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Harry, some red roses, Greece and The National - 90-mile Water Wall

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The fact that we live at the bottom of a deep gravity well, on the surface of a gas covered planet going around a nuclear fireball 90 million miles away and think this to be normal is obviously some indication of how skewed our perspective tends to be.
—  Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt: Hitchhiking the Galaxy One Last Time

In June of 2000 dad took me on a fishing trip to the keys and I remembered being really confused and asking “How do they know it’s 90 miles away if you can’t even see it?”


Director Miles Joris-Peyrafitte’s debut and award-winning feature As You Are is now available on iTunes. One of the youngest directors to be accepted into feature-length competition at Sundance, Joris-Peyrafitte co-wrote, co-scored, acted, and directed a stellar, young cast featuring Owen Campbell, Charlie Heaton, and Amandla Stenberg.

Set in the early 1990s, As You Are unfolds as a series of disparate memories. Prompted by a police investigation, we witness alternating perspectives of pivotal moments in the relationship between three teenage friends: Jack, Mark, and Sarah. Bound by their aversion to the culture around them, Jack and Mark explore the limits of friendship and love until Mark’s judgmental father tears them apart.

Just as Jack and Sarah are adjusting to life without Mark, he gets unexpectedly thrown back into their lives. The two boys struggle to navigate complex emotions that are compounded by the disapproval they feel from all around. Ultimately, tensions rise to a boiling point, and tragedy echoes through their world.

Film still courtesy of As You Are ; Photo credit: © 2016 Sundance Institute | Photo by Calvin Knight.

Arnold Shortman: Not What He Seems...

It was just a few days ago (at the time of making this theory) that NickSplat posted a video on YouTube featuring Craig Bartlett talking about green eyed people and The Jungle Movie in general while showing us a speed drawing.

Link: https://youtu.be/CgzRwjcKP5c

36 seconds in (0:36) he mentions, and I quote:

“Arnold has green eyes too. That’s important.”

Mind. Blown.

So now that we know that he’s tied to the green eyed people in some form (hence the species name and the color of Arnold’s eyes with Craig saying it/conforming it), how is he connected? Well, let me point to you this image he posted on Instagram for Mother’s Day: 

With a comment from NickSplat:

NickSplat: 💚💚💚

Heart resembles love, and that’s what Mother’s Day is about: to show love and appreciation towards your mother or motherly figure. So… does Arnold’s mother, Stella, have a connection with the green eyed people? Now, if only she had…

Welp,somebody call Staples because that was easy!

If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, she’s biologically tied with the green eyed people (or basically she’s one of the green eyed people.) But… now what? 

How could Arnold exist? Does he have anything unique or have any “powers”? How does this theory tie in with the plot and story of Hey Arnold!, the Hey Arnold Movie, and/or The Jungle Movie?

Let’s tackle the first question: How could Arnold exist?

Well, assuming the word “people” is associated with the human race or human looking people only (duh), we can conclude that the green eyed people look like humans and therefore are extremely likely to have similar bodily functions, fluids, parts, etc. So it isn’t far fetched to say that Stella, a green eyed person, has all of the parts and abilities to carry a baby in her belly for nine months. Also, on a side note, Miles was the one who met Stella, which puts down a stable relief of how the two met. If it was Stella who had met Miles, or more likely than not wouldn’t have worked out with this theory.

Question number two: Does he (Arnold) have anything unique or have any “powers”?

The reason why I use air quotes around “powers” is that he doesn’t have super vision, or flying abilities, or anything that’s a power, really. Rather, he semi-controls natural disasters, or, at the very least, volcanoes.

In the episode: The Journal, it explains how Miles and Stella met and how Arnold came to be through a journal that his father (Miles) wrote. He explains that they were in a midst of another adventure when a volcano erupted and at that moment, Stella went into labor. As soon as Arnold was born and was crying his eyes out, the volcano stopped. This heavily implies that he has something to do with nature.

Well, I hear you hardcore, watched every single episode and know every line by heart fans say, why didn’t he just make it less hot during the Summer episode? One assumption could be that he doesn’t know he has that ability, but… I bet he didn’t know as a baby as well.

So my final answer would be that his ability only works in San Lorenzo. The best way I can explain this is through a metaphor: currency. In America we use US dollars and the US cents. You just can’t go to Europe and pay for things in dollar bills. You have to pay with euros. Arnold can use his abilities in San Lorenzo but not in Hillwood.

Now, for the final question: How does this theory tie in with the plot and story of Hey Arnold!, the Hey Arnold Movie, and/or The Jungle Movie?

Well, nothing much can be said about ties to the theory and the show and first movie. The second movie, The Jungle Movie, is what comes into play.

We know that Craig Bartlett had an old plot of The Jungle Movie that he scrapped, saying that the majority of it was rewritten. Well, I highly doubt that he would take out a core part of the plot: Arnold getting kidnapped. Assuming that he’s keeping this big key part of the plot in the new, rewritten story-line, one question was always in the back of our minds: Why? Why was Arnold being kidnapped? Well, if you take into consideration that Arnold is (potentially) half green eyed (as in the species) and has the ability to control (or at the very least semi-control) nature or natural disasters, it makes sense and gives the villain great motive.

But I want to hear from you. Does this theory sound plausible? What evidence do you have for or against this theory? I’d love to hear from you! Do not repost, but feel free to talk about it. If you do wish to make a video on it, please credit me. Thank you so much for reading this post, and I hope you have a good rest of your day!

Cool It, Dollface

Summary: A soulmate tattoo au where Bucky Barnes is intrigued by “and what the hell are you lookin’ at tough guy” across his arm and somewhere across Brooklyn the reader is rolling her eyes at ‘cool it dollface, was checkin’ out the goods is all” wrapped around her waist.

Pairings: Bucky x fem!Reader, brief mention of Tony x Steve

Word Count: 1,434

Warnings: Minor, minor violence

A/N: Yes, I know, another soulmate AU but I couldn’t resist!! Sorry guys! Based on a post I saw ages ago that stayed with me; I couldn’t find it again to link it. Y/F/N – Your full name


You rolled your eyes for the millionth time as you looked at the words wrapping around your waist ‘cool it dollface, was checkin’ out the goods is all’. It was scrawled in slanted, loopy writing and was a pain to try and read in the mirror but by now you had the words memorised.

Who even said dollface anymore? Your soulmate sounded like kind of a jackass.

That night you wore black jeans and combat boots, a dark grey top that cut off just above your belly button and an oversized, black hoodie. The words were still exposed but as ridiculous as they were, you kind of like them.

“Y/N? You ready?” Ella, your roommate, called.

“Yah yah, I’m coming,” You called, grabbing your phone and leaving the room.

You got downstairs and gave Ella a grin, “Let’s go.”

Ella was dressed up - her fiery red hair twirled in a loose up-do, green eyes framed with black and a short burgundy dress hugging her curves. In comparison you looked scruffy, though your dark smoky eye make-up was something to behold.

The two of you made your way from the shabby apartment into the busier streets of Manhattan. You looked up, staring at the tower that lived a few blocks over from you. The Stark tower and official base of the Avengers never failed to capture your attention.

You looked away from it quickly and carried on walking. You didn’t know Ella well at all (having only moved in with her a week ago), but since you had been there when Ella and her friends were organising the night, Ella had felt obligated to invite you. You were hardly one to pass up an opportunity to go out.

The night began at a local bar, one of Ella’s favourites apparently and it was busy. Within a couple of hours you were separated from Ella and her friends but you didn’t mind. You were … resilient to say the least and in more ways than one. Having spent the last seven years alone and travelling from place to place, you found that you felt at home wondering through unknown cities. You liked the freedom, the adventure.

“Another!” you commanded, slamming the glass down on the table, a shit-eating grin on your face. The man opposite you groaned, and put down his glass a little more weakly. He was slumped forward on the table, his face inches from the surface.

He slapped the table, “I yield,” he mumbled, and then again, more strongly.

After losing Ella you had somehow ended up in some dodgy looking dive bar and had made friends with some dude called Chris who was about seven foot tall, covered in tattoos and part of a biker gang from the looks of it. He had a thick Texan accent and spoke gruffly so when he led you to his fiancé – a very quiet, very small dude with dark skin and pale blue eyes – you were surprised to say the least.

It was Jake – the fiancé’s – idea to start a drinking competition.

Now you had beat out two competitors and were barely tipsy. Beside you Chris roared with laughter and slapped you hard on the back.

“This girl has balls of steel,” he declared jovially.

“I’m getting another drink,” they looked at you and you snorted, “Water, got a dry throat.”

You made your way to the bar and slid onto a free barstool, your chin resting on your palm. As you waited, you looked around. It was crowded full to the brim with locals and the atmosphere was lively.

“What can I get ya ma’am?” the bartender asked, turning to you. He flashed you a crooked smile.

“Just a water, ice, no lemon please,” you gave a polite smile back.

“Surely a lady such as yourself could handle something a little stronger,” the voice was smooth, confident. The man who spoke was tall, over 6ft and good looking, but not your type. He was too clean-cut, manicured. He looked nice but it just didn’t float your particular boat.

You raised a brow as he slid in next to you, way too close for comfort, but you didn’t back down, “I could, but as it happens. I’m thirsty. Can I help you?” Your tone was polite, but frosty.

He smiled again, “Well, I was impressed back there. Not many ladies, heck not many men, can hold their drink that well.” He placed a hand on your leg.

You didn’t look up and instead ignored him in favour of thanking the bartender for getting you your drink. You took a sip.

“Remove your hand from my leg or you won’t have it for much longer,” you spoke casually, stirring the ice cubes around your drink with the little black straw it came with.

He ignored you and instead slid the hand up and leaned in closer, “C’mon darlin’, loosen up a little, relax.”

In a flash, your right hand whipped down, grabbing his and pulling one finger back. You twisted it behind his back. He let out a pained gasp and a strangled noise made its way out of his throat.

“Look darlin’,” you whispered against his ear, “If a lady tells you to remove your hand, I’d recommend you listen.”

He chuckled breathlessly, “Feisty one are we. That’s ok, I like that. Maybe you could come back to mine and show me just how feisty you are.” Despite his words, his voice was still strained.

You rolled your eyes, pausing for a moment. He grinned, thinking you were considering the offer.

Then you grabbed the back of his head by the hair and slammed his face into the bar.

He sunk down to the floor, groaning. For a moment, only the sound of the music could be heard as everyone stopped to stare. A moment later they turned away. Bar fights were common here and, though you didn’t know it at the time, that guy wasn’t a popular regular.

Your gaze flitted around the bar as you sat down. Meanwhile the guy scrambled away, looking back at you furiously but not bothering to continue in his quest.

You caught a couple guys sat a few seats down still looking at you. One, you recognised as Steve Rogers aka Captain America. He looked entertained but soon went back to nursing his drink. Meanwhile the other continued staring at you, an amused smirk on his lips. You didn’t fully recognise him, but from the long dark hair and metal arm, you guessed he was the infamous Winter Soldier.

He continued to stare. It didn’t matter who he was, that made you bristle with annoyance.

“And what the hell are you looking at, tough guy?” you called, raising an unimpressed eyebrow at him.

He suddenly grinned and called back, “Cool it dollface, was checkin’ out the goods is all.”

You paused and suddenly you shared his grin.

“I guess I’ve got my answer then…” you trailed off, walking towards them with a smirk.

“Answer to what question… dollface?” he asked, smirk still present.

You sat down, “I’ve always wondered who still uses the term ‘dollface’ nowadays – I guess a 100 year old dude would cut it. Nice to meet you, I’m Y/F/N.”

“James Buchanan Barnes. Most people call me Bucky though. This is Steve,” he gestured to Steve, who gave a little wave and a smile.

“And on that note, I’m gonna get going. Tony will be waiting for me,” Steve said, “Nice to meet you Y/N.”

“You too and uh, thanks for saving the world all those times Cap,” you grinned cheekily and he let out a chuff of laughter.

“Well, doll, fancy getting out of here, going for a walk?” He suggested, a smile on his face.

You nodded and followed him out of the bar. The two of you walked closely, shoulders brushing, wandering through the city as you talked. The talk flowed easily and you two bounced off each other like pinballs, exchanging quips at 90 miles an hour.

You returned home at 5am, with Ella already passed out on the couch and smiled at her fondly. She had texted you around midnight, worried that you had been kidnapped. She was sweet and it was nice of her to bother.

You were exhausted, but happily so. Bucky had walked you back to the apartment with an arm wrapped tightly around your waist. He had kissed your forehead affectionately and whispered, “See you later, doll. 2pm. Don’t forget.”

You fell asleep quickly, the remnants of a smile still on your face as you slept.

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