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Tumblr ExecutiveSuite 2016; All You Need To Know

If you logged onto your tumblr today, you’ll be greeted with that big banner that says tumblr ExecutiveSuite: Productivity Edition 2016 that screams click me like a cereal killer in a horror movie. So what will happen if you click that banner?

Once clicked you’ll be redirected to a page with  a video player that seems to be an advertisement about the suite that tumblr is releasing. The video clip reminds me of those 90′s advertisement. It’s all over the place and sloppy but yes funny! Bad advertisement tumblr.

But then strange things will happen once you go back to your dashboard. The post icons will change, a reminiscent of those tacky windows icons of the past. Your tumblr name will also change.

New post type will also be added to your list of icons; the data post type. It’s like a spreadsheet within your dashboard. 

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summary: Giggly, intoxicated Dan and Phil slow dancing in their lounge on a cold November’s night. 
genre: so much fluff you’ll vom 
word Count: 758 (itty bitty drabble)
TW: mentions of alcohol 
AO3 link
A/N: Just a cute little drabble sort of based off this post !! (p.s ,, i recommend listening to this whilst reading !!)

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