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“ Seems I’ve known you a lifetime. Now it’s time to make you mine.”
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anonymous asked:

Hello! I really liked your new fan fic and I wanted to ask you if you could recommend youre favourite fics?

thank you so much :)

i tried to list my favourite fics, but decided halfway through to start listing my favourite authors + my absolute fav fics, but all of their stuff is seriously amazing. (i mostly read aos & fitzsimmons stuff at the moment, so it’s like 90% fs fic, i hope that’s alright :) )

this also turned into a super-lengthy post - sorry for that.




  • splinter. (the characterization is so on point, i was in awe through the whole read.)
  • remains. (i didn’t cry during the first chapter, nope.)





the language of love by filzsimmons. (eloping fic, beautifully written.)

stay by ohfiitz & youremorethanthatjemma (hydra au. tiny bad scientist falling for good-hearted scientist. do i have to say more?)

incentive by agentverbivore (verbivore8642) (the team plays laser tag and everybody is happy and alive. denial is beautiful.)

paint me by numbers by bookishandbossy​ (artist/model au. they’re so cute in this one.) 

teacher/student au by quibbler (another fave.)

this is nowhere near complete and i bet i forgot lots and lots, but here it is :))