90 day chip

Got this last night. As my sponsor gave it to me, he said “I’m really proud of Thomas, he’s been putting in the work and doing really well with his sobriety….it’s like he’s not even trying, it’s just coming naturally to him……now if we can just get him to more meetings and get him to quit using his band as an excuse to hang out in bars, we’d be alright.” Which was followed by somebody else chiming in “Don’t forget he works at a bar, too.” Talk about a totally silent room.

I understand that your sponsor is supposed to call you on your shit, but I’m under the impression that meetings aren’t the place to do it. Not to mention, playing in a band is not an excuse to hang out in bars. I hang out in bars because I can. I choose to hang out there, and I choose to order Diet Coke or water instead of liquor. Again, I’m not like other people. We’re all different, we all deal differently. If I know somethings hot and it’s gonna hurt me, I’m not gonna touch it. If I know something wasn’t good for me, I’m not going to let it ruin anything else. It’s not that hard for me.

I’m not putting the program down at all, but I’m thinking I should’ve listened to my sober friends who did it without the meetings. It’s my choice, and I’m strong enough to hold to that.