Monday - Sep 9

omggg for Infinite’s World Tour Concert they’re gonna be at San Jose :O I kinda wanna go. I just don’t wanna go to San Jose lol. My sister wants to go really badly, and if she goes I wanna go tooooooooo. But but but I realized that I have a bio exam the day after that. ;_; whyyyyyyy!?! And we all know bio is torturing me right now.

I remember last last year for the google kpop concert, it was a day before her bio finals (same bio class that i’m taking now) and she still went. lol. Maybe if i study early i can go. xD I doubt it though cus i can never catch up.

So sleepyy..dont wanna study anymore..


Barbell Gymnastics

  1. 10:00 to find heavy snatch triple: 47 kg
  2. 3x3 at 90%: 42 kg
  3. 3x3 Snatch pull at 100%: 47 kg

The bar felt like it was all over the place today. I missed 47 behind once before managing a successful triple, which is kind of awful. Last week I did a 52 triple easily! This is why I hate taking time off training. Everything just feels messy when you do. I know it’ll come back fast, though.

Hatch Week 1, Day 1

  • HBBS: 1x10x130, 1x8x150, 1x6x160, 1x4x172
  • FS: 1x5x123, 3x5x145

Note: squat weights are in pounds, because the powerlifting plates at my gym are all in pounds and there’s no sense in converting it really. 

Squats felt surprisingly good. Sets of 10 are brutal, but I managed. My right ankle and knee were a bit annoyed, though. I didn’t have time to mobilize at the gym, so I will do that later today, along with my ab work. 

Feels good to be back!