Here, have some nostalgia!
Pixel Perfect, Zenon Girl of the 21st Century, Sky High
I’ve Got a Date With the President’s Daughter, Boy Meets World, Read It and Weep
Stuck in the Suburbs, Smart House, Life Size
Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior, Cow Belles, Now You See It…
Seventeen Again, Phil of the Future, Cadet Kelly
Twitches, Life With Derek, Naturally Sadie


[  ]  멈추지마 baby don’t kill my vibe // RINGA LINGA : TAEYANG X JUVENILE DC
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anonymous asked:

Hi~ can you do a exo k/m and bts ship for me? ^^ I'm 15 and I have long black hair. I have dimples and I'm pretty short (idk my height tbh xD) I'm pretty awkward and quiet at first but as soon as I'm comfortable around someone I'm very outgoing. I like to dance and sing, I'm currently leaning Korean, and I play hockey, I don't really care what any guy thinks, it's fun and I enjoy it. I'm pretty sarcasm but I also have my serious times and I don't like to wear bright colours. Thanks~ c:


In BTS, I ship you with… NAMJOON~ I don’t think he would mind your awkwardness at all. He would definitely like your outgoingness, and the fact that you like to sing and dance. He would always want to help you with learning Korean and would love watching you play hockey. He wouldn’t mind your sarcasm, and would like that you could be serious as well~

In K, I ship you with… KYUNGSOO~ He’s quiet weird when he has his moments, so I don’t think he would mid your awkwardness or outgoingness at all. He would would be interested in helping with you in whatever you needed, whether it be languages or singing and dancing. He would most likely ignore your sarcasm and not be affected by it, but would like when you were seirous, as well as playful~

In M, I ship you with… YIFAN~ He would find both your shyness and outgoingess cute most definitely. He would probably give you your sarcasm back, and would love trying to play hockey with ou. He would asure you that he could dance so that he could show you “his moves” and would probably match you with his darker clothes as well~

~Admin Indie

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Ghostface Killah - Here I Go Again (feat. AZ & Rell) (36 Season, 2014)

Ten Songs Keeping Me Sane This Week: Totally '90s Edition

Ten Songs Keeping Me Sane This Week: Totally ’90s Edition

I fell down the rabbit hole this week and got sucked back into a time of gigapets and AOL. A time where it took us an hour to download one single scene of porn. That’s right I got sucked back into the ’90s.  (more…)

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