So todaay something quite embarassing happened. I was walking towards school being all cool and fancy with my earphones and loud music and stuff, aand while I was walking my crush walked towards me, and then we both walked towards the school entrance. And because I’m so cool like that, and wanted to go first and show off, I did and I rushed too much and my earphones GOT FUCKING STUCK ON THE DOOR KNOB AND RIPPED OUT OF MY EARS AND HE WAS RIGHT BEHIND ME AND I WAS LIKE FUCK ME FUCK THIS FUCK EVERYTHING SO STUPID DAMN.I NEVER FELT LIKE A BIGGER IDIOT IN MY LIFE ESPECIALLY BECAUSE WE DON’T TALK JUST LOOK AT EACH OTHER FEOM THE DISTANCE SHIT **not to forget that I did look like a stupid lost fuck**


Arcade Fire - Reflektor