The Mercedes-AMG GT S has everything you would expect from an authentic Mercedes-AMG sports car, hasn’t it?

[Fuel consumption combined: 9.6–9.3 l/100 km | combined CO₂ emissions: 224–216 g/km | http://mb4.me/efficiency_statement]

Picture by WROOM Media and Mercedes-Benz AutoBeltran Barcelona


Dear KENN,

It’s that one time of year again that I have the best excuse to fangirl as much as I want, because… happy 35th birthday!! I’ve now been a fan of yours for almost three years, and I’ve honestly loved every minute of it. There are just so many things to love about you that I can’t even begin to list them all. I love your acting. Your singing. Your smile. Your voice. Your laugh. Your face. Your adorkableness. Your work ethic. Your humility. Your wit. Your snark. Your charisma. Your talent. There are so many different sides to you that you never fail to surprise me and I can’t stop watching you and eagerly waiting to see where you’ll go next. 

There have been so many times when your acting has made me smile, laugh, and even cry. And listening to you sing - no matter what the genre or type of music it is - always makes me happy and draws me into the music so much so that I never want to stop hearing you sing or seeing you perform. Every series that you act in, every song that you sing, I always find myself drawn to your voice and to your performances and I can’t stop being amazed at your talent. You’ve acted as so many of my favourite characters, precious characters who mean so much to me and who I love so much. And among them all is you. 

So thank you, KENN, for existing and being a part of my life, no matter how far away you are or how distant you may seem at times. There have been a lot of times in my life where I’ve felt overwhelmed or stressed or lost, but I know that I can always just listen to your voice or see your face and it makes it all seem a little better. Thank you for bringing me so much happiness through all the characters you’ve voiced and through your own amazing and precious personality and existence yourself. I’m always looking forward to what you’ll do next and how you’ll surprise me next, and I’ll always be supporting you in everything that you do.