lost in reality reminded me of a 90s tv show intro

callisparrow i went creeping thru the imagines on ur blog and found that one about tyra & tony switching places and that deeply resonated with me because i freaking love tyra and i have also thought about that scenario

the way they saw it: they were both 5'10, highly opinionated international superstars with the same surname. they didn’t think anyone would notice… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Day 29: Is PGSM your favorite version of Sailor Moon and why?

Story and characterization-wise, yes. The series compressed the manga material, adapted it with significant makeovers with a darker turn, with various side-references from the anime. Each of the main characters have their own arcs and are relatable; friendships grow in time; organic interactions and conversations between characters; villains have their own motivations; there’s the Usagi/Mamoru romance as per the norm, drama, comedy, and tragedy. The actors and actresses are very much into their roles and treated the characters as their own.

The series’ tokusatsu side is its main weak point, i.e. the transformation and fight scenes. This was released 2003 and it’s hard not to compare its unpolished beginnings to the 70s-90s sentai shows, where the effects are much greater and fight scenes are more believable. Somehow, this very aspect parallels the “flawed” animation in Toei’s current remakes with Sailor Moon Crystal and Dragon Ball Super. Had it not this weakness, PGSM could easily qualify as one of the well-known, well-written “dark twist” sentais like Liveman and Jetman.