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Looking through my old VHS tapes I found this relic,“The Cartoon Network Rainy Day Survival Kit.” It features 6 Cartoon Network pilots/shorts from the animation show case series “What a Cartoon!” This includes the pilot to Dexters Laboratory (1995), the pilot to a show called Shake and Flick(1995), The pilot to the Power Puff Girls(1995), The pilot to a show called Hard Luck Duck (1995), A short revolving around the Flintstones called Dino in Stay Out(1995), and finally the pilot for Johnny Bravo (1995). In between each short was a promo for Cartoon Network that had the surreal quality of the commercials from the CN in the mid 90’s era and early boomerang.

The weird thing about this VHS is that I can’t find any other copies of it online. Let me know if anybody else is aware of other copies of this VHS so we can figure out if it’s rare or not.

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Tremors was and will always be a 90's flick. Unless you helped film it, you can't have seen it before the 90's.

who said it was an 80’s movie? filmed in 1989…released in 1990. Why on earth are you sending me this message anyway?

you do know that january 1, 1990 ..didn’t put an “end” to the 80’s entirely right? you DO KNOW the style and feel of the 80’s didn’t leave until 1993 anyway. guess you don’t know that..or you wouldn’t be wasting my time right now
Fort Night

Josh crouched over, finishing up building a pretty impressive looking pillow fort. It hadn’t been his first time making one, but he had never put so much effort into making one before. Standing back up straight, he took a small step back to scan over the fort. It looked like it could have withstood a major earthquake and was decorated with cute stuffed animals. His eyes quickly checked the cat clock on his wall, 5:37 PM. He still had time to take a shower if he hurried.
Slipping into a loose tie-dye shirt and shorts, Joshua skipped over to his kitchen where he pulled out a jar of Nutella. His eyes scanned the pantry, his hair was still dripping wet, the small pitter patter of water drops falling onto his tiled floor made him anxious for the night to come. Before he could close the red pantry door, he heard knocking on his apartment door. Not expecting this, he jolted slightly in surprise before rushing over to the door.

Swinging the door open, he was greeted by a boy in a red shirt and a black visor. “Hello!” He held a bag in his arms that contained the pizza Josh had ordered earlier. Without saying a word, Josh pulled out his wallet. It was completely covered in pictures of kittens, Tyler got him it on his 27th birthday. It was a cute scene. At exactly 12 AM Tyler shoved a little box into Josh’s chest. The box had Christmas gift wrapping around it, and a bow that was bigger than the box itself. It was typical for Tyler to do silly things like that, especially for birthdays. Pulling out a wrinkled up twenty dollar bill, Josh handed it to the boy quickly. “Thanks man!” He exclaimed, handing a box of lukewarm pizza over to the drummer. Before Josh could say anything back, the kid rushed away down the hall.

Setting the box down on his counter, Josh opened up his stainless steel fridge and retrieved a clear plastic container filled with cut up fruit that he had bought at the store. Taking all of the food in his arms, he carefully laid out everything in the fort, along with two spoons for the Nutella and his laptop for movies. A few days prior, Tyler brought up the idea of having a movie night. It wasn’t considered a date, neither of them had ever believed that they could ever make a move. But, Josh was definitely considering it a date. He had a good feeling about that night. Once he finished making the fort and all of its contents inside, he heard faint knocking on his door. Taking a deep breath in, Josh readied himself for the night. As he strided over to the door, he fluffed his almost fully dry hair, trying to make himself presentable. His hand clutched onto the ice cold doorknob and he slowly opened up the door.

“Hey man!” Tyler exclaimed, walking into the apartment right away. “I was looking through Netflix before I came over and….” Josh wasn’t listening to a single thing his friend was yapping about. His heartbeat was drumming in his ears as he checked out Tyler. Slowly closing the door after his friend, he smiled nervously and nodded. “So, what movies were you thinking about?” His bandmate asked as he made his way to the living room where the pillow fort stood.

“Clueless,” Josh said with a quiet chuckle. His friend busted out into a fit of giggles. Tyler absolutely loved that movie, Joshua knew that was a fact. “It’s funny and cute and the best,” He added, walking over to the pillow fort. “Do you like the sick layout?” The drummer grinned widely.

“Sick as frick,” he answered without any hesitation. Dropping down to his hands and knees, Tyler crawled into the fort and laid on his stomach. Josh followed Tyler quickly, getting into the fort and laying down right beside his friend. “Pizza, Nutella, and fruit?” The taller male asked, cocking up an eyebrow.

‘Oh god what a terrible idea,’ Josh thought to himself. He felt like a complete idiot for not actually making dinner. The pink haired male honestly thought that making dinner would be pushing it. It would have made things feel too much like a date. “Erm, yeah,” he stuttered, pursing his lips out in frustration with himself.

“This is perfect,” Tyler insisted, opening up the box of pizza and retrieving a piece of pizza that was way beyond cold. “I love cold pizza,” he teasingly pushed Josh and looked over at his friend with reassuring eyes.

“Heh, thanks man,” He sighed in relief, opening up his laptop and launching Netflix. After a short bit of loading, the 90’s chick flick started to play and Tyler quickly zoned out, completely lost in the film. Josh wanted to watch the movie too, but he was so distracted by the fact that Tyler was beside him, in a pillow fort, in dim lighting, while watching a romcom. He couldn’t concentrate on the film, the scent of Tyler was enough to get him completely high. Every time Tyler would laugh at a crappy punch line, Josh would examine his face. The dimples that formed on his cheeks, the lines that cutely creased his cheeks, his eyes would squint almost to the point where they looked closed. All of this detail, it gave Josh butterflies. He was so infatuated with his friend and he didn’t know what to do about it. They had been friends for so long and he didn’t want to ruin it by making a move.

Halfway through the movie, Tyler opened up the jar of Nutella and grabbed one of the spoons. Although he loved Clueless, he couldn’t pay much attention to the film. He knew Josh was staring at him. It wasn’t very awkward, he loved feeling his eyes all over him, but it made things feel tense. Gripping onto the cold spoon, he took a big scoop of Nutella and turned slightly so he was facing Joshua. “Open up,” he commanded with his dopey smile.

“Oh my god,” Josh giggled, closing his eyes and opening his mouth. Tyler carefully placed the spoon in his friend’s mouth. He loved feeding Josh like this, it made him feel like they were a couple. “No homo,” he cackled. Josh quickly followed after, feeding his friend Nutella too. After a few bites, Tyler thought it would be funny to put some of the chocolate spread on his friend’s nose.

“Hey!” He exclaimed, cleaning off his nose with a finger and licking it off carefully. He couldn’t manage to make a stern face at the singer when he was cracking up over the scene. Without any hesitation, Josh took a spoonful and spread it all over Tyler’s mouth. “Hah!” He said victoriously.

“Oh my gosh,” Tyler’s jaw dropped in disbelief that his friend really did that. He shot Josh a glare before laughing. He tried his hardest to lick off the dense chocolate on his lips, but it quickly became a challenge when Josh was practically in tears, struggling to tell Tyler how he looked great with a goatee. “Help me dammit,” he demanded with a big smile. Josh scooted over to Tyler, his eyes carefully shot at his lips and then into his deep brown eyes.

“Sure pal,” he smirked and started to wipe the Nutella off with his thumb and licking it afterwards. Seeing Josh lick his thumb slowly was driving Tyler crazy. His tongue looked so soft and gentle.

“N-not like that!” He exclaimed, dipping his fingers into the jar before smearing it all over Josh’s mouth. “Like this,” Tyler started to kiss the Nutella off of the sides of Josh’s mouth. His tongue gently ran across the drummer’s lips, cleaning up the Nutella that was caked on him. Josh wasn’t sure how to react, he stayed dead still, terrified to make a move. “Aren’t you going to help me?” Tyler asked in a pushy time.

“I- uh-” Josh followed along, carefully kissing the chocolate off his lips. Soon enough, the chocolate was gone, and Tyler was still kissing his friend. His eyes were closed at this point, he had no reason to be looking at his lips when he knew the Nutella was gone. The kisses were short and quick at first, but as Josh warmed up, they became longer. Their lips started to open and tongues slipped out, dancing together. Tyler pushed Josh onto his back carefully. Their lips had disconnected as Tyler climbed on top of his friend.

“No homo,” he whispered and giggled before lunging his head down. His soft lips started to nip at the drummer’s neck. This had sent chills down Josh’s whole body, he took in a sharp breath when he felt the boy’s teeth graze against his skin softly. The movie was still playing in the background, but Josh honestly couldn’t care less. Tyler was straddled on top of him, giving him small hickeys all over his neck. His lips moved up to behind his ear, “I want you,” he whispered, hands slowly moving down the drummer’s chest. His heart was racing a hundred miles per hour, he was sure that Tyler felt it when he stroked his chest. Josh’s unsure hands tried to grab onto Tyler’s belt but was quickly swatted away. “Not so fast,” the brown haired male purred.

Arms moving up, Tyler took off Josh’s tie-dye shirt slowly. His head dove back down, tracing small kisses from his chest to his abdomen to his belly button. The drummer’s head was slowly becoming fogged the lower Tyler kissed. His hands gripped Josh’s pants. His fingers fumbled with the button and zipper. After a short struggle, Tyler yanked the pink haired boy’s pants down. A wide smile grew on his face when he saw that Josh was wearing iconic smiley face boxers. “Cute,” he chuckled before groping his friend.

“F-fuck,” Josh whimpered, he hadn’t been touched like that in a long time. Looking down at Tyler, he slowly propped himself up with his elbows.

“You like that?” Tyler hummed, pulling down the smiley face boxers. “You’re hard and I haven’t even started yet,” he grinned widely. He slowly started to stroke Josh, locking eyes with him. He loved the facial expressions he made when he touched him. The drummer’s eyes fluttered closed, his eyebrows furrowed and his body twitched under Tyler’s grasp. His head tilted back as his friend stroked faster. His stomach tightened as he tried to control his breathing. Soon enough, Tyler stopped, pulling off Josh’s pants and boxers off completely. The pink haired male whined when he felt the tanned boy stop. “Oh hush..” Tyler cooed gently before continuing, “You’re gonna get more than that.” He assured his friend.

Licking his fingers, Tyler slowly inserted his index finger into Josh’s entrance. He didn’t move an inch, not wanting to hurt his friend. “Let me know when you’re ready for me to move,” he whispered.

Josh was as stiff as a board, he had never had a finger up his ass before. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling at first, but after a few moments he got used to it. Nodding slowly, he gave the word to Tyler. “O-okay. You can move.” He said, feeling his muscles loosen up before tightening again when he felt Tyler slowly push his finger in and out. After a short period of time, Josh’s whimpers became moans. He added a second finger, scissoring his fingers in his friend to prepare him for what was coming next. He was getting used to this feeling, it started to feel amazing. Soft moans escaped from his lips as precum leaked onto his own stomach.

Tyler retracted his fingers, wiping them onto Josh’s discarded shirt quickly. “Do you want this?” He asked, hands on his belt.

“Y-yes. Fuck Tyler please don’t stall.” Josh cursed. Nothing was cuter than seeing Josh all flustered and cursing underneath Tyler. He loved how red his cheeks were. Nodding slowly, he unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and zipped his pants, and slid them off. Josh sat up, practically tearing his friend’s shirt off. Tyler smirked, finally taking off his boxers. The two sat in the pillow fort for a few seconds. Josh felt like it was forbidden to see his friend completely nude and… Well, erect. Before he could whine some more, Tyler gripped Josh’s neck and pulled him into a rough kiss.

“Tell me you want me,” he demanded through is teeth. His eyes scanned Josh’s carefully as Josh spit out,

“F-F-fuck… I w-ant you.” He choked out and closed his eyes. Tyler could hardly wait himself, letting go of his friend’s neck, he looked down at Josh’s stomach. He clenched his jaw, spitting on his friend’s ass before thrusting into him slowly. “F-” The drummer couldn’t speak at this point. Consonants were the most he could blabber out.

Tyler’s rhythmic thrusts went along with Josh’s whines. He leaned down, kissing his friend to shut him up. Hips bucking along with Tyler’s thrusts, he couldn’t even open his eyes. He wanted more. Moving up, Tyler dug his fingers into the male’s hips, pulling him up and forcing him to go deeper into him. Their hips crashed together like waves in the ocean during a storm. Their breaths drowned out the movie. As each minute passed, Tyler’s went faster and harder. Josh wasn’t sure how much longer he could last if Tyler was going to keep up the pace. “I-I’m,” he moaned loudly, biting his lip, almost breaking his skin.

“Don’t,” Tyler growled, gripping his friend’s neck tightly and pushed up. His hand pressed against Josh’s windpipe. His eyes rolled back as he tried to gasp for air. “Don’t cum until I tell you.” The drummer’s hands moved up, finger’s intertwined in Tyler’s fluffy hair. Small beads of sweat dotted along his forehead as he struggled to keep going. The singer’s free hand moved down and began stroking the male underneath him.

All of this was too much. The pressure built up until he reached his breaking point. Josh let out a gentle cry as he came. His back arched and toes curled, throwing his head back, he shook uncontrollably underneath Tyler. “Fuck.” Joseph whispered harshly under his breath and between his grunts. The pillow fort that was thought to withstand an earthquake came toppling down. Seeing his friend so flustered set him off, eyelids fluttering shut, he came and hunched over Josh. Both panting together, Tyler managed a smile and stuttered “No homo,”

“Totally homo dude, totally homo,” Josh replied, sitting up and pulling the male on top of him into a gentle kiss. Tyler smiled softly into the kiss, pulling out of Josh he sat down beside his friend. His fingertips slowly traced the tree on the drummer’s sleeve. “How long have you been wanting to do that?” Josh asked, finally able to breathe normally.

“A long time.”


“I love you man.” Tyler admitted. “And I don’t mean having sex with you has made me love you. I’ve-”

“I know.” Josh interrupted his friend. “I love you too. Can we just sleep in my bed together tonight?”

Listen I need to get emotional for a second.

I have been a Batman fan since I knew what superheroes were. I devoured every media I could get with Batman in it. My first memories of watching cartoons on Saturday mornings were watching Batman: The Animated Series. Batman pulled me into DC world and I’ve been DC trash every since.

That’s why when I say Ben Affleck embodies Batman more than any other on-screen actor, you need to know those words hold a lot of weight with me.

I watched all the 90′s Batman flicks, I watched the old Adam West show, I watched the cartoon and ate up comics whenever my poor ass could get a hold of them, and I watched the Dark Knight trilogy. I waited, and waited for one of the movies to match BTAS and my favorite comics, I wanted to see Bruce come alive.

Lemme tell you something. I’m sorry, but not a damn one of liveaction movies can hold a candle to Ben’s Batman/Bruce. It’s such an important dynamic to be able to play both, and that is the one thing that has been missing from the liveactions is no one can play both these men(because in a way, they are two different men. And it’s important to be able to play both aspects seamlessly).

We see a broken Batman. We see Batman without Robin, we see what happens when Batman isolates himself. That’s why the Bruce/Clark relationship is so important. That’s why the Batman/Robin relationship IS SO FUCKING IMPORTANT. THAT’S WHY THE ALFRED/BRUCE DYNAMIC IS SO IMPORTANT. Bruce needs his friends, and this movie proved it over and over. All the other movies paint him as someone who doesn’t need anyone and that’s not true. Batman needs his friends.

He walks like Bruce. He talks like Bruce. He’s an over-dramatic emo nerd like Bruce. And every time he puts on that suit my heart stopped. WHEN HE SAVED THAT LITTLE GIRL AND YOU SEE THE PAIN OF LOSING ROBIN IN HIS EYES AS HE’S TELLING HER HE’S GONNA FIND HER MOM MY HEART STOPPED. THAT’S MY BATDAD.

There are so many scenes in this movie that made me tear up because my heart just went, holy fuck, there he is… it’s BATMAN, it’s everything I’ve ever wanted.

That means something.

That’s a little kid who’s favorite hero came alive right in front of her.

And I can never thank Ben Affleck enough.

“This is the Day (The The cover)” by Best Friend // This is the Day -Soundcloud (2015)

The The are one of those bands that people don’t talk about so much these days. This is a bummer, because they have a pretty stellar catalog littered with fantastic 80′s alternative gems. One of those gems is the 1983 cult hit, “This is the Day” (you might also remember it from the closing moments of the 90′s teen flick, Empire Records). Nashville dream pop quartet, Best Friend, have turned out a rock solid cover of said jam - managing to not only cover it well, but to put their distorted, hazy, shoegaze-y stamp on it. Definitely one to check out. 

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Fresh (1994) dir. by Boaz Yakin

You’re over an hour late. I passed up two easy fish waiting here for you. That makes me poorer by two dollars. Not playing games here, got no time for that. Life’s got no time for your little boy games. Leave all that nonsense at home when you come here. Alright, gonna put it on speed today. I ain’t stopping to give you any little tips either. You sink or swim on your own today, cause I’m not always gonna be there to hold your hand for ya. Alright, you ready for the real thing? You read to come get it? You ready to come take it from your old man, you ready to be the king?

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As a 20 year old who doesn't drink, any advice on what to do with friends other than go for walks lol -.-

• Have a themed movie night
(Harry Potter, 90’s chick flicks, childhood classics, ABC Family Specials, romantic comedies, Disney, independent films, marathons of specific directors etc). You can get your friends together, make delicious snacks with the help of Pinterest, and maybe even dress up for the occasion based off of the theme.

• Go out and explore your city or a new city with friends. There are most likely places you never knew of or thought existed .. find them and maybe snap some cool photos. You can dedicate a whole day to finding cool spots in your city and the best part is if you all just keep it a secret amongst yourselves … somewhere only you know (and other people who’ve been there, obviously).

• Have a dinner party. This is a great way to catch up with your friends and you get to show off your kitchen skills OR build your cooking skills more. Make something savory, and something sweet .. serve it to your friends and chat about what’s been going on over two great dishes.

• Go to a party and don’t drink. Parties can still be fun if you’re sober, trust me! Go out and get a little crazy, make awesome new memories, live a little.

• Find cool places that have live music or performances (any kind) to hang out at. This could become your spot and it’s cheap entertainment to keep you and your friends busy between conversations.

• Do hobbies together. Find something you’d like to create and get creative together. Hang out and use your own two hands to make something neat as heck for your bedroom, a friend, or to wear etc. You can use Pinterest to find things to make too.

I don’t really know.
My friendships are pretty simple. We don’t make any plans other than to see each other and we go from there and if we aren’t going out or drinking, we spend a lot of our time listening to music while joking and talking. My friends aren’t very high-maintenance.