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tae got so emotional because of namjoon . Purest love~

me😪🔫🔪 {please stay strong everybody. We’ll all get through this together I just want to see my followers and everybody to stay strong no matter how hard it is. Just remember I love you and I care!} (message me if you ever need anybody to talk to I would be here one two three)

So I’m literally crying over the image of Magnus and Alec shopping together like Alec being super confused and asking, “What are we looking for exactly?” multiple times as he squints at the signs in the store, trying to figure out where their destination lies and starting to go in one direction but Magnus tugging him by the hand and saying gently, “Wrong aisle, Alexander.” with a  smirk on his face and Alec blushes but replies back unconvincingly, “I knew that.” and you know they spend way longer than necessary in the store because Magnus will stop whenever he sees an article of clothing he likes and will insist that it’s of utter importance that he tries it on (”Magnus, this is the fifth scarf that you’ve picked up.” “But it’s maroon!”) so they end up going to the dressing room with so many pieces of clothing that both of them have to chip in in order to carry them all and Alec will wait outside of Magnus’ changing station and Magnus will flounce out and flaunt the accessory or shirt or pants that he is adorning and strike poses that make Alec laugh but you can see the love and awe in Alec’s eyes as he stares at Magnus twirling in front of the mirror and Magnus will always ask Alec’s opinion about what he thinks about his outfit or accessory choice and Alec will sometimes respond with a thumbs up or a teasing comment such as, “Eh, would look better on me,“ prompting Magnus to make a face at him but it’s obvious he is trying not to smile or a remark like, “I would love to see that.” (which makes Alec’s cheeks go from a light pink to a crimson red) and Magnus will always find a scarf or a shirt or a beanie for Alec to wear and make him put it on and as Alec stands in front of the mirror Magnus coos, “Well, don’t you look handsome!” and Alec grins and stutters out a “Thanks” and Magnus pecks him on the cheek and when they are finally done in the dressing room and finally find what they came for in the first place, they go to the cash register, Magnus fumbling in his wallet as Alec beams at him and they take their bags and walk hand in hand out of the store, Magnus’ cheek resting against Alec’s shoulder as they walk.