So I actually ended up not going to the music event/party downtown; my friend was able to get us on the guest list… but most of us were just tired because of papers & tests. I had really wanted to go :S and I could have possibly seen friends from UCLA & USC. But. I guess it would’ve been too much trouble, cause we probably would’ve had to find a place to spend the night.

Instead, we just went out for dinner :) We went to a Thai restaurant; you guys have no idea how much I’ve missed Asian food :l

Hope you have a good night <3.


I’d Rather Go Blind- Beyonce

ive been listening to this song all day. i think it’s because it subconsciously reminds me of someone and today would have been our 1 year. i tried to not let it get to me but i failed. i guess i just wish i had some closure as to why he ended things but i will never know.