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to be fair, many shows have seasons that focus on certain characters, and I'm assuming that lance and hunk will have a focus in the next one. what sucked was that they did it (for the most part, there were SOME good scenes) by having Lance be an obnoxious flirt a l l t h e t I m e and by having hunk be 90% food jokes. the show also did a good job of showing how smart pidge is, but they did it by having hunk and lance seen dumb next to them. bleh

I guess is gonna be like teen titans and sometimes they need to down characters as comic relief so they can have their arc later?
Sometimes it happens, but idk?

The iconic home from ‘Full House’ was bought by the show’s creator, Jeff Franklin, 30 years after the first episode was filmed. When it came on the market, he knew he had to buy it and keep it in the family. He also wanted to 'preserve it for the fans’, so he re-painted the door red, used it to film new episodes for the debut of 'Fuller House’, and plans to keep it as a rental. Source