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I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, timkon (I've been thinking about that for decades but couldn't get to it)

There was something Tim didn’t say often. Hell, it was something he didn’t think often. But when the bouncer just let him and his friends into the small, out of the way club without even bothering to card them, they words just came tumbling out of his mouth. “Jason was right.” He gawked, looking over to Bart, who looked like he believed what had just happened even less than he could. Stephanie snorted and pushed his head, earning a look that she promptly ignored.

“Told you he had a point. It’s Gotham for Christ’s sake.” She chuckled. It wasn’t like they were horribly underaged, Bart was the youngest at 18 and Steph was almost twenty. In another year or so, she could have gotten into the 21 plus club legally without a problem. But as she and Jason had stated, it was Gotham, as long as you didn’t stir up enough trouble to involve the cops, no one cared.

Even then, Tim thought looking around the club, which was an utter cesspool of drugs and underaged drinking. A place like this probably has more than a few of Gotham’s finest in the owner’s pocket.

It wasn’t long before Steph ditched them, disappearing into the crowd of sweat, drugs and rock n’ roll that was the dance floor, following a girl that, while Tim only got a quick look at her, looked suspiciously like his sister. He thought about asking Cass when he got home but decided on the (off) chance he was wrong, he wouldn’t give his adoptive sister the blackmail fuel. Not that Tim acted out regularly. No, that was Jason’s and the Demon’s jobs, ones that they were far too good at for Tim to even think about getting into competition with them. It just felt nice to be the one to break the rules every once in awhile.

Bart’s betrayal hurt a little more, seeing how the younger teen had even asked Tim to stick close to him so they didn’t all lose each other when it was time to leave. But a high energy place like this where there was lots of people? Tim really shouldn’t of been surprised when he turned to ask him a question and Bart was gone, probably dancing with strangers. With a sigh, he headed to the bar to see if he could get a drink without the bartender double checking his I.D.. Spoiler alert: He could. Easily.

Maybe an hour went by and Tim had stayed in the spot he had (somehow) managed to get at the bar, not for lack of trying on some of the other patrons lack of trying. He had been asked to dance a grand total of twelve times, he had counted and turned down each of them. He sat there with his rum and coke and kept an eye out for Bart. Steph had texted him about ten minutes before and said she met with a friend and got a ride home (maybe asking Cass was worth the potential of her having blackmail on him) and he wanted to make sure his own ride was okay. He turned back to check his phone and sighed at the text he had gotten. Speak of the devil. Apparently Bart’s cousin, Wally, was there and he had booked it before he could see him without thinking. The text was probably meant to be a warning, since normally where Wally was, Dick wasn’t too far behind but Tim knew his older brother was stuck at a GCPD charity dinner along with their adoptive father. Even if Dick was there, Cass wasn’t the only one who had collected blackmail over the years. He let Bart know he didn’t have to circle the block for him, he would get a cab or text Jason (the good thing about having an older sibling that didn’t mind bending the rules, he wouldn’t rat him out) when he finished his drink. So much for a ‘wild night out’ he guessed.

He got a refill and texted Jay, figuring he was at work or with Roy when he didn’t immediately text him back. Deciding he’d give it another half hour or so until he called a cab, he tapped his fingers against the side of phone in time to the song that was playing. It was older, but a crowd favorite, one that he liked a lot (was it Joan Jett? Or Heart? He couldn’t actually remember) though for the life of him he couldn’t remember what it was. Suddenly, there was another body next to him. Out of instinct, Tim looked up and blinked. The guy was taller than him from what Tim could tell, leaning over the bar to try and flag down the bartender like many before him. The dark curls that made up his fauxhawk fell over his eyes a little, causing him to brush them away. He wore a leather jacket, dark jeans and…a Superman shirt? The last one had caught him off enough to snort, causing the guy to look over at him.

“Something funny?” He raised an eyebrow, though the hostility that was probably supposed to be in his voice was gone, blue eyes softening a bit when he actually looked at Tim, who gestured to his shirt.

“Just wasn’t expecting it with the rest of the get up.” He hummed, sipping his drink. He wasn’t drunk, he could handle more than two rum and cokes, but he was maybe a little buzzed because he couldn’t help stare at the bright, gap-toothed grin the other gave him.

“What can I say, I like my comics.” He chuckled, turning slightly to fully face Tim, looking him over as he leaned against the bar. “Got a name?”

“What’s it matter if I do?” He hummed, earning another chuckle that actually sounded like fucking sunshine.

“Well normally I like knowing someone’s name when I ask them to dance.” It was then he noticed he had a bit of an accent. Midwestern maybe? Whatever it was, it was doing things for him.


“Conner.” He smiled, leaning closer. “My friends call me Kon.”

“Well?” Tim raised an eyebrow, finishing off his drink.

“Huh?” Kon blinked in confusion. Tim smirked a little.

“I thought you were going to ask me to dance.”

There was that damn laugh again. Kon stood up straighter and offered his hand. “Dance with me?”

He took it and sent a quick text to his brother.

‘I won’t need that ride after all.’

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Michael Mell totally has a tumblr blog about 90's soft drinks.

he absolutely has a blog that’s dedicated to 90′s soft drinks (and some retro aesthetic stuff but the main focus is the Drinks) that’s really popular and he’s silent mutuals with another really popular (aesthetic) blog

which is run by brooke

and both of them have no idea

Bad ending

{For anyone wondering, this is what made @pacman-tattoo hate me. Well more like the concept of this. It was nothing serious we were just playing ;)}

Jeremy stood behind the curtains of the school scene, staring down the green liquid with multiple SQUIP’s laying on the bottom.

“You’re going to Squip the whole cast…”
The squip laughed.
‘And that’s just for starters!’
“That’s not what I wanted!” Jeremy turned to face the squip, anger building up inside of him.
'It’s the only way to achieve what you want!’
Jeremy stumbled over his own words.
“I’ll… I’ll fight back! Alcohol messes you up, right? I– I’ll get drunk!”
'And I’ll be back when you’re sober! Unless you plan to stay wasted forever…?’
“You’re… a computer, there has to be a way to turn you off—”
'I would stop there. You don’t wanna end up like Rich.’

“Rich? What did he–”

“That’s it!” Jeremy turned to the Squip. “Green Mountain Dew activates you - Red shuts you off!”
'Why do you think we had it discontinued? To get rid of me now, you’d need a time machine to the 1990’s!’
“Or a friend who’s so old school he buys 90’s soft drinks at the back room at Spencer’s Gifts!”
The Squip mocked a surprised gasp. 'Too bad you don’t have one of those! Anymore.’
Call Michael!
Jeremy fished for his phone and dialed the number. He waited. Nobody picked up.
He dialed again.
He waited.
Nobody picked up.
“The hell…?” The boy stared at his phone. “Did his phone power off…?”
'Michael isn’t going to answer the call.’
“What…? What does that mean–” Jeremy slowly turned to the Squip. His hands lowered the phone.
“You didn’t–”
'Jeremy, I’m a super computer. I can envision possible futures. Do you really think I wouldn’t foresee Michael trying to stop me?’
'I do have to admit, he does know where to look for information. It’s rare knowledge, the effects of Mountain Dew Red on a Squip. That skill could come in handy one day, if I weren’t here, of course.’
No. No. No.
“Don’t you dare touch him.” Jeremy seethed with rage and fear. “Don’t you dare pull Michael into this!”
'Oh, but he pulled himself into this!’ The squip laughed. 'He was a danger to our cause, so I eliminated the possibility of failure.’
“You didn’t—”
'I didn’t kill him, I’m not a monster. He’s just enjoying his own squip, in the audience with the rest of your peers!’
“In the audience..?”
'He came to see you in the play. Not the greatest decision he could make.’
Jeremy ignored the Squip and ran. to the curtains. He pulled them back, stopping whoever was on stage from finishing their lines. He ignored the offended comments from teachers and other students and searched the sea of people for—

He was sitting there, his eyes fixed on something in the distance, yet not really present. An opened bottle of Mountain Dew Red was laying at his side, most of the liquid on the floor.
Jeremy pushed aside a couple people and crouched in front of his friend, grabbing his shoulders and shaking him.
“Michael!” He didn’t get an answer. “Michael, come on! Snap out of it!”
He eyed the bottle of Mountain Dew Red on the floor. For a short while he hesitated.
For a short while too long.
Jenna kicked the bottle from him to the other side of the room, under the stage, spilling the remains of the drink. Jeremy went to save it, but multiple people grabbed him before he could move. His eyes followed the bottle as it slowly rolled to a stop before it was crushed by Chloe’s foot.

He fell on his knees, surrounded by a group of either concerned teachers or squipped teens. Some tried asking questions, some stood there, not moving, eyes fixed on him.
He tried getting up. An invisible force was stopping him, keeping him on the floor.

A familiar pair of shoes walked up to him. Jeremy looked up to see Michael, standing there with hands in his pockets, looking at him with a sad expression. It was so clearly fake, though. Jeremy has never seen his friend make such a face, and even when Michael expressed genuine concern, he never looked like this.
“Hey, buddy.” He saw his friend speak, but along with Michael’s voice, he could hear the Squip saying the same words with him. “It’s been a while, huh.”
“Michael, you have to fight this.” Jeremy didn’t really notice when he started to cry. “You have to resist this—”
“But don’t worry! I’m not mad.” Michael smiled slightly too wide for him. “In fact, I’m quite happy for you!”
“This isn’t you!” Jeremy tried to look away, but he couldn’t move. “This isn’t like you in the slightest! Come on, Michael, you have to fight this!”
“You made so many friends, you became so popular… I’m kinda jealous.” Michael shrugged. “I’m gonna be popular soon too, though. My Squip promised me I will.”
“No! You can’t! You never wanted popularity, you knew you’d be cool in college! You told me this! Remember..? Guys like us… are cool… in… in college…”
Jeremy started sobbing. Everything started to grow quiet except for Michael.
“So now we will be popular together! Friends again! That’s what you missed, right? Being friends with me?”
Jeremy wiped his eyes.
“Well, you don’t have to miss it anymore.”
Michael held out a hand.
“We can be cool in high school, too.”
For a split second Jeremy saw the Squip, standing behind Michael, who looked so tired. Like he knew what was going on and yet his body moved against him. Spoke against him. And he couldn’t fight it.
But then he saw the hand that Michael held in front of him. It didn’t show any fight that much rage inside of him. It didn’t shake and his stance was sure. His face was relaxed and betrayed no strain as he looked at Jeremy expectedly.
And all doubt left him.
And he took his hand.

College is for Cool Guys

Author’s note: So I wrote this like a month ago and just never posted it so I guess here it is now…… Oops

Michael thought that college was supposed to be great. But nothing has changed, no one cared about him. In college nerds are supposed to be cool but in order to be cool you have to go to parties. Which Michael just can’t do. Sure he was still friends with Jeremy who was now his roommate but Jeremy went to parties and hung out with other people which Michael still hadn’t done.

The fact that Jeremy was living with him now was killing him. Like did Jeremy really have to change right in front of Michael every night? Yes Michael knew it was too much of a pain in the ass to go to the communal bathroom just to change into pjs but come on he can’t handle Jeremy normally when he has his shirt on.

Michael decided that either the way too excessive amounts of weed he was smoking or his terrible and ever growing crush was going to kill him before the semester was up. And he was serious about it too because tonight Jeremy was in a weird mood and Michael could feel the tension in the room.

Ok so they had got stoned like really stoned (which is now pretty normal for Michael) and yes Jeremy got clingy when he was high but Michael was not expecting this.

“Hey Michael do you think we could uhhh maybe snuggle?” Jeremy giggled a blush spreading across his face.

And Michael nearly collapsed then and there. They hadn’t done anything like that since middle school. Since fucking middle school. And that sleepy and blushed look on Jeremy’s face made it all the worse because Michael knew he wouldn’t just snuggle for ten minutes and go back to his bed. No it seemed like Jeremy wanted sleep with Michael (and no not the sexual way but still).

Sure you can be completely platonic with your bro and snuggle right? But what if Michael got a boner? That would definitely make it a little more than awkward between the two of them and would not be very platonic. So he was left mouth open too afraid to say yes.

Jeremy looked at him in a pout and walked over to Michael’s bed. “Come on Michael. It will be fun! I’ll even let you be the big spoon if you want!” Jeremy’s hands were perched on Michael’s thighs and Jeremy was leaning in threateningly close. Michael could smell the pot on Jeremy’s breath and he had to remind himself that the pot was the only reason for these snuggles.

So Michael laid down and moved as close to the wall as possible to give Jeremy (and himself) room. Jeremy plopped down on the bed and immediately moved as close as possible to Michael. Michael’s breath hitched and he couldn’t think straight (well he never thought straight but still).

Jeremy made a little noise of frustration and reached back to pull Michael’s arm around him. And god did Michael feel the ever lingering feeling of death creep it’s way into the mix. He was going to die without ever confessing his love (which he would never do so obviously). He was such a loser he couldn’t believe how stupid he was.

Sure Jeremy was bisexual. Sure Michael wasn’t the ugliest person in the world (occasionally Michael would even dare to say he was somewhat attractive). But Jeremy had called Michael his brother on several occasions and there was nothing attractive about that…..

Michael snapped out of his thoughts when Jeremy booped his nose. He hadn’t even noticed Jeremy turning over…. “Michael you’re so cute. Why haven’t you dated anyone yet? I mean I’m sure a bunch of guys would be more than willing to suck your dick if you just asked,” Jeremy looked into Michael’s eyes, his own hazy from the pot.

Michael didn’t squeak. Well at least that’s what he would like to tell himself. First no one should mention dick sucking around him because uhhhhh that’s just weird. Second no one should call him cute especially if that person is Jeremy Heere. “I uhhh I— I don’t knowwhyarewetalkingaboutthisrightnow?” Michael was stuttering and his words were jumbled because he was talking at the speed of light (or nearly that fast). Also his face was as red as his signature hoodie.

Jeremy’s eyes furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “What? I like didn’t catch any of that bro…”

That’s right bro, as in no homo bro, as in Jeremy is totally not in to Michael and he needs to get it through his damn head bro.  

Michael took a deep and long breath trying to calm himself from shaking too much. “What if that’s not what I want? I mean I guess that would be nice but I want something a little more than a blowjob Jeremy,” Michael couldn’t even look Jeremy in the eye, how pathetic.

Jeremy’s hand cupped Michael’s cheek and pinched it, “Michael buddy, you are like really red right now… we can like not talk about this if it makes you uncomfortable. I was just curious. It’s not like no one has ever liked you or anything.” And there was Jeremy’s hand still on Michael’s face.

Michael turned his head away and Jeremy’s hand fell, “Yeah like one guy that was most definitely a little bit of a psycho. I’d rather not be eaten alive because a guy is into that you know?” Michael’s gaze was still averted and his face felt like it was on fire.

“That’s not everyone that’s liked you. Don’t sell yourself short. There was the guy at Spencer’s! I mean who would give that big of a discount to someone on 90’s soft drinks unless he was attracted to the person…. And there was that guy that flirted with you at that one concert! He was kind of cute I guess. And I mean I know you don’t swing that way but there was the girl at 7-11 that always gave you way more than the normal amount of slushy….” Jeremy had now moved his hands to Michael’s hair, pulling at little strands trying to put them in place.

Why was Jeremy rambling? He only does that when he’s nervous and there was no reason that Michael would make him nervous. “The guy at Spencer’s wanted a deal on pot that’s why he gave me a discount. He thought he could scrounge some off me if he was nice. The guy at the concert was looking for a hook up and only picked me because I looked desperate. And like you said with the girl I don’t swing that way,” Michael grumbled looking back at Jeremy now. There was a slight tinge of pink on Jeremy’s face that confused Michael.

“Well I know there’s another guy that likes you right now. He told me himself,” Jeremy leaned in even closer (Michael didn’t think that was possible honestly).

And now Michael was freaking out even more because who would even notice Michael…. “Really?” Michael’s voice was unnaturally high and all he wanted to do was disappear into his hoodie.

Jeremy nodded eagerly, “Yeah but he’s too nervous to tell you. He thinks you’re really cute though,” Jeremy’s eyes fluttered slightly to enunciate.

“And do I actually know this person?” Michael asked with a raised eyebrow his hands now twitching because of his nerves and the excitement that someone might like him.

“Yeah I think you know him pretty well actually,” Jeremy put a hand on Michael’s chest playing with the strings of his hoodie.

Who the hell was this guy? Was Jeremy so stoned that he was making stuff up? Michael knew it wouldn’t be the first time it it wasn’t really nice this time to play with his emotions like this. “How do I know him?” He asked now weary.

“Well hmmmm you might have met him a while ago and he may be a total nerd. He’s also a stoner or at least really likes to smoke. Oh and he may be your roommate…” Jeremy said looking up from Michael’s chest to Michael’s eyes.

Michael looked at Jeremy confused,  "He’s my roommate but Jeremy you’re my….“ Michael was interrupted by Jeremy’s lips on his. Michael couldn’t move though he was frozen in fear in disbelief he didn’t kiss back because he couldn’t properly process what was actually happening.

Jeremy pulled away after a second frowning, "Sorryyoydon'tlikemeohgodMichaelIam sosorryIjustthoughtthatmaybeyoufeltthesameohgodimsosorry,” Jeremy would have kept going but it was now Michael’s turn to interrupt with a kiss.

The kiss itself was slow. Painfully slow if you asked either boy but neither of them could really believe it was happening. Jeremy was holding on to the strings of Michael’s hoodie and Michael had a hand on Jeremy’s cheek. They lasted like that for a minute or two (neither would know they’re hearts were beating so fast).

When they pulled apart Michael looked at Jeremy desperately as to see if this was some kind of joke. Of course Jeremy would never do something like that but how in the world could Jeremy like him, Michael.

But Jeremy’s face was sincere as any other time.