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Cute is not the same as sexy

I’ve been seeing that “women’s from 90′s anime are way sexier than women from current anime” post going around and the one thing that bothers me is the example for modern anime the OP used.

The reason why this isn’t sexy is because it’s not meant to be sexy. It’s meant to be cute. Cute and sexy are different aesthetics. Sure, some may find this sexy but that is not the point of it.

This is more of a sexy design:

These are cute:

and 90′s anime had characters that were meant to be cute while others were meant to be sexy.



If you prefer older anime, that’s totally fine. Just know the difference between cute and sexy. Also, remember that some anime women in the 90′s who were meant to be sexy…really weren’t.

Modern anime is in no way flawless but neither is 90′s anime. Sometimes, animes just have bad designs.It happens. 

Just love whatever anime you love and be you.