Imagine Dirk Gently season one except that Rapunzel was a fucking massive Great Dane or a Pitbull or something.

Imagine that they’ve gotten themselves trapped in Rimmer’s bathroom in episode two and they have to deal with an enthusiastic shaggy beast that Todd’s lowkey convinced is a wolf and Dirk has to try get the bloody thing out of the house somehow.

(Though imagine Rimmer trapping Lydia in the body of a dog with teeth and only realizing it when it’s too late).

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I noticed that not only do an Altean’s markings glow when they feel sad, but their eye color changes. I mean, in this scene where Allura was about to kill destroy the Ai of her dad, her markings were literally glowing and her eyes turned blue

I’m not sure what exactly triggers the glowy markings and changing eye color (maybe it can even change color??) but I think it’s strong emotion towards something or someone. So does this mean we’ll get to see more canonically glowing Alteans in the next season? Bc if so, sign me the fuck up


(via the B-52’s - Give Me Back My Man)

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Oh my god no, please no dont name 'us' fans. I mean in a way, we are fans of your art, but really we're all in one fandom together, in a kpop fandom. We're still normal people, not 'public' people like idols or youtubers lol. Having a 'name' as a follower would just make me feel really weird and kind of low? LOL like I said you're not a public person, neither am i, neither are any of us, we're all fans of a group doing art, gifs, fictions etc you know? :(

tbh it would make me feel kinda weird too zeijoiefj bc i really see everyone as my friend so idk

we can be a squad tho, man that would be nice

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