90's grunge au

Sirius’ Mixtape Playlist- 90′s Grunge AU

1. Teenage Dirtbag- Wheatus (2000) “But she doesn’t know who I am. And she doesn’t give a damn about me.”

2. Flagpole Sitta- Harvey Danger (1997) “I’m not sick but I’m not well. And I’m so hot, cause I’m in hell.”

3. What’s My Age Again?- Blink 182 (1999) “We started making out and she took off my pants. But then I turned on the TV.”

4. Don’t Look Back in Anger- Oasis (1995) “I’m gunna start a revolution from my bed. Cause you said the brains I had weren’t in my head.”

5. My Own Worst Enemy- Lit (1999) “Why, my car is in the front yard. And I’m sleeping with no clothes on. Came in through the window, last night.”

6. Creep- Radiohead (1993) “I want a perfect body, I want a perfect soul, I want you to notice, when I’m not around.”

7. Basket Case- Green Day (1994) “Am I just paranoid? Or am I just stoned?”

8. Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)- Offspring (1998) “Friends say he’s trying too hard, he’s not quite hip. But in his own mind, he’s the dopest trip.”

9. Lithium- Nirvana (1992) “I’m so happy, because today I’ve found my friends. They’re in my head.”

10. Real Slim Shady- Eminem (200) “Look at him, walkin’ round grabbing his you-know-what, flipping the you-know-who. “Yah but he’s so cute though.”

Traversal Interuniversal - A New AU Meme/Challenge.

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Let’s start off simple - What is this Challenge?

The point of the meme is simple - stimulate some new thought with interesting new angles on your character (and concepts as a whole) with a set of AU loose guides to follow.

What are the rules?

What fucking rules? Do whatever you want, just try to find a way to loop your ideas into the concept of the ‘day’. Also, don’t think the ‘day’ things have to be consecutive, nor that you have to follow a specific pattern or length. DO THEM WHENEVER/HOWEVER YOU WANT TO / HAVE TIME.

DAY ONE - The Reality of Today…

An AU of your character in a modern/near-future-near-past (within the last and/or next 50 years) setting. 

Examples: 80′s ‘Breakfast Club’ AU / 90′s Grunge AU / Coffee Shop AU / Workplace AU

DAY TWO - The Hopes of Tomorrow…

An AU of your character in a more distant future setting!

Examples: Jetson’s-style Retrofuture AU / Cyberpunk AU / Creepy Utopia AU / Space-Age AU

DAY THREE - The Dreams of Yesterday

An AU of your character in a more distant past setting!

Examples: French Revolution AU, Sengoku Jidai AU, Renaissance AU, Wild West AU

DAY FOUR - The Ponderings of Possibility…

A ‘What If’ AU for your character!

Examples: Different Job AU, Different Upbringing AU, Different Key Event AU, Character Death (or not Death) AU.

DAY FIVE - The Shakings of Fear…

A horror AU for your character!

Examples: Vampire AU, Necromancy AU, Horrific Twist AU (I.E. Bodyhorror Mages), Apocalypse AU

DAY SIX - The Tensions of Hardship…

An AU of your character in a time of hardship.

Example: War-torn Nation AU, Epidemic AU, Natural Disaster (and aftermath) AU, Civil War/Revolution AU (the actual occurrence, not the US history shit. We’re very unoriginal with our wars’ naming conventions)

DAY SEVEN - The Breakings of Binding…

Freedom to choose! Any AU!