90 layers

When only a lizard understands you…

Well… I know that @jaynefray asked for Zhante wedding but I still can’t find a perfect wedding dress for Zhalia. Anyway I think looking for a dress could be a nice option too. Especially if Sophie wants to help…

I’m afraid a princess dress (a little Disney style?) isn’t what she’s always dreamed of. And now try to explain that to Sophie… good luck ;)

By the way, that unique bond between Zhalia and Gareon is very inspirational for me. It is definitely not my last fanart with this little titan ;)

Because who knows Zhalia better than Gareon?


Those are “finished” avatars of one of my first BNHA fanarts I did.

I state “finished” because it’s far from being actually finished haha… The size of the file is just so important (Image Size 24.5 MB -Resolution 5236×7165, with over 90 layers) that my poor old laptop can’t take it.
YES I KNOW, but I just like drawing on large size support… So until I change comp have those avatar samples!

1 : no background version
2 : no background zoomed in version

IF MORE THAN 10 PERSONS REQUEST A SAME CHARACTER : then I’ll do this kinda of avatar for this requested character. <3

The actualy post I did back then :


Extremely easy lace!

So I’ve found this method of making an extremely easy lace pattern and since I was trying it out I wanted to share my results with you!

And if you can’t read Japanese here is what needs to be done! This is made using PaintTool SAI!

1. Draw anything!

I drew a random Yuto doodle, but it can be absolutely anything! You can even just write “anything”!

2. Copy and paste, then go to Layer -> Horizontal flip

3. Merge down, copy and paste, then go to Layer -> Vertical flip

4. Merge down again, then copy, paste and go to Layer -> Rotate 90°

5. Merge down, copy, paste and rotate 45° (since SAI does not have such an option you’ll have to do it manually)

And done

Drawing those is super easy and a lot of fun :D

the one time i try to draw seung-gil is for a friend’s birthday (for which i am late, again, damn you backlog of artwork bc i got sick) and everything is a mess, i’ve ended up with seventeen layers to this drawing but only four are visible, and all of them have the wrong thing drawn on them bc my idiot ass kept forgetting to switch between base sketch and draw-over, and if you look closely his eyes make him look possessed (gonna fix that)

basically this did not start well but i’ve already drawn too much to start over from scratch and im p sure i won’t be able to redraw this ref pose this well again (many thanks to yuzuru hanyu, my number one reference for skating poses) so i’ll just…… figure out how to salvage it skdjakjhdakhd

full body drawings are really not my forte why did i do this

Zelo with colourful hair~
Took me some time, but I could finish it and I’m totally in love with it LOL
It was kinda hard because his hair covers his eyes, but I made it! And I can be proud of the result!

Reference: his selfie
Paint Tool Sai
Layers: 90? Idk
Working time: almost a whole day? Idk, can’t remember.

by.maki -> Instagram

ok this may just be some 12 am thought that’s completely wrong but i always thought that 90s tv shows were just solely for entertainment compared to tv now that makes political statements and provokes change…. but now i think i completely missed the point and here’s why

so in “buffy the vampire slayer” buffy is the vampire slayer obviously so she has these “powers” that make her stronger than most other people bc shes gotta fight the dark forces of the world, and in the episode im watching rn she loses her slaying powers and she cant fight anyone

so some guys on the street catcall her right and normally she would fight back but she cant so she just like holds her jacket tight and walks away… and she looks rlly scared, afraid of these men so it got me thinking

what if buffy, the character and the show itself represent women showing strength and character and toughness in a predominantly male society, so when she loses her powers it represents how the world works between men and women and how that’s completely unfair and dangerous you know, like 90’s tv (or more likely just buffy) could be so subtly revolutionary for women and proving their strength to others and im SO for that