I llve it when I get a raise then proceed to get hours cut it’s just lovely and employees even customer’s ask where have I been and I am like…“I got a raise” I mean I know why it happens but damn let me enjoy that 9.90$ plz…

Post 24: Korean Numbers - Sino Korean

There are two sets of numbers in Korean: 

  1. The Pure Korean Numbers
  2. The Sino- Korean Numbers : deviated from Chinese

Sino Korean Numbers

일 = one
이 = two
삼 = three
사 = four
오 = five
육 = six
칠 = seven
팔 = eight
구 = nine
십 = ten
백 = one hundred
천 = one thousand
만 = ten thousand

With only those numbers, you can create any number from 1 – 10 million. All you need to do is put them together:

십일 = eleven (10 + 1)
이십 = twenty (2 x 10)
이십이 = twenty two (2 x 10 + 2)

백 = one hundred (100)
백일 = one hundred and one (100 + 1)
백구십 = one hundred and ninety (100 + 90)
구백 = nine hundred (9 x 100)

천 = one thousand (1000)
천구백 = one thousand nine hundred (1000 + 9 x 100)

오천 = five thousand (5 x 1000)
오천육백 = five thousand six hundred (5 x 1000 + 6 x 100)

만 = ten thousand
십만 = one hundred thousand
백만 = one million
천만 = ten million

Sino Korean numbers are used in:

  • When counting/dealing with money
  • When measuring
  • When doing math
  • In phone-numbers
  • When talking about/counting time in any way except the hour
  • The names of each month
  • Counting months (there is another way to count months using pure Korean numbers)
Poll Results

“Is Meruem warm blooded or cold blooded?”


Warm Blooded:

  • made of higher percentage of warm-blooded creatures
  • human traits override ant traits
  • no clothes= can regulate body temp / doesn’t rely on surrounding air temp
  • climate has no effect on actions / eating habits
  • Queen=birthed Meruem via simulated “live” birth=mammilian trait
  • since ant dna varies depending on animals used to produce them some could be warm blooded or cold blooded depending on origins. eg. Ikalgo=octopus=cold/ Meruem=humans=warm
  • birthed with intent to rule entire world instead of just ants, would be inconvenient to purpose if incapacitated by climate
  • blood is blue due to copper content, as in come crustaceans 
  • Meruem’s early birth = warm blooded bc growth was not impaired by possible temperate climate of NGL (apparent by clothing of residents) 
  • East Gorteau palace=open corridors + windows and Meruem does not feel the need to trap in heat
  • Kite=Meruem’s twin, based on mammilian creatures (human + rat) If Kite = Warm Blooded then Meruem=Warm Blooded
  • warm so Komugi can snuggle him (strong argument)

Cold Blooded:

  • ants=cold blooded therefore Meruem=ant=coldblooded
  • blue blood= open circulatory system (common to cold blooded creatures)
  • can go long periods between meals (as when he fasted while waiting for the Selection)= food not constantly needed to maintain body temp and energy
  • no clothes= unnecessary bc clothes only trap heat produced by body of wearer
  • creatures such as arthopods don’t seek heat as much as reptilian creatures. Meruem=ant=arthopod
  • “he a turtle”
    reason he chose a warm soul like Komugi is bc he is always cold (increased cuddle potential)


  • capri sun blood
  • gatorade blood
  • luke warm blood
  • royal blood
  • hot blood (for a hot bod)
  • “ketchup packs under an ant suit, but it’s those purple kechups from the 90′s” - symphoniclolita

Final Tally

Tie  (9/9)

((Mod opinion: Warm Blooded))


You had me at “draw fanarts for you” *swoon*

In all honesty, a size-chart was a tool we were desperately needing for this comic, since we usually measure the heights by eye alone and that comes with terrible continuity errors. Sol has been saying we needed this by months now, but your ask finally got me to work on it, so thank you for that (and sorry Sol).

We’ll probably add more characters in the future, but for now here you have the main ones (plus Bun that got into the bunch because she was already drawn). Also have the list of all the heigths both in the imperial and the immensely superior metrical system below:

Bun - 5'4 ft / 1,65 m
Alphys - 5 ft / 1,52 m
Undyne - 6'23 ft / 1,90 m
Papyrus - 5'9 ft / 1,80 m
Sans - 4'8 ft / 1,46 m
Toriel - 7 ft / 2,13 m
Asgore - 7'7 ft / 2,35 m
Chara - 4'75 ft / 1,45 m

We’re linking this chart in the FAQ too, in case somebody wants to find it later.

- Poisond

anonymous asked:

to your last anonymous ask, i think yuzuru's 3A is the most consistent jump in the top men's field for +GOE with like a 96% success rate in seniors and i think almost 100% in major competitions (gpf, 4 continents, nationals, worlds, olympics)

Yuzuru’s 3A is really something.

These stats are to be taken with a grain of salt, because they are not updated (last one is after TEB16), they mix ISU and not ISU competitions, they mix seniors with some juniors competitions too and they don’t count popped jumps as failed jumps, but they gave quite a good idea nonetheless:

3A success rate:

Yuzuru Hanyu: 97/105 = 92.4%
Javi Fernandez: 72/95 = 75.8%
Shoma Uno: 40/56 = 71.4%
Boyang Jin: 29/47 = 61.7%
Patrick Chan: 44/90 = 48.9%
Nathan Chen: 9/20 = 45 %

Yuzu missed really few 3A in all his career, he fell on the jump itself even less (by memory 3 times: at Nationals in 2009; at Nationals in 2015 and in the Free Program of Cup of Disaster in 2014).

(On a funny note, the funniest thing on that DB is to see how there are no stat for Yuzu’s 2A. It just doesn’t exist ;) )

There might be a ‘90s runway on Drag Race this week?! The possibilities! There’s Gwen Stefani’s glam tomboy stage looks, Courtney Love’s kinderwhoreness, Lady Miss Kier, THE SPICE GIRLS, Drew Barrymore’s red carpet slip dresses, Fran Drescher, Selena, Courtney Love’s Hollywood makeover, Winona Ryder’s short hair, Riot Grrrl, the Supers, Clueless, the Craft… Don’t fuck it up.

p.s. If not this week, then eventually please!

The mysterious number 9

Isayama loves number 9 I guess.
Mikasa and Eren were 9 when they met. Apart from Eren 9 of his friends from the 104th squad joined the SC. (Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Ymir, Historia, Sasha, Connie, Reiner and Bert.)
After beating the Colossal only 9 members of the SC returned.
In ch.90. there was a 9 month timeskip.
In ch. 91. we learnt that the mission for getting the Coordinate back launched 9 years ago.
There are many trios in the series, 9 can be divided by 3.
It seems like there was a 3 year long timeskip since the ocean scene.
Eren was born on March, 30. (Again 3-3.)
(I definitely left out something.)

The only thing missing is a 9 months old baby who spent 9 months in the womb previously…(just kidding…but seriously xD)

9x1 = 9
9x2 = 18 (1+8 = 9)
9x3 = 27 (7+2 = 9)
9x4 = 36 (3+6 = 9)
9x5 = 45 (4+5 = 9)
9x6 = 54 (5+4 = 9)
9x7 = 63 (6+3 = 9)
9x8 = 72 (7+2 = 9)
9x9 = 81 (8+1 = 9)
9x10 = 90 (9+0=9)
9x11 = 99 (9+9=18, 1+8=9)
9x12 = 108 (1+0+8 = 9)
9x13 = 117 (1+1+7 = 9)
9x14 = 126 (1+2+6 = 9)
9x15 = 135 (1+3+5 = 9)
9x16 = 144 (1+4+4 = 9)
9x17 = 153 (1+5+3 = 9)
9x18 = 162 (1+6+2 = 9)
9x19 = 171 (1+7+1 = 9)
9x20 = 180 (1+8+0 = 9)
9x21 = 189 (1+8+9 = 18, 1+8=9)
9x22 = 198 (1+9+8 = 18, 1+8=9)
9x23 = 207 (2+0+7 = 9)
9x24 = 216 (2+1+6 = 9)
9x25 = 225 (2+2+5 = 9)
9x26 = 234 (2+3+4 = 9)
9x27 = 243 (2+4+3 = 9)

TalesFromThePharmacy: Trying to convince a patient that 3x30=90

Last week a patient sent her son to pick up a medication for her and before he came by he called ahead to let us know she wanted a 90 day supply. Very simple to do and he said he would be there soon, so one of my coworkers gets the prescription ready. As a side note, my pharmacy uses several prefilled bottles for a couple drugs (ie #30 bottles of metformin/statins/etc) for faster maintenance drug dispensing, so this 90 day supply was essentially three 30 count bottles of simvastatin. The customer, a man in what I guess was his 40s arrives on the scene:

Him: “I’m picking up for so-and-so, she should just have one.”

Me: “I have that simvastatin ready.” I show him the 3 bottles and explain that each bottle is a one month supply since she is taking one pill per day.

Him: “I wanted 90 pills in each bottle though.”

Me: “You called and said she wanted a 90 day supply though, correct? You mom is only taking one pill per day.”

Him: “Yeah but I wanted 90 pills in the bottle.”

Me: “So would you like me to go re-dispense these into one bottle of 90?”

Him: “No, I wanted three bottles each with 90 pills.”

Me: “Each of the three bottles has 30 for a total of 90 pills that will last your mom for three months. That’s what you said you wanted on the phone, a three months supply. If I give you three bottles of 90, that would be 9 months of medication.”

Him: “No, she only wants 90 days worth. Why does the label say 90 if there are only 30 in the bottle?”

I point out that the label is for the whole prescription, each bottle has an individual label that says the prepackaged count, which is 30 in each bottle.

Him: “But I wanted 90 in each bottle.”

Me: “Sir, as I’ve told you 3 bottles of 90 is a nine month supply because that’s 270 pills. Your mom only needs 90 pills to last her 3 months.

I hear a loud groan from the PIC at this point who then comes over and takes the bottles to consolidate them into the magical 90 count bottle he so wants.

PIC: "Okay, this bottle is a bottle of 90 sir, a 3 month supply.”

Man: “…But what happened to the other 2 bottles?”

Eventually we were able to convince him to leave with the medication not because he believed us, but because we hammered it hard that Medicare would not pay for any more than we gave him. By the end, the head technician was clutching her sides trying not to laugh and the PIC was over by his desk with his head in his hands sighing in disappointment. I am still just incredulous that someone could go half of their life without learning how to that simple math that 3x30=90!

By: Athaene

Give me a chance (Octavia Blake x Reader)

Requested by: Anon

Request: Octavia x female reader “5, 9, 29, 90” pls

A/N: This was so good to write ♥ I hope you like it!



5. “Give me a chance.”

9.  “I’m so in love with you.”

29. “Just let me in. I promise I won’t hurt you.”

90. “Kiss me.”


Originally posted by beliamyblakes

Give me a chance (Octavia Blake x Reader)

“Hey, Y/N!” Can you help me with this?” Octavia ask walking to you, showing you a bruise into her arm, as you are helping Clarke, you nodded and point inside the dropship and she walks in, and you follow her. She seats and you start cleaning her bruise and making a bandage. “Thank you, hottie.” She says looking to your lips ith a smirk.

“You’re welcome.” You answer brushing and walking away from her.

“You know, maybe I’ll be hurt more often…”

You just look to her walking out of the drophip. And you just try to forget about was happened because she is Octavia, and you had seem her flirting around a lot.


You are sit eating you dinner with the others when you look up and see her with her arms around Atom. You just stare for some minutes until she kiss him and you look away, rolling your eyes.

When you are about to get up and walk to your tent, she sit next to you, smiling.

“Hey, hottie!” She smirks at you again as she was not making out with Atom a little ago. “I was thinking about you.”

“Oh.. You was…” You look to the ground. “Hmm, I’m sorry O., but I’m tired I probably should go sleep.” You change the subject getting up as sooner you end the sentence, but she stoped you to walk away.

“Are you avoiding me, Y/N?”

“What? No, of course not.”

“So why are you running of me?” She ask getting up too.

“I said before, I’m tired.”

“Tired or jealous?”

“Whatever, O., goodnight.” You say walking away from her, but she was right, you are a ittle jealous.


You are seat with Jasper under a tree next to the camp, he are holding you and you are almost falling asleep into his chest. You both grown up as siblings, your parents are friends and he feel responsible about you since you was caught because of him. You get up when you heard Clarke’s voice asking for you. Probably someone came hurt from a mission, again. But before you walk into the camp, Octavia stoped you.

“What was this with Jasper?” She ask angrily.

“What you mean?” You ask to her, because nothing was going on. You are just taking a break. She doesn’t answer you, she just push you agains a tree and put her lips into yours with urge, holding your face. At first you don’t kiss back, because you don’t understand what was she’s doing but when your mind start to work again, you start to kiss back. She smirk into the kiss before make it more deep, her tongue coming inside your mouth demanding all you have.

“God, I’m so in love with you.” She says when she break the kiss, but still holding you body next to her.

“You say it to everyone…” You just say to her, trying to make your breath get normal again.

“No, Y/N, I don’t.” She let another kiss into your lips. “I want you to know that you are mine. And Jasper or anyone can’t hold what is mine. Get it?” No, you don’t, you want to say to her. You don’t get it. You aren’t hers. She isn’t yours. She’s with Atom, right? But you couldn’t, because she start kissing your neck and your let out a groan. “I would like to hear you admitting that you jealous of me too, you know, hottie?”

Then she looks at you again, kissing your lips, but you are not moving anymore, you heard Clarke’s voice again and you try to let go of Octavia, but she didn’t let you.

Give me a chance, Y/N.”

“I can’t. You are with Atom.” You whisper to her, walking away.


You are avoiding Octavia since that kiss, not because you don’t like it, but because you like it too much. God, she is so beautiful and strong that it almost hurt you. But everytime she came to you, you just run away. And you have to admit that you are afraid of this feeling. You’re not avoinding her, you are avoiding what she makes you feel.

You walk into your tent and taking off your jacket, preparing yourself to go sleep, when you heard some steps outside and someone open the zipper of your tent and walking in.

“Here you are, hottie.” Octavia is looking at you with that smirk into her face. “Can we talk?”

“Sure.” You say, crossing your arms into your cheast.

“Should I kiss you again to you stop avoiding me?” She ask walking closer to you.

“Just say what you want, O.” You say as you walk back.

“I want you, Y/N.” She says holding your waist. “I want you and I want you to want me back.” One of her hands cup your face, making you look at her. “Just let me in. I promise I won’t hurt you.” She try to kiss you, but you turn your face. “I’m not with Atom, I’m not with anyone. I want to be with you, hottie.”


“Because I’m fucking in love with you, Y/N. And I’ll not hurt you, so…”

Kiss me, O.” You whisper. “Please, just kiss me.”

And she did.