So I’m listening to Alanis Morissette right now, and I’m here thinking how that’s such a angry 90′s kid thing to do, and I’m obviously imagining Derek.

Derek that grew up with Laura, who had such wide musical tastes, that went from doing all Spice Girls’ choreographs in their living room, to screaming Nirvana in her bedroom. Derek that learned all the lyrics of all songs, because Laura was not only fond of listening to things at a deafening volume (especially so for a werewolf), but because she would often burst into his room and start an impromptu duet. And Derek always pretended to be an unwilling participant, but he actually loved it. And Laura knew it.

Derek, now older and with so many emotional scars, getting an Spotify account. And he finds all of those songs that Laura used to love so much when they were growing up. So he saves them, makes a playlist called just called “L”, and listen to it every time he misses Laura like if she was a missing limb.

Derek singing along to You Oughta Know, half remembering how he and Laura would kinda make a tiny theater out of singing it. Imagine him sitting on his bed, huge headphones covering his ears, while making very dramatic faces while spitting the lyrics? 

Imagine the pack arriving to that image, Derek singing Alanis Morissette as loud as he can. He’s so engrossed at what he’s doing, so distracted, he doesn’t even notice them. And they all just stare. Derek’s voice isn’t all that good for singing Alanis, but it’s also so cute. They watch in awe as Derek goes from You Oughta Know to Ironic, and some of them don’t even recognize the songs – they are that young (Stiles does, so does Lydia and Erica, and they exchange mutual looks of open surprise). Imagine Stiles opening his mouth to say something, but Scott stops him, and just quietly shoos everybody out of the loft before Derek notices their presence. He gives Derek more ten minutes, and makes a point of calling Derek before going back into the loft.

(Stiles quickly makes the connection about what 90′s songs might mean to Derek. So the entire pack get Derek some 90′s-related thing. Derek is confused at first, embarrassed when he finds out why they are giving them Backstreet Boys albums and gel ink rollerball pens, but ultimately, Derek feels loved.)


Can you imagine Derek singing, I don’t know, No Scrubs? Can you imagine him pulling Youtube on his brand-new TV, and putting Unpretty to play? And maybe Erica goes all starry eyed, and falls in love with TLC? And they start to share a mutual love for 90′s songs? Kira totally asking Derek to share a 90′s playlist on Spotify so she can listen to it too? Scott and Derek having these deep talks about 90′s rock bands, trying to decide which one is the best one or the most influential?

Can you imagine Derek being all group and saying that 1D is okay, but Backstreet Boys was better? And Stiles being so offended, because, hello N’Sync had Justin Timberlake, what? And they having this huge verbal spat about…. Boy bands. Boy bands that Stiles swore he didn’t know, except he does, because that’s what happens when you’re bored on Youtube: you search old hits. And Derek isn’t even pretending to be ashamed, because he totally used to love Everybody, even if Brian made a terrible werewolf (he used to love it though). And he still knows the choreography.

Oh Jesus, I am emotional. 

Also here’s a mental image for you: Derek dancing “…Baby One More Time”.

That’s it. That’s the mental image. You’re welcome.

Ok, so does anyone remember a handheld electronic game from the late 90’s to early 00’s that was based around haircuts and makeup? I think it was shaped like a powder compact and might have been pink with blue buttons. 

I’ve tried internet searches of tiger electronics and the like but I haven’t found anything close to what I’m describing? EDIT: toy found! Please see notes for more info.

stilesisbiles replied to your post “OOOH MY GOD, YES. Can you imagine Derek singing, I don’t know, No…”

I keep forgetting I’m about the same age as Derek and didn’t make the connection that we both grew up in the 90s until now. (BUT you know that video with Dylan lip syncing Spice Girls? Imagine Stiles doing that and showing the video to Derek.)