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(Hopefully it sent this time!) Y'all do realize that people identifying with mogai genders, as a majority, are ND? Like I'm ND, maverique, and aporagender, and I'm rlly hesitant to use trans as an identifier b/c people are usually like "but you didn't transition? You didn't change enough? You still let people call you girl as a survival tactic?" Like I'm not trans enough for truscum and enbyphobes but I'm not cis enough for cis people. Make up your (1/2)

minds! I have a complicated relationship with gender, yeah! Maybe my neurodivergency has something to do with that too, maybe it doesn’t, that doesn’t give anyone the right to say “oh this gender isn’t rlly valid b/c this is where u draw the line between good and bad genders and u see I drew it just far enough to have mine!” Respect neurodivergent trans people. Respect all of us, please. Don’t throw your community under the bus. I just want a nap and validation dammit I’m tired of this (2/2)

from what I have personally witnessed, it seems literally a huge majority of the MOGAI community is either mentally ill or trauma survivors, or have another factor that makes their identities intersectionally complicated. It’s literally the modern equivalent of the 90′s Queer community, minus some of the political motivators.

and I read all mockery of MOGAI (the community itself, or “mogai genders,” etc.) as 100% ableist. I’ve had my ND gender I coined attacked relentlessly as a “mogai gender,” which translates directly into “i don’t understand or like how your mental illness affects your gender so I’m going to laugh at and invalidate it.”

like we call it out for the transphobia/enbyphobia that it is all the time, but I wish more people would call out the blatant, violent ableism of it.