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I Am Not A 90's Kid

I was watching a documentary today, called Best of the 90’s, and I realized, though I was born in the decade, I am not a 90’s kid. 

I am a member of Generation Z, everyone born since 1995. I am the last of the 90’s, born between 1995 and 1999. 

We didn’t watch Darkwing Duck, or Sonic the Hedgehog, but we have cartoons of our own. 

We remember having to rewind tapes, using VCR’s and watching technology change from this:

To this:

We may not remember much about Columbine, or 9/11, but we have grown up in the America shaped by those events, where it is impossible to remember a way any different. 

We grew up hearing the words: economy, gas prices, unemployment, war, Iraq, Afghanistan, terrorism. 

We have seen struggles and fights, and watched the world change to pave the way for equality and acceptance. 

So no, we may not be “90’s kids”. But we are a unique generation. The bridge between the past and the new millennium. 

What generation do you belong to? What is something you remembered about when you were a kid?

Creepypasta #1161: Google Reverse Image Search

Length: Medium

Have you guys heard of this “reverse image search” thing? I hadn’t until recently. I was doing a paper on influential artists of the 21st century and came across it when asking who painted this one thing. Someone on Reddit said to “just reverse image search it!” and sent me a link to Google images. As it turns out, you can just drag and drop a photo saved on your computer into the search box, and the system will look for other images that are similar to yours.

With popular images like a famous painting, this will usually lead you to a website or article about that painting. This made the rest of my paper a breeze to write. I was able to save the paintings off of my professor’s online instructions, reverse image search them and then throw together a paragraph or two about the painting, the artist and their influence, and so on. I finished my paper and thought I could have some fun with this new tool.

I had a few images of my favorite superheroes saved on my hard drive and have always wanted to know where they came from. I thought this would be the best time to find out. So I dragged and dropped a drawing of Barry Allen into the Google Image Search bar to find out it was the cover for The Flash #22! I was super stoked. I had started collecting comic books somewhat recently and thought this would make a great addition to the collection. Especially considering it’s been saved on my computer for so long.

After a few hours of this, I thought I’d take the “Google Your Own Name” game to the next level. You know the game. You just go to Google.com, type your name in the search bar and hit “I’m Feeling Lucky”. It was a lot more fun before the world of social media. Nowadays, you search your name and it leads straight to your Facebook Page. Fucking boring. But I figured I’d take a selfie and drop that in the search box. Maybe I’m on some random “Hot Singles Near You” ad.

It started off with the usual suspects of searching yourself. The first few results were just photos from my Facebook and Twitter. Nothing exciting. Then the pictures started going back a couple of years. Older pictures. Some were still hosted on MySpace. I laughed as I scrolled through the awkward photos of me in my Cradle of Filth tee shirts. I got a little nostalgic at the pictures of me and my friends when we had that band a few years ago. Then came the pictures from my ex’s Facebook page. Nobody likes coming across memories of past relationships. 

Those pictures made me think of how lucky I am now. I’ve been living with my girlfriend for about two years now. And she actually makes me happy. Not that “looking for love and I’m used to this person happy”. The real deal happy. It’s funny because sometimes I can’t even remember exactly how we met originally. I just know that I had decided to go out to the bar downtown and drown my loneliness a few weeks after losing my job. I think that night was the straw that broke the camel’s back, too. 

I remember her buying me a drink and us chatting for a little while. And the next thing I knew, we were back at her place. I’m sure you can fill in the gaps from there. I’ll spare you the details. But I decided that night to stay with her. She sent someone to pick up my things from my parent’s place since I was sleeping on their couch. And in two months, her and I will be celebrating two years together. Anyways. I didn’t come here to tell you about my hardships with my family. I came here to tell you about this crazy little website. So let’s get back to that, shall we?

I scrolled past those pictures of Marie and I and my old band and a few other people I didn’t recognize. Turns out Google thinks I look like a famous Reggae artist from the 90’s? The technology is far from perfect. But that got a chuckle out of me. 

But then I came across something really weird. After all of the nostalgia and pain and memories was a missing person’s poster type-thing. You know, like the ones they have on the wall at the front of Walmart. The guy looked just like me. It was uncanny! Poor guy has been missing since April 2015. He even has the same birthmark on his neck! I can’t believe it.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think we were twins, honestly. Different name and all. I guess what I’m trying to say is if you’re looking for something to kill some time, and maybe an alternative to the “Google Your Own Name” game, you should try doing a reverse image search of yourself. You might dig up some old memories or come across something weird like I did. 

So I suppose I’ll leave you with that. My girl is calling me from the other room. Time to take my meds and have some dinner.

Credits to: IrrationalFearsHost

So I’m digging the vaporwave logo for the new Ragnarok movie.

Vaporwave is a musical genre characterized by heavy use of sampling from other music, particularly old and lo-fi music; long, sweeping pads; and high reverb. Masters of the genre include Blank Banshee, Macintosh Plus, and Saint Pepsi. Subgenres include Mallsoft, Vaporcore, and Hard Vapor.

As a visual a e s t h e t i c, it often borrows from meme culture, 90′s era computer technology, Japanese anime and lettering, horizons, and Greek statuary. 

As a genre, vaporwave evolved entirely online, meaning it has no geophysical place of origin. Vaporwave can reach anyone, and with modern technology, everyone is a potential composer.

There is a lot of disinformation about what it actually is. Odds are, if you think you’re making vaporwave, you probably are.

Grand Seiko at The Armoury

I have been collecting watches since 2001. My first piece was on Omega Chronostop, followed by an IWC cal. 8541 based piece and eventually swirled out of control to include 30’s era Omegas and JLC’s, a healthy collection of vintage Patek and Vacheron, and last but not least, Grand Seiko, which seems to take up a disproportionate amount of time on my wrist.

Grand Seiko is so fascinating for me not just because I love their watches but because they feel like an engineering company in the best sense of the word. Meeting engineering challenges is their identity. The history and scale of Seiko is not immediately obvious to most people. Very briefly, it was started by Kintaro Hattori in 1881 as a clock repair shop, grew into a clockmaker and eventually came to include precision manufacturing (Seiko Instruments Corp.) and semiconductor manufacturing (Epson). They pioneered the use of quartz and because of their expertise in timing accuracy, they played a huge part in the computer revolution, particularly with printers. Epson actually stands for “Son of Electronic Printer”.

While there are a huge number of Seiko products deserving of respect, there are a few I want to highlight. Firstly, the original Grand Seiko, released in 1960. Japan in the 60’s was far being competitive with Western precision manufacturing. The original Grand Seiko was the first Japanese watch to rise to the challenge of being on par with the great Swiss makers of the time in terms of fit, finish and reliability. Just 8 years later, there came the 61GS VFA. VFA stands for “Very Fine Adjustment” and the model was used as Seiko’s entry into swiss timekeeping accuracy competitions. It cleaned up, showing Seiko was capable of not just imitating its Swiss peers but even surpassing them.

In the early 70’s Seiko was deep into development of the quartz movement, eventually making it a viable commercial product and significantly changing the landscape of timekeeping devices. While the age of quartz is bittersweet, as it saw the demise of many mechanical watch manufacturers, it also brought about the Spring Drive.

The Spring Drive is a hybrid mechanism that combines both a quartz and mechanical movement without the use of a battery. Its development time was extremely long, starting in the late 70’s and never reaching commercial fruition until the 90’s. The technology is of course amazing, but what impresses me even more is the culmination of factors that enabled its birth.

We live in an age now where product development timelines are shorter and shorter, commercial viability and short-term obligations to shareholders are of paramount importance. 20 years for a long shot is not something most modern companies would be willing to place any bets on. Furthermore, Spring Drive is not just reliant on cutting edge precision manufacturing for its mechanical components, it is also reliant on semiconductors. Spring Drive required the development of an ultra low power IC, something that only Epson could do for the project, and thus something that only Seiko as a whole could do. For a company of engineers, it is however almost an obligation to rise to challenges such as this.

One of the founding tenets of The Armoury is respecting craftsmanship and the human beings behind it all. Our love for tailoring and shoemaking is not just about the aesthetics, it is about the sheer human effort and dedication behind it. People often forget that the striking, cutting, sewing, pressing and finishing of a garment is also engineering, maybe by the techniques of a bygone era, but engineering nonetheless. So in the spirit of outstanding engineering, I am immensely pleased to be able to announce Grand Seiko now officially available at The Armoury NYC.

- Mark Cho 


The signs as the worst types of people

Aries: Those asshats that chew really loudly.

Taurus: Sad internet trolls

Gemini: People who say “saaaame” or “meeeee” to everything

Cancer: Anyone who has the audacity to use the term “YAAASSSSSS”

Leo: People who are way too into dogs

Virgo: Tweens

Libra: Anyone who says “oh sorry I never got your text” because you fucking did this isn’t the 90′s technology doesn’t work like that anymore.

Scorpio: Vegans that try to shame you into being vegan

Sagittarius: Bitches that call people their “frenemies”. Die.

Aquarius: People who request to speak to the manager

Capricorn: Baby Boomers

Pisces: People who make vague post about people they hate online. Like I’m not gonna point any fingers but this bitch knows who she is and honestly I’m so done everyone hates you anyway.