Portland’s Short-Term Rental Rules Are Such a Joke That an Airbnb Employee Ignores Them - Willamette Week

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Add the owner of Mississippi studios to the pile of unethical landlords, with 3936 M Michigan.

“If you take thousands of units off the market, it’s going to have an impact,“ says Commissioner Nick Fish. "People now have the option of making more money renting to short-term rather than long-term tenants. We have, in effect, created an incentive.”

City Hall welcomed Airbnb in 2014, making Portland the nation’s first city to legitimize the short-term rental marketplace by levying lodging taxes on it.

The city requires Airbnb hosts to live in any house that’s rented for less than 30 nights at a time and allows hosts to rent out an entire house for 90 days a year. Generally, no more than two bedrooms can be rented.

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“That’s how we were trying to make sure we didn’t lose a bunch of housing stock that would otherwise be available,” says Mike Liefeld, enforcement program manager for the Bureau of Development Services.

City inspectors still rely on a complaint-driven system to identify offenders. About 79 percent of the 3,500 Portland listings on Airbnb don’t have city permits, according to data provided by the city and Murray Cox of the tech website Inside Airbnb.

In 2015, WW reported that dozens of Airbnb clients were ignoring city rules by listing multiple short-term rentals—sometimes while living out of state (“Hotel California,” WW, Feb. 17, 2015). A recent examination by Cox shows the problem has persisted even after repeated deadlines from the city and the threat of fines to the company.

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In one example, one woman has 22 listings all clustered near Northeast Alberta Street, none of them giving a city permit number, according to data from Inside Airbnb.


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