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A really LONG list of Football questions beyond your favorite team

1. Three teams you like

2. Three teams you do not like

3. A team you can’t tolerate and you do not even know why.

4. A team that surprised you in recent years (negative way or positive way)

5. The thing you like the most about your club or NT

6. The thing you dislike the most about your club or NT

7. How old were you when you started seeing yourself as a fan of your club? You are still cool if it was just yesterday.

8. The one time football made you so happy you couldn’t stop smiling for days

9. The one time football made you so sad you cried for days.

10. What do you dislike the most about the team you hate the most

11. Five players you really admire purely based on football.

12. Fine I will ask. Who is your favorite player. Why.

13. Five most underrated players in your opinion

14. Five most overrated players in your opinion

15. Name 3 most despicable figures in football in your opinion (coaches, players, owners, companies, anyone…)

16. What makes your favorite coach better than other coaches?

17. You are having a dinner party. Which football figures are invited?

18. A team you think is a true dark horse in the game today

19. A team you wish more people would know about because they tend to overlook it.

20. Favorite goalkeeper today

21. Favorite Right Back today

22. Favorite Left Back today

23. Favorite Centre Backs today 

24. Favorite Defensive Midfielder today

25. Favorite Midfielder 

26. Favorite Wingers (or players who play on the wings)

27. Favorite Forward (or striker)

28. Your dream eleven

29. Best Goalkeeper 

30. Best RB

31. Best LB

32. Best CB

33. Best MFs

34. Best Forward

35. Favorite tactical formation

36. The type of football you love watching

37. Would you play with 3 defenders in the back?

38. Something an opponent can say to really piss you off.

39. A moment in football that changed you as a person. (e.g injuries, trophies, or transfers)

40. Players you admire for their intelligence

41. A player you are ashamed of loving

42. Which teams do your family members support?

43. Your achilles’ heel. The player who is your weakness. 

44. Which team did you support the last time two teams you hated played against each other?

45. The league with the most competition

46. The  league with the best players

47. The league with the best teams

48.. Do you support Financial Fair Play?

49. Dirtiest player in the game today? What was the last dirty thing he did.

50. The best behaved player on the pitch today?

51. Players who are really arrogant?

52. Players who you consider truly humble.

53. A player who you think is too emotional in a negative way.

54. Do you think it is fair to compare players from different generations

55. Three players from past generations you wish you had seen

56. A victory that made you very happy even though it wasn’t your team.

57. A loss that made you sad even though it wasn’t your team

58. Most undeserving winners you can think of

59. A team that deserved to win but did not.

60. Should World Cup determine the legacy of a player. 

61. Do you trust the Ballon D'Or? If not then does your opinion change depending on who wins and what would be a better method than voting.

62. Favorite Song that is attached to football memory (chants, songs, tunes)

63. Favorite football commercial (go find it on YT)

TIME TO BE REALLY HONEST. Nothing for liars. 

64. What do you envy the most about your rival team

65. What do you envy the most about the rival player.

66. A player you wish would leave your team

67. A rival player you wish had joined your team

68. The time you really thought about leaving football 

69. The worst transfer decision your club made

70.The best transfer decision your club made

71. Is it okay if your team uses dirty (frowned upon) tactic to win important games

72. The most embarrassing moment as a fan

73. Your proudest moment as a fan

74. Do you have divers in your team? How many

75. On a scale from 1-10 how much of a hypocrite are you when it comes to criticizing your rival team for something that your team also takes part in. 

76. You are given the power make 4 swaps between any teams you choose. Which players are going where. 


77. Nike or Adidas or Puma

78. Pele or Maradona

79. Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo

80. Manchester United or Liverpool or Arsenal or Chelsea

81. Real or Barça

82. You can only keep one of these players at the club. Do you keep the talented one, or the one who loves your club like no other.

83. Become a team with no football identity but titles or respected football identity and no titles. 

Time for some fangirling/boying

84. A player you wish you could’ve known in real life because you really think you guys could’ve been best friends. 

85. A player who you want as your partner (lover, boyfriend, husband)

86. Five most physically attractive players in the game today

87. Five players who others find attractive but you just don’t see it

88. A player you think you totally would have had a crush on if you were born in another generation 

89. A player who just makes you smile with all the things he does off the pitch

90. A WAG you wish didn’t exist

91. A player who you think has the worst sense when it comes to fashion

92. A player’s fashion style that you admire

93. Top 5 bromances that you swear by.

94. A bromance you really don’t think exists but people keep making a big deal about it. 

95. Name something your player loves doing other than football and sex that you wish you could do with him (cooking, shopping, singing)

96. Do you think all players should go to college?

97. A player who turns 10x more attractive when he speaks

98. A player who loses some of that attractiveness when he speaks

99. The 5 most attractive players in your club and NT

anonymous asked:

🎃 pls mordeo,, pls go talk to pomme..,,

Mordeo noticed Pomme by herself at the party & decided to go over to say hi & see if she’d like some company. Before he could reach her Nani had already recognized her and took off running full speed to her with his tail wagging 90 to nothing


anonymous asked:

Just imagine the eves as servamps.... How would their animal form look like? ^-^ (I'm really curious and wanted to ask you a completly different kind of question ;))

I had way to much fun thinking about this one:

Mahiru: He is a Scottish Terrier, I will accept no other substitute.  He is friendly and fiercely loyal to his friends, and his tail is wagging like 90% of the time.  He does hate getting his coat dirty though.

Tetsu: His animal form would be a cow.  A strong and bulky but gentle animal that’s very straightforward and pretty affectionate at times.  He also totally would let small children climb on his back.

Mikuni: Raccoon.  Have you seen how much trouble this child can get into?  He’s sly, he’s nimble, and he looks adorable but looks can be deceiving.  Mikuni would be a great raccoon.

Licht:  A swan.  It’s a beautiful creature, perfectly suited for an angel like him.  They’ve also got pretty nasty tempers and Licht isn’t the most uh….passive person.

Misono: Tiny baby bun bun Misono.  He’s got a glossy black pelt and his nose twitches a mile a minute but he never bites.  That would be crass, and he is a GENTLEBUNNY thank you.