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Trigger warning for the review itself: one of the characters in the comic self-harms and is suicidal. If that’s a problem for you, you can watch the storyline at 37:19

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I have been watching atop the fourth wall getting ready for the year long story hiatus to finally (and the movie!!!!!! Of course). So I decided to do something special. here is genders swap version of some of team Linkara. In order: Linkara: Yes the name would be the same how ever her real name is Louise. Pollo would be the same but in Back when he got a new voice she kept the lady voice. Not much else is different. Expect more ass-wholes would bother her online. Nothing she can’t handle. In the second drawing I used the old outfit and her magic gun (Martin) Harley Finevoice: I tried to draw them the ages that Louis described them in the DVD. So Harley is in her 50s (though you should never ask a lady about her age) a bit older with grey hair but just as classy. I wanted to give her a dress that would complement Harvey’s suite. Linksana: I always thought Linksana is always had a bit of fashionable scientist thing going on so I went with a dress for her because even if she knows it’s bad for science she doesn’t care. She once meet Linksano in her travels across the multiverse and she now knows for sure how is the better science. (Hint: it her) 90s kid: I went with making her a tomboy (tomboy is one of her favorite none 90’s superheroes). Naturally she calls everyone dude and love all thing extreme. She perpetually 13-16 so her body shape reflect that. She is much more feminist then her counterpart and but she’s still loves the 90’s. I also want to draw her with a care bear but it turned into bear! So ya BEAR!!!! Ninja-style dancer: Not much to say. Just like her;) Moarta: She was very hard to figure out because there are not a lot of female horror hosts other then Elvira. So I did mix of Moarte and Elvira. Classy and creepy. Boba the clown: Kind and smart Boba loves to help all of her friends:) Not my characters. Thanks so much of Linkara your show and is amazing and I can’t wait to see what’s next :D


Lundi Linkara : The Entity (Missingno)

Last week on Linkara Monday: Villains Edition, we established that Lord Vyce had a cool helmet, a  spaceship the size of his ego, a childhood pet rabbit (that I may or may not have invented) and that  he was essentially driven by both extreme self-righteousness and all-consuming fear.

But fear of what, exactly?

‘Well my children, let’s just say that if nightmares could walk, talk and stalk their prey like this thing did, you would never close your eyes again!’ (Moarte, please go back to your longbox, will ya? There’s a good ghoul) So where was I… Right, the all-mighty and ever terrifying Entity! That’s at least what it was known as for a long while before its true nature was revealed at the end of the most ambitious and downright creepiest storyline’s saga of Atop the 4th Wall.

Worshiped by some, feared by others, The Entity, an extremely powerful Outer God, roamed from universe to universe, consuming everything and everyone in its path, hunted only by Lord Vyce who vowed his life to destroy it, for his universe was the first to fall under the Beast. Actually, Vyce entered Linkara’s universe because he was following the Entity there, and he justified his attempt at conquering said universe as a mean to defeat it, whatever sense that made. Not impressed by Vyce’s claims however, Linkara fought and eventually exiled him, not realizing that by doing so he left the Entity free reins to use this universe as playground and open buffet.

For months, small hints of its presence were scattered around, sometimes as an ominous and eerie whine, other times as glitchy hidden messages in the episodes credits, even going as far as affecting other reviewers shows. Still, unlike previous AT4W villains, the Entity seemed to have no shape of its own, existing only as an omnipotent force that could not be touched, contained, or even stopped. Even when Linkara found an old and cryptic book that seemed to refer to the Entity and perhaps hold the key to its nature (and possible defeat) within its lines, the Beast silently started to pick off his friends and allies one by one, seemingly fulfilling what was foretold in the book’s most iconic line:


Eventually, Linkara’s team was completely absorbed by the Entity which could no longer maintain its cover, for only one other person remained on Earth besides Linkara… And who might that person be but the most unlikely body to be taken over by an Outer God ever? Of course, it was 90’s Kid. Even the cardboard robot looked more suspicious than the Rob Liefeld fanboy! Anyway, when Linkara forced his enemy to reveal itself, he finally put the pieces of the puzzle together and realized that the Entity was none other than Missingno, the glitch Pokémon, risen in his home universe from simple corrupted data to full-fledged invincible godly force set to infect and absorb everything in existence.

Well that’s awesome, but how does one defeat such an enemy? Master Ball, perhaps? (I bet you wish you didn’t waste it on Arceus now, don’tcha ;) As competent Linkara is as a Pokémon trainer, once separated from all his weapons, he knew that the only things he had left to fight the Entity was his wits and his hat. And he just ran out of hats. 

In a clever attempt at gaining time, Linkara admitted defeated but asked to be granted one last answer. After absorbing him, the Earth and was was left of the universe, what would he do next? Destroying everything is really cool and all but once it’s done, what does one do after? There’s not even a recliner left to sit quietly on and watch Netflix! And seriously, who would want to live once all wifi if gone? Alright, maybe my arguments are a bit thin for an Outer God, but Linkara was able to make a pretty eloquent case about the meaning of existence itself and how being the only thing in existence would, well, it would suck. Big time. Hey, I said Linkara was eloquent, I never said I was. So after his existential speech succeeded at confusing and making the Entity re-think his plans, he popped the question:

‘What happens to an Outer God, when it dies?’

A smirking Missingno replied ‘I will find out’ and disappeared in a blinding light, returning all the people and things it took to their rightful places, even the disgruntled 90′s Kid who crooned his favorite Care Bears theme as he regained consciousness. 

And so once again, the comic book guy saved the universe, and not only was it from the most powerful and terrifying creature he’s ever had to face, but it was done by the most unlikely means possible, by convincing it to kill itself. Quite a feat. Maybe I should try that with the earwigs I get in the summer, these things are tough little crawlers…

The Linkara Collection II : The Squeakquel was given to Linkara at Conbravo 2015.

Find out how to get rid of evil robots, Outer Gods and rogue Pokémons here : atopthefourthwall.com

Drawing Challenge Day 8 - In an awkward situation

“Hey 90′s Kid, can you do me a favor and take the trash down to…the…dumpster?”

“It’s not mine, I swear, I’m just hanging onto it for a friend!”

Will shade later. It’s okay, 90′s Kid. I played with those same Care Bears toys when I was little. The cloud car too. Everyone will forget about this moment in another 20 years.