90's hair

Braided Ponytail! ♥

A very basic franken-mesh with some UV mapping problems on the back ponytail braids. I literally spent FOREVER trying to fix the UV map but the braids on the texture are so short and spread out it’s like so difficult so I apologize for the fuck up.

  • Disabled for random.
  • Recoloring/Retexturing allowed (Please give me credit and tag me!)
  • Female teen - elder
  • Comes in all Base-Game colors.

TOU  ♥

  • Do not re-upload without my permission
  • Do not claim as your own
  • Do not upload to pay sites

Other Info  

  • Tag me if you take photos using my custom content and I will reblog you! (Put pastel-sims in your tags and I will reblog you.)
  • Made in paint.net & Sims 4 Studio & Blender
  • Adfly has been fixed! No more pop-up ads and now adfly users can wait only 5 seconds instead of 10!

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