norma was diagnosed with cancer. Instead of getting treatment, she told her doctor, ‘I’m 90 years old, I’m hitting the road,’ and took an indefinite road trip across the US with her retired son and his wife. Their journey is documented on the Facebook page 'Driving Miss Norma.' 

This. Is. Precious.

I heart Norma with soooooo many hearts.

Give her all of the cakes. 



// a collection of ‘90s dance songs for all your nostalgia needs.

1. we like to party (the vengabus) - vengaboys  //  2. get ready for this - 2 unlimited  //  3. barbie girl - aqua  //  4. macarena - los del rio  //  5. what is love - haddaway  //  6. be my lover - la bouche  //  7. rhythm is a dancer - snap!  //  8. this is your night - amber  //  9. show me love - robin s.  //  10. cotton eye joe - rednex  //  11. blue (da ba dee) - eiffel 65  //  12. scatman (ski ba bop ba dop bop) - scatman john  //  13. gonna make you sweat (everybody dance now) - c + c music factory  //  14. the power - snap!  //  15. doctor jones - aqua  //  16. boom, boom, boom, boom!! - vengaboys  //  17. mambo no.5 (a little bit of…) - lou bega  //  18. so strung out - c-block  //  19. the sign - ace of base  //  20. around the world (la la la la la) - atc

[listen here]

literally all of the boys, not just harry and louis, have looked noticeably happier and lighter over the past few days and that makes me feel happier and lighter