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Hey everyone ! I remember last night I submitted a drawing of Pepper Ann, but I immediately took it down because I discovered a few errors. So, I thought it would be a good idea to start from scratch, by editing my mistakes on the rough draft version of course. Also, I decided to shade it since I had a bunch of time in my hands.

Art By: SatoshiTakeo

Also, if you want to view full episodes of Pepper Pan, click this LINK !

The signs as old tv shows

Aries: rugrats

Taurus: The wild thornberrys

Gemini: cat dog

Cancer: scooby doo

Leo: dragon tales

Virgo: courage the cowardly dog

Libra: Maggie and the ferocious beast

Scorpio: sabrina, the teenage witch

Sagittarius: franklin

Capricorn: Danny Phantom

Aquarius: legend of the hidden temple

Pisces: powerpuff girls

MasterPost of Your Childhood

Discovery Kids

Noggin/Nick Jr.

Pbs Kids


Cartoon Network