90's Cartoon


From the lost first attempt at a live-action adaptation of Disney’s Gargoyles series!

“Gargoyles (1998)
In 1998 Baker spent considerable time and resources on a project that never saw the light of day: a live action movie based on Disney’s beloved and still-brilliant Gargoyles animated series. Staggeringly little is known about the project, but the model that Baker is auctioning off is tantalizingly awesome. It appears to be a mock-up of main character Goliath (that shock of hair gives him away). It’s a truly jaw-dropping design and we desperately hope, should Disney ever return to the franchise (there were press reports about a new live action adaptation as recently as 2010), they’ll dip back into this well of awesomeness.”


Full auction catalog and more here:


Gargoyles available on DVD! Go buy it and watch it again (it’s still awesome)!

Hi all, I am hosting a collab on my DeviantArt where we will be drawing some of CN’s early stars for a huge mural collaboration!  You don’t have to be a member of DA to contribute - just check out the link above. ^_^