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kay I'm only slightly sorry for this but you have to elaborate on modern au meyer and skip its

ALRIGHT SO buckle up :D

re: this post. I guess the modern au meyer is more in regards to the added comment than to the original post, because honestly when I think of skip-its I just remember the agony of a blunt object striking you in the ankles

But in schoolyard fights! The mind begins to wander! The possibilities!

I meaaaann meyer’s a vicious little child who hasn’t quite developed his strong self-control yet. aaannd he likes to beat people with blunt objects. and skip-its hurt ankles like a motherfucker, so I can imagine it’d be a pretty effective bludgeoning tool

little meyer. with his skip-it. beating somebody up with it because no one talks shit about 2nd grade meyer and gets away with it!

I haven’t like had a close friend since like 5 yrs ago and like if I put the total amount of time I actually had friends together it’d be like 2 years at the most I don’t even remember what it feels like to have a close friend or really even be close to anyone crIES


(via MAKE | Epic Building Defrost)

Chicago’s Fulton Market Cold Storage Company was housed in a 10-story building in the meatpacking district for 90 years until last July, when they decided to move to a warehouse in the suburbs. The building was sold to bike component manufacturer SRAM to be converted into their world headquarters. Architects Perkins + Will were tasked with turning the ice-encrusted building into a modern machine shop, workspace, and indoor cycling track for SRAM. What ensued was one of the most epic building defrosts in history. Fortunately talented professional photographer Gary Jensen was there to snap some amazing before shots, a sampling of which are below. Head to his site for the whole mesmerizing set

Personal Mad Max headcanon, “Max Rockatansky” is basically a folk hero that people in the wastelands all hear stories about and there are like dozens of dudes over generations of wasteland wanderers who get so into the stories that they want to be Max and basically convince themselves on a very deep fundamental level that they are, so they go on wandering and spreading the legend and that’s why we have a 37 year old Max who is convinced he used to be a cop even though the world’s been this dystopic ruin for so long the only people who seem to remember what plants are are these like 90 year old grandmas.

Also acceptable, this Max is the feral boy from Road Warrior.

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