Just watched this yesterday on Netflix and if you’re into track and field or just enjoy good documentaries I’d highly suggest this film. Track doesn’t nearly get the exposure it deserves with all the hard work the athletes put in while generally still living non-celebrity style lives. So even though the core of this story may have been about a not-so-honest guy it’s always good to see the background and thought process of these athletes so younger athletes will stay on the path of hard work regardless of what anyone else gains from taking shortcuts. 

IN my early youth there were people I truly idolized. MR.T, Michael Jackson, Bo Jackson and then….there was the West Indian Canadian…the mega star..Ben Johnson. I knew he made everyone happy. He made me happy, and he made Americans jealous. I didn’t really know what that meant, but I knew he belonged to me (Canadians) and didn’t belong to Americans who even @ a young age I perceived as arrogant because of Carl Lewis (urgh). ESPN’s 9.79 is an amazing coverage of the races before the Seoul ‘88 and the world spinning events that transpired after. I was extremely young, I wasn’t sure why Johnson was being stripped of a medal but I remember the great humiliation felt in almost every Canadian household (Thanks Donovan for restoring some pride).  9.79 shows that there’s a very fine line to “wanting it all”. Carl Lewis is a damn cheater (great athlete) but he crossed the line and still shouldn’t have gotten the gold.  Canada would never back it’s athlete’s like other countries would their athletes. Good or bad that’s your prerogative. Jamaicans are fast no matter if they’re running for Jamaica or not. Lastly I hope American never wins a major track and field event again just because it’s more entertaining when they lose. Almost like the Yankees.  This is an event that would never have a closed book.  There’s just too much dirt surrounding the events but one thing is for sure. It had to happen and when it did, it happened BIG.


9.79 Movie Trailer

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Since 2009 I have enjoyed going to the Toronto International Film Festival. I’ve gone to the festival with many friends, but every year I make sure to go with my friend Moose. In our second year we waited in line to see Clint Eastwood’s Hereafter and got denied. After that we decided we will get tickets properly. This year however there because of work and school I could only go one day September 18 2012, which will go down as one of the craziest days of 2012, possibly of my life. The first movie we say was the great 30 for 30 9.79 about the the 100m race at the 1988 Olympics where Ben Johnson broke the world record and then had the medal stripped from because he was caught using steroids. The second film we saw was the Argentine film Everybody Has A Plan starring Viggo Mortensen. A slow moving film, but then it got gruesome. It paid off in the end. Finally we ended the day with the Jake Gyllenhaal film End of Watch. I was scared that after a long day I would fall asleep, but the movie was so action packed that I was on the edge of my seat. Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena had great chemistry and made for a police action drama film. Also of note was that walking from movie #1 to movie #2 we stumbled into a massive Christian parade. it seemed like a huge religious party but then we saw a man dressed as Jesus on a cross. Shit got REAL. 


a moment in my childhood that i will never forget. the road was paved for bolt and the beast from this 1988 race.