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I can’t wait until “I’m going home” means coming home to you
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So there was a Religious Christian Bitty post that I saw and it’s Sunday and I haven’t been to any church in two months, much less my regular church or the baptist church I attend when I’m with Dinah, but I have so many feelings and thoughts on this. And its just going to be a bullet list because I don’t have enough faith in my writing style to properly show all of this in Bitty’s point of view so yeah here you go.

Warning: use of slurs, talking about religious beliefs, specifically Methodist and Baptist, mention of conversion camps, and mentions of hell and damnation

  • They had a family church, a tiny one in the middle of town a few doors down from the grocery store and across the street from the diner that his Pawpaw would go to every morning for some coffee. It was simple and a little beat up, but their family has been going there for ages.
  • Dicky, as he was then, remembers it very clearly. He was baptized as a baby, would play in the nursery, and ran up and down the pews all the time. It was a place of his childhood. It was third home, after his Moomaw’s house.
  • And as a kid, it wasn’t that bad. Sure he would have to get dressed up in his best, because you have to dress up to go to church in the South, ESPECIALLY in a baptist church. But he would go to Sunday School with the other kids and have fun there and then would fall asleep curled up in Coach’s arms as they sat in the pews for the church service. Then they would go back home and make a giant breakfast for the entire Bittle clan to enjoy. Sundays were honestly the best days of his life.
  • As soon as he was old enough, he was forced to join the kids choir because EVERY kid has to be in the choir. It’s mandatory. You don’t get a choice until you get to junior high or high school, and even then its a toss up. Can’t sing? Just speak very softly and hum a little.
  • They would have little festivals for Easter and the fall festival and a Christmas celebration that the entire town went to. During Christmas, the church would specially order snow for the kids to roll around in because that was the only way to see it in Georgia. It amazed Bitty the first time his Mama let him play in it when he was about 4. That should have tipped everyone off that he was going to be a little different.
  • when he started ice skating, things got tense. Nothing was directed at him, because he was only a kid, but he had heard some of the older ladies telling his mom that ‘she shouldn’t be allowing this’ and that ‘she was going to let temptation into his life and introduce him to ungodly things’. 
  • it would be a couple of years before he understood what ungodly things they were talking about. That would be one of many nights that he would cry himself to sleep over it.
  • The first time he was awake and heard a sermon on homosexuality was when he was 10. He knew about gay people and knew that they were going to hell(adults talk louder than they think) and he had been called a faggot once at school for ice skating, but it didn’t sink in until that sermon
  • This is getting really long so it’ll be under the cut 

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One AIDS Death Every 8 Minutes
Grand Central Station, New York City, 23 January 1991

Day of Desperation
Early morning protests took place downtown Manhattan with AIDS activists protested the Government’s involvement in the Gulf War to the exclusion of vital interests at home. That afternoon — 5:00 RUSH HOUR — Grand Central Station was filled with demonstrators protesting under the banners: “Money For AIDS, Not For War” and “One AIDS Death Every 8 Minutes.”

Pokemon Sun and Moon Confirmed Queerest Generation Yet

Pokemon Sun and Moon has been officially the most pre ordered game in the series setting it to be on track to be one of the best selling ones as well.  In addition Pokemon Sun and Moon demo is the most downloaded thing on the eshop ever and that is a pretty thin part of the experience.  Why has it been such a hit let me tell you the secret real reason why, it’s the most queer generation of Pokemon ever.

We knew this gen was gay from the start when we saw professor kukui was married, shirtless and wears a rainbow hat. This man’s husbands at home trying to keep him alive from his dumb ass experiments. IN addition we know Team Skull’s leader guzman is his ex so he has a history going on.

Our Starter pokemon this generation represent the three biggest trans. Litten was clearly classified as femmy when the three came out, there was automatic Jessica Nigiri cosplay that’s how you can tell that was the conscience. On the other end Poplio was more masculine and well Rowletts always been a bit neutral. So when it came time for them to reach their final forms Incineroar displays that he was a trans man all along, Primarinais a sweet trans girl and Decidueye is some form of Nonbinary, still exploring their gender most likely.

UB-02 Beauty confirmed to make female Pokemon like girls, this is from the Pokemon website, copied and pasted “any Pokémon that sees UB-02 Beauty, regardless of its own gender, will become infatuated with it and lose the will to battle.”  That’s fucking cannon mate, UB-02 will have a side of Jinx with your Mega Gardevoir Waifu please.  UB-02 Beauty also know as the Ultra BI is going to really shake up the world of Pokemon giving everyone a charm.

There is a connection to Ultrabeasts and trainers according to fan theories and Beauty’s is Lunasmine who hmm very has tons of lady on lady porn of her.  I think that alone confirms her queer status but that connection to UB-02 Beauty only furthers it, Lusamine has to at least be bi and there is just no denying these real hard facts.  

Red and Blue (or Green if you are so inclined) are getting married and going to Honeymoon in Alola. Why else would they be traveling together, across the world?  They weren’t exactly best friends in the games, nah instead they fell in love and now they want a nice vacation and beating a kid a Pokemon battle, that could make it good too so Battle Tree it is. It’s good to see these two boyfriends are doing well and it’s obviously a huge hype factor for the game.


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